Sunday, April 3, 2011

Under the weather

Our temperatures have gone back from spring to winter, and having felt a cold coming on, I opted for a cosy weekend, mostly spent by the fire. So no new photos today, but I worked on a couple of older 'how-to' videos, bringing them up to the new standard. With time, I hope to replace all old tutorials...

Weave knot - revised

Twist wrap knot- revised

Also spent a wonderful hour and a half watching a video of the talk Pierre Alexis Dumas (chief creative director of Hermès) gave in Providence, RI last month. The lecture's title is 'A Journey on Silk from Art to Craft', and gives an overview on Hermès' history, scarf production and design, and goes into depth on Hermès' artist collaborations with Joseph Albers and Daniel Buren. For those who have not seen it already, here's the link:

Creative Arts Council Brown University - Dumas lecture

Also been dreaming about the re-issues of 90 Carrés for Autumn Winter 2011..

Pierres d'orient et d'occident
Harnais de cour
L'art indien des plaines

..and hoping the weather will be back to spring soon. Feeling better tonight already, and wishing everyone a great week ahead :)


  1. Hello Dear MaiTai - I am happy to hear you are feeling better. The cold I have is dragging on for over 2 weeks. Thank you again for the time you give to add further enjoyment and versatility to our treasures.

    Maisie x0x

  2. Your videos are so beautifully made and Sakamoto´s music the right choice, no doubt. I like him very much. My dear MaiTai, thank you so much for the link of the Creative Arts Council. The "Dumas Lecture" is highly educative and so interesting! It kept me company this evening and it makes me understand why Hermès scarves cost what they cost. Thank you, my dear. I wish you a sunny and nice week ahead. Hugs, M.

  3. My dearest MaiTai,
    So very sorry to hear you've been under the weather, but very relieved and glad that you are feeling better :-) Sending you a million sunshine energy hugs <3 So true about dear mr. winter making a come back- we've also had volatile tempertures lately. And coincidentally, I've also had a cold this week but am now at the tail end…so raising a nice hot cup of heartwarming tea to you, Maisie Z and all the other dear friends with the sniffles
    Can't believe you worked on the videos even while you weren't feeling well…you are a superwoman extraordinaire! They are fantastic, so complete and just so very beautiful and enjoyable to watch - the most clear and concise, easy to follow tutorial. Thank you also for the link to the lecture - haven't seen it yet, but look forward to bundling up with a cosy blanket tonight to enjoy the lecture. Hope spring will come all our way very soon and very much hope you'll continue to feel better each day. With much love and warmest get well hugs to you, dear friend xx

  4. MaiTai.... thanks for the videos and I hope that you are feeling better soon. Blessings -P

  5. Dear MaiTai,I hope you completely better very soon! Thank you for posting these lovely videos and the Dumas lecture. H in academe -- how utterly wonderful! What a magical exploration of Hermès philosophy and technique from the inside. I feel my beloved scarves occupy an even more proper place in my university classroom now. :)
    Thanks also for giving us some hints of what to expect in the upcoming season.
    Sending healing and sunny thoughts your way -- XO, V.O.

  6. Hello Dear MaiTai

    So Sorry to hear that you are unwell
    Our weather is still hot hot hot and I am looking forward to some milder days May be I can send some of our weather your way
    Great videos
    I will have to start practicing my tieing and amaze my friend
    Keep warm and know that you are much loved and admired

  7. Oh MaiTai, I'm so sorry to hear about your cold. Hope you get well soon. Remember to drink lots of water. :D

    I just came back from Paris a week ago.....the weather was so nice and sunny in Paris during my 1 week stay. It's really a blessing. I heard the weather became cold, rainy and cloudy after I left. Have to be careful for the change of weather.

    Thanks for sharing the P-A Dumas video from Brown University. I've watched that too and I even love and appreciate Hermes more after watching it. Dumas has so much heart on his family brand and I can truly feel his passion. It's really not like other brands.

    BTW, I managed to get the elusive Lujo Criollo cashmere GM shawl which I told you about. So happy to score it on my last day in Paris! Truly meant to be...:P

    Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful "how-to" videos, remaking them even when you're not feeling well. They are really very useful for us scarf lovers. I enjoy each and every one of them.

    Merci beaucoup!

