Thursday, July 21, 2011

A cool summer's day

A recent cold spell caused temperatures to plummet all over Europe, and even reached the South of France, bringing some unusually cool days. It presented a wonderful opportunity to wear a scarf around the neck, a rare occasion in the month of July. Interrupting the New York series for a quick 'Scarf it up' post, featuring the criss-cross bow knot and the Fleurs d'Indiennes I wore yesterday.

Wearing white jeans, turqouise cotton sweater and navy cardie.
Accessories: Fleurs d'Indiennes 90 Carré, grande scarf ring, MT horn bracelet and Bleu de Prusse Bolide
Scarf ring: grande in bone
without the cardie, when it got warmer during the day

Coming next: NYC travel wardrobe + accessories

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  1. I hardly think there is a colour you cannot wear, but blue looks so great on you! It trully emphasizes the colour of your eyes. This outfit is so fresh and summery! We have lots of rain and chilly weather too, up here. Stay cosy, my dear MaiTai. Warm hugs, Manuela.

    P.S. Thank you for sharing your "beauty secrets" with us in your last post.

  2. Truly beautiful - when there is almost no possibility to suprise us, you do a step up and show a new beauty! You look absolutely gorgeous "wrapped up" in blue, with a splash of FI lavish colouring around the neck. I like such the outfits a lot (replacing blue with red and orange). This shows that "real" colours love you as much as neutrals - of course we all divert our thoughts to the book then, LOL! Btw, although blue is not my colour, your sweater would make me change my opinion. Hugs

  3. Manuela, you are so right - even strong and warm colours wrap up our MaiTai in so sophisticated and easy going manner. When we add neutrals, which have been proved before - it is the whole colour palette which suits her!

  4. I love this outfit! Blue is by far my favorite color and you wear it so well! Your FdI is a wonderful way to tie up the look together.

  5. Happy to read you also able to "enjoy" the cooler weather ;-) - and looking tremendously chic (as always) while doing so! LG, Macs

  6. ITA with all of the above ! You are quite stunning in all of the bright summer colors. I love the feather weight look of your navy cardigan. It looks like a great warm weather workhorse!
    I must admit you had me at 'A cool summer's day'!
    Anything with the word cool or cold brings an ever so slight sigh of relief :)
    I also enjoyed getting a peek into your makeup bag...such great girl talk!
    Wishing you a relaxing and refreshing weekend ahead,
    T xx

  7. Your scarf ties the blues together so well. You have a great eye. The thought of cool days sounds delightful. It is ghastly hot here (100+F) so you "got out of Dodge" (NY) at a good time. We were in Nice back in was a treat.

  8. My dearest MaiTai,
    How absolutely wonderful to finally catch up - I've been so terribly behind ever since I got back, and how very busy you must have been too - 3 posts already! First, a warmest welcome back to you, dear MaiTai! Thank you for sharing your exciting trip with all of us…shots of your NYC trip are fantastic - what a truly gifted photographer. How I love the picture of your sweet DS standing with his heart shaped pretzel, and of you looking so glamorous and beautiful everywhere you go. I know how easy it is to get tired after a full day sight-seeing in the summer heat of NYC - so wonderful to hear you were able to stay in and dine at the Maze, must have been truly amazing ;-) The pictures of H Madison is the best I've seen.
    Your delightful cool day's outfit is a breath of fresh air for those in the current hot zones, and most wonderful to see the lovely Ms Bolide again. You look positively divine in your blue ensemble with our beloved criss-cross bow <3 The color or your turquoise sweater was made for your gorgeous FI, and ITA with dear Manuela - truly brings out your beautiful blue eyes!
    Hope you're having a wonderful and restful weekend, back at home again. Sending you all my love and many welcome back hugs xx

  9. Dear MaiTai,
    The spell is the right word - I am enjoying wearing all my scarves here in London for 2 and a half months and I guess shall pass straightforward to pashmines without bothering of wearing mouslins!
    I cannot but say that the level of the how-to video is above any expectations!
    Thanks again!

  10. What a lovely color on you, MaiTai. It's hard to say which one looks best, your new fuchsia top or the turquoise one. I have to agree with the other ladies, you look great in both colors and neutrals. If I run into you FdI in the same colorway, it might come home with me!

    Hugs, dear

  11. I absolutely love this scarf! The colours are simply sublime.

    I've long been a reader of your glorious blog (and have even been fortunate enough to purchase some of your glorious accessories), but I've only recently discovered the joys of a blogger account and being able to comment and pass on my compliments :)

  12. My dear Manuela, Lilian, booksnochocolate, hair-mess, Trudye, Kathleen, Scarf Enthusiast (welcome back!), Anna, CS and Lilian Harlow (welcome to our happy little chat corner), many thanks for the lovely comments and compliments on the blue look <3 Between us all, we would have the most perfect summer weather, but instead it is heatwaves for some, and cold fronts for others. Hope it will all even out soon and result in pleasant and sunny days allround. As always, life is very busy during the school holidays, there are so many extra activities filling the day. My computer time is truly limited at the moment, but I will try and keep up with regular posting. Please forgive me though for not responding individually this time, sending you much love and my heartfelt thanks for your sweet thoughts. MT x

  13. The blues really suit you MT - lovely to see you in your Fleurs. SA:-)

  14. Many thanks, dear Scarf Addict :)