Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

This year, we celebrated Easter with friends, and started the day with a colourful Easter brunch. The weather was lovely, so we finished our champagne outside, watching DS and his friend having fun on the egg hunt

A few days ago, I was greeted by a wonderful surprise... an Easter bunny must have hopped by and deposited it in my mailbox..

as it was decorated with happy Easter images

Inside was a lovely greeting by a most generous and sweet scarf fairy, and this beautiful italian silk scarf. The combination of it's soft blues and light neutrals feels so fresh and spring like, and it is just perfect for so many pieces of the capsule wardrobe. Mille merci, my dear scarf fairy, I will cherish this treasure for always.

Wishing everyone a most wonderful remaining Easter holiday!

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  1. The scarf fairy selected a gorgeous scarf, the colors are very flattering. What a lovely surprise, kudos to your fairy!

  2. Gorgeous scarf. Happy Easter :)

  3. So happy to see the Easter bunny dropped this off for you!
    Lovely Italian silk that looks beautiful on you and will work with so many things in your wardrobe. I agree, kudos to your fairy!!
    Curious to know,dear MT,what you will wear to watch the the Royal Wedding. Do tell...
    Looks like you have had a wonderful day with family and friends...yeah;) Hugs, T xx

  4. I like a lot the idea of the Easter brunch with friends...rather than the long family lunch i've had;)The new scarf looks lovely on regards the italien silk i adore Salvatore Ferragamo.Happy Easter,dear MaiTai!:)

  5. What a pretty scarf. I do believe your scarf fairy knows you very well as I do believe that is certainly a scarf you personally would have chosen for yourself :-)

  6. What a delight your brunch must have been! I love the care you brought to the presentation. I hope you had a great Easter celebration with your family.

  7. Frohe Ostern, dear MaiTai and family. What a gorgeous Easter table. I always love those Lindt bunnies and have the fondest memories since early childhood of them.
    Your scarf is lovely and your wear it beautifully!

  8. Happy Easter dear MT! The Easter bunny dropped you a lovely scarf! It suits you so well.

  9. Beautiful scarf- it would go with my entire wardrobe! And thank you for your blog and your commentary.from day to day, it's a daily read for me. My fur collars never fail to receive great compliments a and you've converted me to the wonders of Hermes!

    I look forward to future daily reads!

  10. Dear Mme Maitai, What an extraordinarily beautiful table! The macarons look delicious. Easter Sunday is such a happy family day. We invited all our 'Australian family' here and had all the things we would have had at our Grandma's. Family, friends, children, good weather, wine and food - such a perfect combination. Lindaxxx

  11. Beautiful Easter table and decorations! And beautiful scarf from your friend - how lovely! Happy Easter MaiTai, SA:-)

  12. Sweet treats! Happy Easter!!

    Fashion Cat

  13. Your easter table looks gorgeous Maitai, as does the scarf, Happy Easter.

    Will you watch the royal wedding?

  14. Lovely scarf!
    Many wishes from Crete..I visited your blog with my momther and she loved it!!

  15. My dearest MaiTai,
    A very Happy Easter to you and your loved ones! Your Easter table is one of the sweetest and the most beautiful I have seen - so many happy and colorful details just fill the heart with so much joy. Your treasured gift from your dear scarf fairy is so lovely - the colors and the design are gorgeous on you, and perfect with the bone ring <3 Sending you a million happy hugs with all my love xx

  16. The table is simply stunning and your scarf fairy has surely attended all your scarfie lessons and has been a veeery dedicated and attentive pupil, therefore she has chosen the scarf which suits you perfectly. I feel your scarf fairy lives in Germany and I hope to meet her travelling to Germany on monthly basis, lol (hoping she is a really generous fairy).

  17. Your easter feast looks so pretty and colourful and laden with chocolate and sweet things, as it should be!

  18. Many thanks for the lovely comments my dear ladies, hope you all enjoyed a wonderful Easter. I have had a busy time with the holiday and house guests, and have fallen badly behind with catching up..will come in back in more detail in a couple of days xx

  19. Dear Lisa, gigiofca, Trudye, Jana, Dmiko5, ritournelleblog, nyghtsyde, booksnchocolate, Janelle Nelson, Linda in Chile, Scarf Addict, Kate L, Faux Fuchsia, marinaki, Scarf Enthusiast, Lilian and ms T - as always, I very much enjoyed reading your kind messages, many thanks <3

    I could not agree more with on the fairy, dear Lisa!

    Thank you Gigiofca, hope you had a happy Easter too :)

    Mwahs and thanks, my dear Trudye! Will probalbly wear a silk tunic and linen trousers to watch the happy event, can’t wait to see what the bride will be wearing! Belated Easter hugs to you, hope you had a lovely time!

    Dear Jana, we don’t have brunch very often, but I just love Easter breakfast with eggs, brioches, smoked salmon and champagne!

    Dmiko, you are so right, I could not have chosen the scarf better for myself :)

    Merci, dear ritournelleblog, so nice to hear you like the table. Hope you had a wonderful Easter too.

    Nachträglich Frohe Ostern, dear nyghtsyde! We share a love for Goldhasen, they have been part of my Easter for a long time too :)

    Thank you for the good wishes, my dear booksnchocolate, happy you like the scarf!

    Dear Janelle, so lovely to hear you enjoy it here and happy the fur collars have been a success, many thanks. Orange greetings!

    Bonjour, Linda in CHILE! Your Easter sounds divine and happy, and we both seem to love the exact same things! Here’s to the special joys in life x

    Happy belated Easter to you, my dear Scarf Addict! I hope you had a lovely a sunny day :-)

    Thank you, Kate L.

    What a special joy the first Easter with Baby FF must have been, my dear Faux Fuchsia! Loved the pics of the family outing on the beach. Will watch the royal wedding with friends, looking forward to our ‘wedding party’!

    Greetings from the South of France to beautiful Crete, dear marinaki, and please say hello to your mother from me too :)

    Hope you had a most happy and wonderful Easter, my dear Scarf Enthusiast, and thank you for your sweet good wishes. A pink fairytale cake would have been the colourful icing on our easter table, but I am saving it for when we are having coffee chez D! <3

    Dear Lilian, the scarf fairy has certainly great intuition! And so have you, my dear, guessing where the scarf has come from ;-) Wishing you much fun on your monthly travels, blowing some fairy dust your way..

    Glad you like it, dear ms T! Belated sweet and colourful greetings to you x

  20. Such a beautiful tablescape, I'm going to save this for inspiration next year.

  21. Thank you, dear Tabhitha, so happy to hear you like the set up!