Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spring colours - Scarf it up

With the temperatures we have had in the last few days (up to 33 degrees celsius), it is hard to believe that a roll neck sweater came out only a week ago, but it has now been definitely stored away for the summer.

The warm sunshine has brought on flowers and blossoms everywhere..

and for all the fuchsia in nature (and the shops!)..

I caved in and added a bright spot to my wardrobe

Scarf-ing it up with a 90 Carré (Fleurs d'Indiennes) in a cool and breezy low knot.

Wardrobe pieces: Fuchsia tank top and écru linen trousers
Accessories: Fleurs d'Indiennes 90 Carré, etoupe Picotin bag and MT horn bracelet in mushroom (just a few more days now!)
Shoes:mesh ballet flats
Scarf tying method: low twist wrap knot with a grande size MT scarf ring

Close up of the knot

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  1. you look so fresh and beautiful on that picture! it is a sunny but cool day in California.

  2. I love your neutrals, but the colors in the top and scarf are lovely on you!

  3. I am SO jealous! We still have snow on the ground!

  4. MT you look so lovely in fuschia it really suits you and boy does it compliment your Fleurs Indiennes carre! It is a perfect match! Can't wait to see the bangles...SA:-)

  5. Very fresh look! This color looks lovely on you and is perfect with your FdI.

  6. God, I hate it when the weather is nicer in France than it is in Los Angeles!

  7. I LOVE your new FdI with your new fuchsia top! Very lovely. Hugs, CS

  8. MT,can you send us some heat over to Seattle ? We're freezing here You look so fresh in the fuschia top with FdI. I'm cousins with you as I got the purple cw.

  9. MT, FdI is my newest scarf in the same colorway and I just adore it! I've been wearing it with tops in olive and teal. Get compliments all the time.

  10. Dear Mme MaiTai, I am so glad that you are embracing Spring. We are heading into the darkness of Winter (don't you hate waking children up in the dark to go to school!!) and it appears that black is already omnipresent. Your Fleurs d'Indiennes with fuchsia is perfect. I hope the day you wore this great outfit that you felt as good as you looked. Lindaxxx

  11. You are really bringing springtime to us with this outfit (btw, 33 deg.C is - very hot for spring). After having seen this your post and your perfect body shape, I decided to eliminate the remaining microscopic quantities of cheese, prosciutto and bread from my lunch, hoping to (at least) keep my existing body shape...

  12. MT, that deep fuchsia really suits you. In fact your post inspired me this morning... decided to wear fuchsia too (long sleeve top - autumn here!) and my Monsieur Parfum gavroche which has its own little snippets of the fab pink.

  13. The fuchsia tank lightens up your pretty face and looks so good on you, my dear MaiTai. And the flowers are so beautiful!I wish I could say the same about the temperatures up here in the North. Thank you for sharing those wonderful pictures of Spring. You are so good at chosing the right photographs to your posts and it is always with great pleasure I see/read them. I look forward to your lovely bracelets! Wishing you lots of days with sunshine :-)Warm hugs, M.

  14. Did I say, that I love your blog? I think so, but one can't say it often enough. Thank you for another lovely inspiration.
    (Like those lower knots.)
    Greetings from Germany, Anne

  15. You look Fab! That's such a good combination.
    I purchased my first H scarf recently (can't tell you how much I adore it!) and have been guilty of purchasing a number of new items to match it! xx

  16. My dearest MaiTai,
    How lovely to see spring in motion - thank you so much for the much needed sunny blossoms. And my goodness - 33 degrees celsius! Here, it was grey, rainy and quite autumn like by the evening. How very cheerful and beautiful you look in your bright new fuchsia tank with the prettiest flowers of FdI - such a wonderful, powerful, fantastical scarf. And so perfect with the low twist wrap knot - low knots always frame so beautifully. Very excited for the upcoming MT horn bracelets - fingers crossed tight always <3 Sending you all my love and happiest hugs, dear MaiTai xx

