Thursday, April 21, 2011

Capsule wardrobe #35

A little while ago, I teamed camel basics with blues..

Today wearing the same knitted tank and corduroys, but with a twist towards spring, changing the blues for beige.

Capsule pieces: camel corduroys, camel knitted tank and beige blazer
Shoes: sneakers
Accessories: De Madras à Zakynthos 90 Carré and clic H enamel bracelet in marron glacé
Scarf tying method: Criss-cross cowboy knot. Click here for a how-to
Scarf ring: MT Collection moyenne size in bone

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  1. Ahh, Mai Tai, you were smarter and faster than I was in buying that gorgeous scarf with the tortoise on it a few years ago. I LOVE that scarf and wanted it, but was very busy and didn't manage to get around to buying it. I could kick myself for missing out! It looks beautiful on you; I love the way you are wearing it, and it is the perfect top note to your great spring outfit!

  2. Sending you silken hugs, dear Reese. I know how missed opportunities feel, but hope you will come across it one day (I saw the exact same one at FSH last month). Wishing you the best of luck!

  3. I don't own anything blue, now I have to remedy this as I love camel and beige.

  4. I love that combination of brown and blue in your first outfit. I wish that I had that scarf.

  5. Despite having recently purchased a few vivid scarves, I'm really a sucker for neutrals. You look beautiful, as always, and not only do I love your scarf (beautiful pattern), but your whole outfit. Warm hugs, CS

  6. Beautiful outfit, it fits you so well. Btw, hunting for the blue blazer, I managed to buy a grey one, three belts, two shirts, two pairs of trousers, but I still do not have a blue blazer and destroyed a beige one by iron. Could you please whisper the brand of this your blazer - to help a poor capsule-piece-shopper?TIA, Lilian

  7. So love this look! Right up my alley with the camel and beige and the treasured DMZ silk!
    To Reese, the Houston store still has this,I think!
    I passed on it the first time around also,but was able to get one last Spring and I believe they are available still.
    Love and blessings for a Happy Easter to you and yours,
    T xx

  8. Trudye, thank you for the tip. I called Houston and alas, they are out. I am going to be in London and Paris soon and will be hitting every Hermès store in the metro areas in search of that scarf and a few others I missed out on. Any excuse to visit my favorite stores! Thanks again; apparently a lot of people find that scarf to be as beautiful as I do.

  9. It's neat to see how a few simple tweaks change up an outfit from one season to the next.

  10. Smart and super classy as usual. I just love your style!


  11. And luckily we know where to find the remedies, dear Tabitha! ;-)

    Thank you Belle de Ville, so happy you like the Cuirs de Desert. Since it is from this current collection, it should still be around.. :)

    I agree with you, dear CS...playing with colour is such fun, whereas putting on neutrals always feels like coming home!

    You have been very busy, my dear Lilian, a capsule wardrobe blowout! The navy blazer was a great bargain, I got it from Esprit Collection. As far as cost per wear goes, mine is practically free by now ;-)

    So glad you scored Ms Turtle last Spring, my dear Trudye, belated congratulations and tight twin hugs to you! Wishing you a most wonderful and happy Easter too <3

    Have a fun and wonderful time in London and Paris, dear Reese, and good luck on your hunt!

    Thank you, Lisa. Playing with variations is what I enjoy most about the capsule wardrobe series, and so nice to hear you like them too :)

    Thank you, Alba.

  12. Thanks for Esprit reminder - I missed that brand. I am coming back again and again. The scarf storage is more than spectacular, as well as your beige look - I think it is my favourite, so nicely rounded up. Nice clothing complements beautiful hair highlights (balayage, isn't it?). Hugs

  13. You look beautiful in this symphony of neutrals dear MT!
    To Reese: I saw a couple of that exact same cw last week at the Strasbourg (France) H store.

  14. Thanks booksandchocolate; I'll give Strausbourg a call if I strike out in London and Paris!

  15. You've done it once again, my dearest MaiTai!
    Your brilliant templates illustrate how truly interchangeable the pieces are. Your camel/beige outfit is so very fresh and warm - and most incredibly beautiful when various shades of the same color family come together. Absolutely love seeing our dear criss-cross cowboy knot with the gorgeous bone ring;-) Your are so tremendously gifted in so many ways, my dear friend! Much love to you with warmest sunny hugs xx

  16. I adored the camel cords and tank with the navy and blues outfit from a while back. Love it just as much this time, teamed with the beige neutrals. You do the tone on tone with a splash of colour effortlessly MaiTai and it always works a treat

  17. Balayage it is, my dear observant Lilian. Hope you got lucky with the blazer <3

    Many thanks, ma chère booksnchocolate!

    Fingers crossed, dear Reese. Please tell us the result of your hunt one day :)

    My dearest Scarf Enthusiast, it is always so nice to know we enjoy the same things, the cyber paper doll game being one of them. Many thanks for the lovely compliments, your warm words always cast a special spell <3

    Many thanks, my dear ms T! The tone is tone is like a canvas for our beloved scarves to shine, very happy you like it :)