    Gros bisous,

  8. Dear Mai Tai,

    Take care and take lots of vitamin C. Spring is such an easy time to catch a cold. Glad to hear that you're feeling better !! :)

  9. First of all happy to read you're feeling better! Also wanted to Thank you for your lovely and organized demonstration of those two chic and versatile knots. Again can't wait to try them! Wishing you a lovely week ahead - xox, Macs

  10. Many thanks for the lovely comments re the videos, and the sweet get well wishes. You must have all sent healing fairy dust, as I am back to form today. Mille merci and hugs x

    Hello dear Maisie, so sorry to hear the cold is dragging on. Sending you my best get well wishes and hugs x

    Isn’t the lecture just wonderful, my dear Manuela? Had to laugh re the Mulberry trees, we have a few of them, as part of our house was used for silk production until the beginning of the last century. If the brazilians continue to replace their mulberry trees with palm trees, I might write to Monsiuer Dumas and offer all our leaves..

    Dearest Scarf Enthusiast, sending best recovery wishes and hugs right back to you! Very much hoping you are over the worst. The huge and sudden temperature changes in April make it difficult to dress in the right way, and I must have forgotten to put an extra layer on when it got suddenly really cold again. Hope you had a lovely time watching the lecture last night, how I wish I could have seen it in person (with all of us there, imagine the fun!) x

    Your beautiful sun avatar always makes me smile, dear Penney, and many thanks for the lovely good wishes! :)

    I thought you would enjoy the talk, my dear V.O.! Isn’t Ms Dumas just wonderful? So much passion, and so sympathetic. Now we all hope he can keep the bad wolf at bay..

    I would be very grateful if you could send some warm sunshine over, dear A, and please send some to Maisie and Scarf Enthusiast too! Have fun practising the knots, and hopefully May will be sooner there than you think!

    Congratulations on the Lujo Criollo, my dear Mia!! So happy and excited for you. I have not seen many of them around, which makes it so much more special... it truly was meant to be yours!

    Thank you, my dear Chkpfbeliever <3 Have been practically force feeding myself with vitamin C, and glad to report it seems to have done the job!

  11. Wonderful! Hope you are feeling better already. Sarahx

  12. Sorry, my dear Macs, got out of synch here and only saw your sweet comment now! Many thanks for your lovely words and good wishes, and have a great week ahead too x

  13. Dear MaiTai, thank you for the wonderful post and the videos and hope you will recover from the cold very soon. It is the same here in Bristol, after the short lovely sunny weather we are back to winter again, where it is quite gloomy most of the day and I also got my cashmere scarf out the other day. I just wonder what do you think of the Couvertures et Tenues de Jour dip dye? I love the design and the testure of the dip dye, but a bit hesitating on the "darker" colours of the dip dyes. I am just worried that if I don't buy the dip dye now, I may have to wait for years before they reissue the design. What do you think?

    Thanks again for the lovely post, and have a great week ahead.Hugs
    Y Lxx

  14. Dear MaiTai, I am happy to hear that you are feeling better and back to yourself. Make sure to continue to take good care of yourself.
    I'm looking forward to listening to the Dumas lecture. Thank you for including it.
    Also, thank you for the revised weave knot and twist knot videos. For me, the weave knot in particular works wonderfully with the longer scarves that I have, and is easy for me to pull together in a moments notice.
    Take care, dear MaiTai.
    Warm orange hugs, CS

  15. My dear Y L, the weather must have been the same all over Europe last week..keep warm and cosy! Love the Couvertures et Tenues design too and with spring around the corner, understand your hesitation about the muted colors of the Dip Dyes. There is one CetT which has an oatmeal background colour, it is much lighter than most Dip Dyes. You could wear this in spring and summer too, so it's worth a try. If nothing makes your heart beat faster, I'd pass (rule #6 comes into play). Wishing you the best of luck!

    Hope you’ll have a wonderful time watching the talk, my dear CS! So nice to hear you enjoyed the improved videos, and many thanks for your kind good wishes. Orange hugs right back <3

  16. I´m glad you are feeling better, my dear MaiTai. Warm hugs, M

  17. Thanks so much for the link to the lecture. I get my first hermes scarf this week and now feel totally confident that it's worth the money.

  18. So excited to hear, marymary! The first one will always be so very special, have a most wonderful time playing and enjoying :)