Sunday, July 17, 2011

New York - part one

After a fabulous trip to New York, it feels good to be home again, and looking forward to sharing my favourite spots and activities over a series of blog posts. Kicking off with the essentials, where to sleep and eat. The London NYC hotel was a fabulous place to stay, and the location could not have been better, it was within short walking distance of many of the places we planned to visit. Since this was DS's first trip to NY, our main focus was on sightseeing. Venturing through a big city can get easily tiring, so it was important to find some calm and restful activities and places too, where one could restore energy. This being a family trip, it was quite different from previous visits, but I am glad to have seen so many of the fabulous sights this time, that were neglected on past trips.

The London NYC

We took DS to P.J. Clarke's for his first NY hamburger. Their classic american food was delicious, and it was fun to soak up the rich history of the place by looking at the black and white photographs hanging off the dining room walls

In the evenings DS got very tired (a combination of jet-lag and full-on days), so most of the time we would stay for dinner at the hotel and book a table at the Maze restaurant. Being a huge fan of Gordon Ramsey's, it was a wonderful treat to eat from his menu every day, and by the end of each afternoon, we were all looking very much forward to yet another fabulous dinner.

Dinner at the Maze

Growing boys are always hungry, but quick remedies can be found at every street corner.. DS of course loved the hot dog and pretzel stands, here with his favorite snack

After lunch, we spent an considerable amount of time at the amazing FAO Schwarz toy shop and the incredibly busy Apple Store on Fifth Avenue. Looking for some peace and quiet, we crossed the road and went for drinks at the beautiful Plaza hotel, a true oasis of calm. After enjoying hot chocolate and a glass of bubbly in the plush Champagne bar ..

we felt refreshed and stepped outside to admire the Circle of Animals/Zodiac Heads sculptures at the Pulitzer Fountain, just outside the Plaza. It is a traveling exhibition by the chinese artist Ai Weiwei, and we were lucky to catch it on one of it's last remaining days, by now it has moved to Los Angeles and will show in Houston and Washington DC next year. We had fun finding 'our' signs..

and comparing the different expressions of the animals. DS' and mine (dragon and rabbit) were right next to each other, and I could sense how pleased DS was with the rich decor and fierce expression of 'his' dragon (much in contrast with the more plain and docile look of the rabbit!)

The London NYC, 151 West 54th Street, New York, NY 10019, Phone: 866-690-2029
P.J. Clarke's 915 3rd Avenue, New York, NY 10022, Phone: 212-317-1616
Maze at the London NYC, adress as above, Phone: 212-468-8889
The Champagne bar at the Plaza, Fifth Avenue at Central Park South, New York, NY 10019, Phone: 212-546-5311

To be continued....

Happy news re the Autumn/Winter 2011 scarf booklets, they have started to arrive at the H stores. Because of copyright issues, it will not be published here though. For the same reason I have deleted all previous booklets and related materials from this blog. Many thanks for your understanding.


  1. Your first days in New York sound perfect--a great family vacation for everyone. And you look marvelous in your crisp outfit and lovely accessories. One of my favorite things about your blog is that you truly show the capsule wardrobe functioning in your everyday life, wearing loved items over and over.

    Your mousseline is especially divine.

  2. Ah, it looks as if a wonderful time was had by all.

    As always, thank you for sharing your journey with us and I look forward to seeing more NY stories in future posts
    I am curious to know what DS's favorite site in NYC was??
    Welcome home and hope you are able to get caught up on sleep soon! T xx
    P.s. Lovin' the champagne bar at The Plaza  !
    Oh, and how did you manage to avoid blisters in the H sandals for a day of sightseeing??

  3. Dear Mai Tai, looks like you've had a wonderful vacation. NY is right on the top of my favourite destinations wish list so I am thrilled about reading all your tips for places to visit!!!;)Have a nice 'back to reality' week:D

  4. Loved your post so much, it is real travel literature! Visited NY 7 yrs ago - it was a shopping heaven at that time, difficult to resist. As I located some of my H scarves in US recently and availability was better than in Europe, my hopes are on orange side, expecting that some H treasures came to Europe with you.

  5. MaiTai, we may have been at the hotel at the same time. I stayed there from the 27th of June until the 8th of July. Glad you had a great stay, my husband and I did also. Cheers Suzie

  6. Oh, MaiTai! Welcome back! It looks like the whole MT family had a great time in NYC. Wonderful hotel and foods at Chef Ramsey's, sightseeing, and the champagne bar! Must put the champagne bar on my list if I get there one day!

    Love the mousseline. You look fantastic in spite of the NYC heat.

    Again, welcome back!


  7. Mai Tai

    I love New York!

    Thank you for some lovely memories and images.

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  8. It looks like you all had a wonderful time! NYC is at the top of my destination wishlist. Since it was your DS's first time there, may I ask what his favorite site was?

    Thank you for this post and for sharing your NY adventures with us. It makes me want to go there all the more.

