Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New York - the local H boutique

The H boutique on Madison Avenue has it's home in a 'bijou like' house, all to itself, which makes it stand out in an almost fairy tale way against the tall buildings surrounding it.

The NY counterpart of FSH's rooftop horseman held two 'Cheval de Légende' Carrés in turquoise/gold,

while the window displays featured beach wear, and Marcelina scarves in several CWs,

cute ideas for dog collars,

and larger than life enamels.

The fourth floor was home to a photo exhibition by Rinko Kawauchi's

and allowed a wonderful close-up view on the horseman

I very much enjoyed the visit, but as I could not spot a scarf previously unseen, I didn't take an orange souvenir back home. The scarf drawer held a surprise though, they had a Monsieur et Madame 90 Carré in the tabac/camel CW and one in pink/grey/black. It was also nice to see a few Picotins (GMs and PMs) on the shelves, as I have not seen them around in european boutiques for quite some time.

Hermès on Madison
691 Madison Avenue
Phone: 212-751-3181


  1. I bet those M&M scarves quickly disappear after that mention!

    Visiting the H boutiques in NYC is such a fun event, it nearly doesn't matter if a souvenir is found and taken away. I particularly love the Wall Street store, as it seems calmer and warmer--but the Madison store is beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

  2. Dear Mai Tai
    How wonderful! You are now our travelling H Ambassador! Hope you had a wonderful time - Sarah

  3. MaiTai.. It was so good to see your pictures of NY. I hope you and the fam had a great time. NY gives me a giddy feeling everytime I visit. But I will have to visit the H boutique on my next visit. My summer is winding down here in Ga. the school bells will be ringing here in 3 weeks. Have a great week ahead. ^_^ Blessings -P

  4. After finally having lost some centimeters in my waist (yes, I can wear H scarf as a halter top now!!!), I see there is another club I must enter soon - London NYC hotel, as obviuosly anyone was there, except me! Dreaming about the visit to NYC Hermes and getting out with a big orange box - the content would be a nice, red bag (Bolide?). In that dream, I would wear Coupons Indiens with a MaiTai grande scarf ring, in criss cross know or maybe half-bow knot... Hugs

  5. Beautiful pictures of an amazing city! Thank you, my dear. I woud like to have " Monsieur et Madame" in pink, grey and black. It sounds very pretty! Hope you enjoyed your trip and relaxed. It´s wonderful to have you back though :-) Warm Summer hugs, M.

  6. Excellent windows... thanks so much for sharing MT. It sounds like you and your family had a wonderful NYC holiday. xxS

  7. Lovely pictures - they make me feel as if I were there right along with you. Good to see you and your fam had such a wonderful time! hugs, Macs

  8. Hi MaiTai!

    Fab trip by the looks of the photo's. You mention bagging your fave makeup - which make up (s) do you use/recommend? How can we mere mortals aquire the "maitai face"?

    Do you have a fave fragrance?something French maybe? so much we have yet to discover about you and your wonderful life. Steph

  9. Glad you enjoyed the trip to H, dear Aesthetic Alterations, ssb, Penney, Lilian, Manuela!, Macs and Steph, many thanks for the kind comments <3

    Would have love to visited the Wall Street store too, dear AA! Something to look forward to for the next time..

    It could not have been a more wonderful holiday, dear Sarah, we all enjoyed the Big Apple so very much!

    Dear Penney, don’t tell GA’s schoolchildren that we still have six weeks of holidays ahead of us! NY does the same thing to me, it electryfies every single time. Enjoy a wonderful rest of the summer :)

    Congratulations, dear Lilian!! I knew you’d do it, your determination let’s you reach every single goal you set yourself, well done! I hope your dream comes true one day soon, and looking forward to have you as a future member to the London NYC club!

    Welcome back home, my dear Manuela, and many thanks for the sweet good wishes. The pink/grey/black Mr et Mme would be lovely on you, it such a very fresh and feminine CW. Enjoy a nice rest of the week x

    Happy you enjoyed the post, my der SMR, many thanks. The holiday could not have been more fun, we all loved NY!

    My dear Macs, every time I get the camera out, if feels as though you girls are right there with me <3 Love the CI on you btw, and it looks so fabulous with Ms Chocolate Birkin!

    Thank you for the nice comment, dear Steph. For foundation, I love Laura Mercier’s moisturizing foundation, followed by her translucent loose powder. The eyeshadows and blushes are fabulous too, but I also like Trish McEvoy’s. Both have great brushes and organizer systems, which lets you compose your own make-up palettes. Trish McEvoy’s primer is wonderful. During the time I was unable to restock, I reverted to Bobby Brown, and while not too keen on the foundations, I very much like the eyeshadows (great organziser system too). My favorite lipsticks are by MAC, their consistency is perfect and your lips never get dry. My favorite H fragrances are Rose Ikebana (from the Hermesessence line), Orange Vert(very fresh and great for hot summer days) and Kelly Caleche (the EdT, not the perfum). Occacionally I also use Eau de Merveilles. Other favorite fragrances include Eau de Sud (Annick Goutal), Aqua di Parma (again for summer), Racquets (Penhaligon), Masot (Etro), Jean-Paul Gaultier (the classic, it is lovely and powdery) and Chanel No5 (again I prefer the EdT to the perfum).

  10. Thank you, my dear MaiTai, for your sweet welcome. It´s good to be back here :-). Enjoy the rest of the week. Warm hugs, Manuela

  11. Hugs right back to you, my dear Manuela. Have a great rest of the week too <3

  12. Your trip to NYC looks great - it is while since I went to NYC - but it is great city and there is always a reason to return if only we could get there quicker LOL!

  13. Glad the post brought back good memories, dear Scarf Addict. The long flights stopped us for so many years too, especially when DS was still small.