Thursday, May 19, 2011

Paris - Pearls and beads

This week in Paris, FSH's windows were under redecoration, and contrary to a previous visit, there was not even the tiniest gap in the curtains to steal a glimpse on what was going on behind.

But the horse man on the roof top was holding a new set of Carrés, 'Les Cavalier d'Or'. Their turquoise and yellow/orange cw could not have been a more perfect match to the beautiful blue spring sky.

After a quick browse through the scarf department (I could not discover anything I have not seen before) I continued to walk down the Rue Fbg St Honoré, and stopped by the Place Vendôme, where the Maison de la Perle has installed an outdoor photo exhibition to mark the 50th anniversary of the cultured Tahiti pearl.

Each of the eighteen photographs (by Thierry Bouet) was presented in giant, shimmering bubbles, reminiscent of pearls. Inside, illuminated screens and black walls brought out the images in a most vivid way, and by walking from bubble to bubble one could follow a pearl's journey from the depth of the sea to the finished piece of jewellry.

The way the bubbles were dotted around the square made them resemble a giant pearl necklace.

'From sea to jewelry showcase' May 15 - June 2, Place Vendôme, Paris

Continuing down the Rue St Honoré, where just a few minutes later, more fabulous giant pearls made me stop to admire, this time at the metro entrance of Palais Royal/Louvre station, at the Place Colette.

The aluminium structure with it's huge and colorful glass beads was installed in the year 2000 (designed by Jean-Michel Othoniel), to mark the 100th anniversary of the parisian metro. When the underground started out in 1900, the Palais Royal was one of it's eight original stations.

The colorful contruction is called 'stand of night owls' (Kiosque des noctambules) and features two domes..

..representing day (red dome)..

and night

Inspired by having seen so many beautiful pearls and beads, I took my own pearls out of the drawer when coming back home. 'Scarf with pearls' coming up next :)

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  1. Lovely photos as always! Place Vendome always has such great art installations throughout the year. This one looks like a lot of fun.

    Too bad no sneak peaks at Hermès. Whatever is going in will be spectacular, as always.

    Thanks for the snaps!

  2. So wonderful! Thank you for the beauty.

  3. I thought of you at the Rue de Severes boutique, dear Reese, as they had the Madras à Zakynthos in the scarf drawer! Hope you can snatch it up :)

    Thank you, Tabitha. Love your new avatar pic, too cute! x

  4. Again, thank you for taking us along on your day trip to Paris. Even though the trip to H was less than inspiring, I am looking forward to your pearls of wisdom,inspired by the delightful art installations on the streets.
    What a lovely day it must have been...yeah:)
    Peace and love, T xx

  5. Loved that charming umbrella of beads at the metro entrance, so very chic. V much looking forward to your scarf with pearls post.

  6. What beautiful colors in the outdoor pearl display. I always enjoy the little day trips to Paris that you share with us. You are so kind and thoughtful to do so.

    Looking forward to seeing pearls with a scarf, MT! :-)

    Hugs, CS

  7. Love your photos of Place Vendome . We'll be visiting family in Paris soon and I'm determined to sneak a trip to Hermes .
    So looking forward to seeing your pearls in action , I always feel 100 when I wear mine and so hope to find ideas to bring the look up to date

  8. A wonderful day indeed, dearest Trudye, especially having had a sweet little bird as companion <3

    You have put it beautifully, my dear ms T, ‘umbrella of beads’ is such a lovely description.

    So happy you enjoyed the post, my dear CS, it is always such a treat to have you ladies coming along with me. Hugs right back.

    Have a wonderful time in Paris, dear Chiarina, and a fun trip to FSH! Lol re the pearls, hope you’ll like the upcoming post :)

  9. Yet again we must have passed like ships in the night LOL I am just back from a weekend in Paris - wasn't it just glorious?!! Love your photos - sadly I had not realised what the "pearls" were in Place Vendome such a pity as I love pearls! I will have to find the Metro next time and look at the lovely sculpture there. Thanks for sharing, SA x

  10. What a fascinating exhibit. I'm really looking forward to seeing how it inspired you to use your pearls. I never wear mine, and as I inherited them from my DM, it seems such a shame. I know I could just wear a loose scarf and pearls, but that seems so predictable and old fashioned. Can't wait to see what you come up with!

  11. It seems that this Paris spring is particularly colourful. However, I thing we are all waiting for your modelling pics with pearls and each of us sits with the scarves and pearls taken out of the drawer to start our own practice after your is at least my case, lol.

  12. This is just the best trip to Paris! Sightseeing from the ease of home :) Wonderful photos as always on a beautiful spring day. How about some scarf wearing tips with a strand of pearls?

  13. Dearest MaiTai

    What an interesting exhibition of bubbles suggesting pearls! I can imagine how impressing it must have looked. The horse man was also holding "Les Cavaliers d´Or" when I visited Hermès at Easter. Thank you for the beaufiful photographs and for taking us along with you to the City of Lights once more. Wishing you a lovely Sunday. Lots of orange hugs, Manuela

  14. I very much hope one day we will cross paths, my dear Scarf Addict! Great to hear you had a fab time, Paris in spring is so lovely.

    I don’t wear my pearls often enough, dear xandrah, but seeing the exhibition made me long to get them out. Starting with classique though ;)

    So nice to imagine all the pearls being brought out, dear Lilian. Will try and cover a variety of ways, including one with ‘a twist’!

    Scarf and pearl pics coming up, my dear gracekelly! And happy you enjoyed the trip ;)

    So nice to know we saw the same Carrés fluttering on the rooftop, my dear Manuela. I try to figure out the rythm of they get changed, but so far have not succeded!

  15. My dearest MaiTai,
    What a truly amazing city is the beautiful and magnificent Paris - where can one see a perfect marriage of glorious classical tradition with modern whimsy and fantasy side by side. Must have been so fun and exciting to peek into each pearl. Pearls hold such special beauty and are so very dear to me. MsT's description of the metro entrance is just so lovely - they really are like candy wonderland gazebos. You are just too sweet for always bringing us precious shots of your tips - thank you, my dear. Much love to you with happy hugs xx

  16. I love the Palais Royal métro station. It's probably the cutest in the world!

  17. Paris' juxtapositions never fail to amaze and surprise me, my dearest Scarf Enthusiast, and have been experimenting with pearls and beads ever since. On my recent trip, I saw references to Jean-Michel Othoniel's work everywhere, such an extraordianry coincidence! Happy hugs to you too <3

    I could not agree more with you, dear ritournelleblog! :)