  9. How wonderful that you also like staying at the London Hotel in NY. When I am there I always stay there. They have the roomiest rooms and lovely bathrooms. Also the staff is great although sometimes things tend to go a little wrong at breakfast time but then again I think that's part of the charm of the hotel. Also it's the most convenient hotel for shopping isn't it!
    Best regards,


  10. Glad you had a wonderful time, MaiTai - I have spent many happy trips to NY with the family over the years - we used to stay regularly in the Righa Royal Hotel, before it became the London NYC! And the Plaza is the perfect place for a refreshing glass of bubbly after a long hot day!

  11. I've also stayed at The London - loved it! The lobby always smells so fragrant and I'd love to have the tile in their bathroom in my home.

    Your capsule wardrobes have inspired me to purchase fewer pieces of clothing, focus on the true wardrobe staples and accessorize with my scarves.

    Ah...I was looking for your Hermes booklets over the weekend for a particular scarf booklet and thought I was going mad trying to find it! Makes perfect sense that you had to delete them.


  12. Dear Mai Tai,
    I am happy to see you back and glad to hear that the entire family spent nice holidays in NYC. Some of your adresses reminds me my latest trip (last April) when I visited my brother-in-law's family.
    Love the mousseline (my favorite one with the Carré Kantha) - we are twins on this scarf !

  13. Many thanks for the lovely welcome back home, dear ladies. Missed you all, so nice to see you again.

    Dear Aesthetic Alterations, I wish the capsule pieces would never wear out, or get outdated. They are like best friends. Finding a replacement for an ageing piece can sometimes be tricky, so I am thinking of taking a shortcut, and get a few made.

    Trudye, my dear, so nice to see you! I asked DS about his favourite, but there were so many, that he could not single anything out. He was simply blown away, and absolutely loved it. The Orans were a life saver, I wore them for miles on end, and they always felt comfortable. Considering another pair now x

    Jana, hope you’ll enjoy the upcoming posts, and have fun planning your trip. Hope it will become reality one day soon :)

    Lilian, after your recent haul I was surprised to see there were any scarves left, LOL. I was not as lucky as you though, and generally shopping took a backseat to sightseeing this time. Managed to get my favorite make-up in a quick raid of Saks Fifth Avenue though.

    Henriëte, looking at the pics I posted made me want to go back too!;)

    Suzie, oh what a coincidence! You and I slept under the same roof for two nights.. we arrived on Jul 6. It would have been such fun to meet, how sad we did not bump into each other. Glad you had a great time, it was probably less hot than when we were there!

    CS, thank you for the sweet welcome back. Hope you’ll have a fun time at the champagne bar on your next visit! GR also offers a ‘kitchen dinner’ which must be amazing. No chance for us this time with DS in tow, but something worth remembering for another time.

    Sydney Shop Girl, so happy the post brought back some lovely memories!

    booksnchocolate, hope your trip will become reality one day soon. As I said to Trudye, DS was just smitten by the whole experience, and in a constant state of wonder and excitement. I can tell you what enjoyed least, which was the Intrepid aircraft carrier. It was the hottest day and no shade, which might have been the reason though ;) DH enjoyed it regardless.

    Chantal, how fun we love the same hotel! So true re the rooms and bathrooms, and it was perfect for travelling with a child. We never had breakfast there, as my boys love a traditional coffee shop (DS even prefers them over Planet Hollywood!)

    Sushi Queen, oh I just love it when paths cross, and how fun to discover more shared passions apart from H scarves. Here’s to all our favourite things and places!x

    Donna, you too at the London, how wonderful! We are now officially a club, and we all know where the club house is! Could not agree more with you on the bathroom tiles too! Great to hear about the wardrobe transformation, and sorry re the booklet. If you are looking for something specific, you can always send me an email :)

    scarfmoodist, great to hear you had a lovely time on your recent visit to NY, and how nice to be twins on the FI. The Kantha is so very pretty in a mousse!

  14. Thank you so much for sharing part of your trip to NY with us, my dear MaiTai. I look forward to visiting NY one day! The pictures are so impressive. I can imagine what a fabulous trip it was!
    Can´t wait to see the next post! Warm, Summer hugs, Manuela

  15. dear maitai,
    what a lovely and inspiring desciption of the spots you went to in NY!

    I have the same problem as Donna's with sacr booklets...I especially loved the posts with the booklets your friend had agreed with scanning and posting about silk etc.

    would it be possible to have it sent as an attachment via mail?
    I always thought about reading it through it but because of lack of time I never could and now I very much regret it!

  16. So happy you liked the post, and hope you will have the chance to visit one day soon, my dear Manuela! Hugs right back to you <3

    Dear A, please send me an email:

  17. What a fabulous stay you had in New York! I'm sure your son was delighted to visit the city with you.
    I was wondering if by any chance you would recommend a place for afternoon tea in New York? Thanks!

  18. Glad you enjoyed, dear ritournelleblog. For afternoon tea, you could try the Palm Court at the Plaza: