Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Cannes - part two

Around lunch time, we'd used to step out onto the Croisette, and cross over to promenade on the sidewalk..
.. where wooden staircases lead to explore the restaurants located below (lining the beach between the Martinez hotel and the Palais du Festival)
Their shaded terraces provide a tranquil haven from the busy and bustling Croisette, and after lunch, comfortable loungers invite to relax and enjoy the beautiful view over the mediterranean sea

The tempting fresh fish and seefood display of the L'Annex..

where we had a fun and delicious lunch

Last Thursday was a special day, celebrating not only my b-day,
but also the debut of the 'waterfall' necklace, newest addtion of the MT Collection. I was so pleased to have got the final version ready just in time for this trip

And last but not least, the local Hermès store, on 17 Bd de la Croisette

Favorite places:
Beach lunch:
L'Annex, Bd de la Croisette (opposite Carlton), Tel:
ZPlage, Bd de la Croisette (opposite Martinez), Tel:
Fish and seafood: Gaston & Gastounette 6-7, Quai Saint-Pierre, Tel:
Tea and late night drinks: Carlton Hotel (outside terrace), 58 Bd de la Croisette, Tel:
Bar: L' Amiral (in the Martinez), 73 Bd de la Croisette, Tel:
Pasta and brushetta in a relaxed atmosphere with charming italian owners and staff: Trattoria La Libera, 17 Rue Commdt André, Tel.

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  1. It looks splendid, and I can almost feel those warm sea breezes. I love your new necklace design too!

  2. lifeatmyfingertipsMay 10, 2011 at 2:41 PM

    Love this! You look amazing, beautiful new necklace, thank you for sharing such a wonderful trip report xx

  3. Beautiful, stunning, breathtaking - and I'm not (just) talking about the scenery, but your tremendously elegant black "outfit" (top) and your starlike look to go with it! Happy to ready you had such a wonderful time, xox, Macs :-)

  4. Maitai, I enjoyed this post. Your travel posts are always amazing.

    Were both Kelly and Birkin on the trip? I thought I saw Kelly in Part I and Birkin on the table at lunch in Part II.

  5. What a beautiful trip, I love Cannes, and you got all the excitement and the fun of the pré-festival without the crowds...DH and DS gave you the star treatment, it seems!
    Love the new necklace, can't wait to get one!
    Joyeux anniversaire,

  6. Dear MaiTai

    Oh how you have brought back memories!

    I visited Cannes in July last year and had a lovely lunch at z Plage and spent the afternoon relaxing on the pontoon at Hotel Martinez.

    This was, however, after visiting the Hermes boutique and picking up a delightful Astrologie gavroche in blue.

    How I long to return to Cannes. I celebrated my brithday recently too (7 May) but sadly not there.

    Looks like you had afabulous time. x

  7. What a glorious way to spend your birthday!!
    Add to that movie star good looks,your new design, and perhaps a new pair of movie star shades, and I would imagine that you had a PERFECT day! Very well deserved dear friend ;)
    I was was a little confused at first with the croisette term.
    It sounds sort of like the little pooch that sometimes sits atop a pair of low cut jeans! Albeit, not yours MT!! LOL!
    Then realized it must be the little street that leads straight to H in Cannes. I hope you got to pick up a little something in honor of you birthday and special trip. As always,so grateful for this vignette into your life <3
    peace and love, T xx

  8. Happy you liked the post, many thanks, dear Deja Pseu :)

    So nice of you to say, merci my dear lifeatmyfingertips <3

    Aww, you are too kind, dearest hair-mess, very happy you liked it all xx

    Thank you, Daisyinbloom, and well observed, both bags came with me. The joys of travelling by car!

    Here’s to Cannes, ma chère Jamais! It was such a great time to visit indeed. Last year, the sudden storms did not allow us to go, the beach was flooded up to Croisette level. I saw the footage, it was terrible. It made us appreciate the wonderful weather we had this year even more <3

    Happy belated birthday, dear Sally! How special to have a gorgeous Gavroche as a reminder of a wonderful time spent in Cannes, especially since it is blue. The Martinez is one of my favourites too, and I would have also loved to bring back a scarf souvenir, but could not find anything I had not tried before (Wish they would have still had an Astrologie Gavroche!)

    You are the sweetest, my dear Trudye, thank you for such lovely praise and good wishes. Lol re the jeans pocket, and yes, the Croisette is the main boulevard running along the sea. Pic #4 in ‘Cannes - part one’ gives you a good view of the street, H is about 250 metres in the other direction. Sadly could not find anything there, but had luck with clothes shopping instead! xx

    Thank you, my dear Sally <3

  9. PS. The shades are my trusted old Fendis, dear Trudye. Will definitely call my pooches by their proper name in future, and thinking of renaming the necklace into 'La Croisette'! ;-)

  10. Actually,I think it is more like a croissant!! But, whatever...I doubt if you have any!! LOL ;)
    Great new name for the necklace,though. You could also call it the Cannes since that is where it made it's debut!!
    Cannot wait to hear what you bought in Cannes....to be continued. Happy days, T xx

  11. The best of birthday wishes to you Mai Tai!
    My parents used to have a lovely yellow house in Cannes, how I wish we still owned that property.

  12. Thank you for sharing photos of your wonderful trip. I can almost feel the warm sea breezes and abundant sunshine from here, which is a nice visual escape from rainy Seattle. LOL Very happy to see a nice bottle of champagne for your birthday, dearest MaiTai.