  17. I don't know how you do it (that's probably why they call it the "je ne sais quoi" ;-), but you even manage to look absolutely ddc (drop dead chic) in a scarf, which doesn't tickle me at all. What a wonderful, crisp spring look! hugs, Macs

  18. Many thanks for your lovely and kind comments, dear Tati, Deja Pseu, tagatha, Scarf Addict, booksnchocolate, Belle de Ville, CS, Chkpfbeliever, Dmiko5, Linda in Chile, Lilian, msT, Manuela, Anne, A, Scarf Enthusiast and hair-mess, you ladies are the sweetest <3

    Enjoy the perfect scarf weather, dear Tati! :)

    Hard to resist colour this year, dear Deja Pseu. My FdI has paved the way..

    Sending you some sunshine to melt the snow, tagatha!

    Many thanks, dear Scarf Addict, so nice hearing this coming from the queen of pink!

    Merci, my dear booksnchocolate. The FdI has truly opened new avenues..

    Hahaha, you are too funny, Belle de Ville!! Love L.A. :)

    You hare so sweet, many thanks CS x

    The heat is on it’s way, my dear Chkpfbeliever. Warm cousin hugs to you, the purple cw is so gorgeous.

    Congratulations on the FdI, dear Dmiko5, and happy twin hugs to you! Will try with olive and teal, the combination sounds fabulous!

    My dear Linda in Chile, I am always excited when you stop by, Chile is such an exotic place to me! Familiar with your fabulous wines though.. I hear you re the dark mornings. Chez nous, December brings temporary relief, the excitement of the advent calendar does wonders to the morning routine. You could invent a southern hemisphere version, counting down to the darkest day! <3

    33 deg C in spring, ‘c’est pas normale’, as everyone was remarking last week, my dear Lilian. It brought nature on in leaps and bounds, everything is green and lush. Lol re the the cheese etc, but don't ban the best bits of lunch.. do it like the french, have it all...in moderation <3

    Your autumn outfit sounds wonderful, dear msT, and so lucky to have a long season of beautiful scarf weather ahead. Here’s to fuchsia!

    Many thanks for your lovely and sweet words, my dear Manuela! Spring is so very advanced this year, and everything looks so beautiful that I keep snapping away with my camera, getting plenty of wardrobe inspiration at the same time. Sending some warm sunshine up North for you x

    Dear Anne, I very much enjoy hearing it, so many thanks. Love the lower knots too, and especially in warmer weather.. it feels like wearing a beautiful silk necklace!

    Many congratulations on your first H scarf, dear A, so excited to hear! Wonder which one you chose... and congrats on the extra goodies too :)

    Awh, April weather, my dear Scarf Enthusiast! Our spell of summer will be over soon, next week our temperatures will match those you have had recently, with some extra rain thrown in. I may have been a bit hasty storing the roll neck away..will wear my 90s though with extra gladness, so nice to get a few more outings in. Through our chats here I rediscovered the low knots, and you are so right about the frame they produce. Sending you some of our last warm rays of sunshine <3

    Lol, my dear Macs! The ‘je ne sais quoi’ must be the weight and drape of a H 90 silk carré.. adding magically gravitas, even to a simple tank. A very happy spring to you! x

  19. I really loved your Spring post , and the beautiful scarf with the pink top are so fresh and optimistic. Here in London we are blessed with wonderful parks , and the spring flowers are all fabulous this year.The stars of today were the tulips, truly magical . Hermes , a tulip scarf idea !

  20. lifeatmyfingertipsApril 18, 2011 at 9:19 AM

    Love this pop of colour on you, beautiful! =) Pink suits you very well, and your scarf adds the finishing touch. xx

  21. Dear Chiarina, your comment has brought back sweet memories..used to live in London, and when DS was very small, spent most of my days in the wonderful parks!

    Many thanks, my dear lifeatmyfingertips, so glad you like the look <3