    Love the new necklace, and your lip color, too.

    Warm hugs, CS

  13. Merci, dear Tai, for including us in your birthday festivities. I love that your travels are always shared with us, including cultural litearcy. You look tres jolie, as always. Please put my name on the "La Croisette" list. Bisous xx Terese.

  14. My dear MaiTai

    Thank you for sharing these beautiful photographs of Cannes with us.It is definitely a place I do enjoy a lot too! Hope you had a wonderful b-day there. You look just gorgeous as always! Congrats on the new beautiful necklace. I look forward to seeing more of it. Lots of warm hugs, M.

  15. What a marvelous trip and birthday you had, and you went to one of my very favorite places. The photos are lovely; thank you for the "mental vacation" they gave me!

    The new necklace looks great; looking forward to getting one!

  16. Looking forward to your clothing items paired up with the necklace and scarves - new styling lessons on the way. Gorgeous, I enjoy your blog so much. Btw, what is your necklace made of? Lilian

  17. I have recently discovered your blog through Hermes thread at the Purse Forum. Absolutely had no idea how versatile a scarf could be until I saw your stylish creations!! I am so inspired. You are so classy, elegant, chic and stunning.

  18. Belated birthday greetings! What a wonderful way to celebrate your birthday. Thank you for sharing your trip with us.

    Your new necklace is lovely, I'm looking forward to seeing more photographs.

  19. Today i received the beautiful black boxes with rose ribbons;)...the scarf rings are really stunning!Thank you so much, dear MaiTai! Your blog rappresents for me pure beauty and joy!!!
    Can't wait for the new neclace, it looks really nice at the pictures...the perfect summer accessory.I was a bit sad that the horn bracelets sold out so fast...will they be available again?

  20. How lovely to celebrate another year passing in such a lovely place. You look absolutely perfect in Cannes, and I'm sure they thought you were one of the movie stars who just happened to arrive a few days early.

    The new Waterfall, aka Croisette necklace looks very enticing. Can you tell us about the materials, etc.?

    I may have to indulge . . . again!

  21. Congrats on the new necklace! It is just stunning. Loving your travelogue too.

  22. MaiTai.... The coastal views are beautiful. You looked like you were having a good time. Happy Belated Birthday. May you have all the blessings that can come your way. -P

  23. You truly are a vision, my dearest MaiTai! Thank you for sharing your very special day with us - you are beautiful beyond words, positively glowing under the bright and happy sunshine, especially with your new gorgeous necklace - a big congratulations - love the poetic name! ITA with Jerrine - you are more glamorous than any movie star! Raising a glass to you, with all my love and warmest Happy Birthday hugs xx

  24. Cannes......the only place to be ...allthroughout the year!!! You might also like to try "long beach" restaurant - opposite the new JW Marriott hotel. Also, for something really quirkey and a restaurant that all the locals use, try "La Brouette de grandmere".... And there is a great apartment in Palais Miramar - 65 Blvd de la Croisette - you can see it on VRBO 139654!!!

  25. Happy belated birthday! Joyeux anniversaire!

  26. Lol, dear Trudye, we better not have too many croissants for breakfast then!

    Belated but heartfelt thank yous for the sweet birthday wishes, and the lovely welcome for the Croisette necklace, dear Tabitha, CS, Terese, Manuela, Reese, Lilian, Nelah, memolline, Jana, Jerrine, gracekelly, Penney, Scarf Enthusiast, Niamh and ritournelleblog!

    I would have loved to stop by your sunshine coloured house, dear Tabitha! You must have wonderful memories..

    Hope the rain has stopped, my dear CS. Sending warm sea breezes and sunshine across the Atlantic!

    Sharing my travels with you ladies is always such a joy, my dear Terese, and the Croisette is noted!

    Wishing you a great trip for when you go next to Cannes, my dear Manuela! Hugs to you too.

    So happy you enjoyed the mini vacation, dear Reese, merci!

    My dear Lilian, in the first necklace pic, you can see a hint on what it is made of... ;)

    A very warm welcome to my blog, dear Nelah. Hope you’ll have a wonderful time exploring the ’silk road’

    Thank you, dear memolline. More photos to come in a few weeks time :)

    It truly was a wonderful and amazing setting, my dear Jerrine, and lol re the early arrival! Re the Croissette, look for a hint in the first necklace pic...;)

    Many thanks, dear gracekelly. The Côte d’Azur is your playground after all!

    Thank you, my dear Penney, your kind good wishes always mean a lot.

    You are the sweetest and kindest, my dear Scarf Enthusiast, thank you for your lovely words and sweet happy wishes. Chin-chin my friend, to sunshine and life’s beautiful things <3

    Thank you for sharing your favorite places with us, Niamh! I very much like the ‘Long beach’ too, and will definitely try the ‘La brouette de grandmère’ next time.

    Merci, dear ritournelleblog x

  27. Love love love this post, oh for a warm sun filled holiday. Perhaps I should plan a winter escape ;) Looks like you had a wonderful time and birthday celebration. Shall eagerly await the new necklace addition to the collection. Ax

  28. Wonderful pictures dear Maitai and like always, you looks so beautiful! LOVE the necklace with the black top, tellement chic!! Great addition to your lovely collection.
    This comes a bit late.. But wishing you Happy Birthday, Joyeux anniversaire, dear Maitai!
    With hugs, Satu

  29. A belated but heartfelt thank you for your sweet and kind comments, dear A and Satu. So happy to hear you like the necklace, thank you & kiitos <3