Sunday, July 3, 2011


In France, 'Les Grandes Vacances' (the two month long school summer holidays) started this weekend, and I look forward to sunny days and long evenings spent with family and friends, outings and trips (including those of a more 'sportif' kind, which are DS' favorites, involving tree climbing and canoe has been a year, and I hope I will be still up for it!)

On those days spend in the garden and by the pool..

I practically live in a swim suit, and sometimes, instead of changing for lunch, I just cover up with a light and breezy cotton pareo

..knotted into a simple tunic dress

and on occasion a hat to protect from the sun

For a 'how-to', please follow this link here. When you get to the last step, you can either secure your tunic dress with a belt (as done with the cashmere GM in the 'how-to', see pic below)

or pinch some fabric along the sides (gather as much fabric as you like, depending if you prefer a tighter or looser look) and tie into double knot.

The same can be done with any big format scarf, here with a GM Mousse (Fantaisies Indiennes) in combination with a waterfall necklace in the new écru/amber

The ecru/amber CW is joined by three more color combinations, which will become available towards the end of July, but can be pre-ordered now. For more details please click here or on the collage below.

In a couple of days, we will leave for a family vacation, and I will miss you all. Hope everyone is enjoying a lovely summer and looking forward to seeing you again in a couple of weeks xx


  1. The new necklace colors look just amazing.Wish you a lovely holidays!

  2. I love how you announce your new items with such modesty. The new colors are gorgeous and look like summer personified.

    I've just sent you my preorder - just wish I could have each and every color. But, I definitely need at least one new one, as I wear the black Waterfall almost every day. I've never had a summer necklace I like so much!

    Happy vacationing. Come back to us soon, though, with tales of your adventures.

  3. Lovely post Mai Tai, the new colours in the waterfall are so summery. Gosh a few days of warmth lounging by the pool sounds wonderful. Have a fantastic holiday, we will miss you too x

  4. Many thanks for the good holiday wishes, and lovely compliments on the new colors, dear Jana, Jerrine and msT. Wishing you ladies a lovely summer (and cosy winter) and look forward to seeing you again in a couple of weeks <3 Many thanks, dear Jerrine, will email you later x

  5. ITA with Jerrine, though I don't even have a WF necklace yet, you have a way to make me lust for your goods more than for other goodies. :-) Also wanted to add how much you remind me of ... - not only regarding your tremendously chic looks, but also thinking of the activities, as she was the one, who taught me how to climb a tree, jump head forward into the pool,... ;-) So glad and thankful to have you as the only comparable role model (now mainly) in terms of style and dignity. <3 Happy holidays with your family, friends and most of all the little adventurer - many hugs, yours Macs

  6. The new necklaces are so lovely and so summery! The black one has been my companion almost everyday and I love it!
    I wish you and your family a wonderful holiday! Enjoy every minute of it. Will miss you too! Warm hugs, M.

  7. Ah Summer , a lovely post and I adore the way you make your scarf/pareo into a very elegant cover up .I never got the hang of wearing one in the usual way but shall try this far cooler didnified way .
    How do you mainain such lovely skin in all that sun? Maybe you have a good sunblock and exta large parasol...
    Happy holidays for you all.

  8. Thanks for rounding up this beautiful season, in which you have totally spoilt us by your kindness, style and your collection. Have a nice vacation, with many colourful landscapes, swimming and joyful trips :-)

  9. Even poolside, you even look gorgeous and put together! The aqua is a very good color on you, MaiTai.

    I'm pining over your garden, dear. I love the lavender in the planter. What a great idea!

    Please enjoy a wonderful vacation with your family. Can't wait to see what DS has you doing this summer - tree climbing, canoeing, etc. I just hope and pray he's not interested in bungee jumping. (Please, no! Please, no!) I don't think we can handle that, dear.

    Orange hugs,

  10. P.S. Love the new waterfall necklace colors. You chose colors that will go with nearly every scarf, of course.
    :-) The aqua is especially pretty. I wonder how it will look with your FdI? I know it will go great with mine! Hmmmm......


  11. Your new aqua color necklace is so very like the color of your pool! It's lovely!
    Wishing you a wonderful holiday dear MT.

  12. Les grandes vacances have certainly started and it is very hot here in France. Love the pareo will certainly try style.

  13. Love the new necklace and you look beautiful. I long for summer and for wearing sarongs and being at the beach.

  14. Sounds like you are in for a lovely summer! Cute outfits :)
    -Jessica & Holly

  15. I love your blog! I just found it through MissusSmartyPants. I'm your newest follower and look forward to future posts.

    Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

  16. Enjoy your vacation and jump in the pool for me, currently living in the middle of the heat wave. In the meantime, my scarf collection has been enriched with Ex Libris gavroche - we are twins on three scarves now, but I already admitted I am an addict, blames and punishments, please. Love, Lilian

  17. My dearest Macs, your special words touched me deeply, they are truly precious to me. Thanking you with affectionate hugs x

    So lovely to hear Ms Black has been a good companion, my dear Manuela! Thank you also for the good holiday wishes, continue to have a lovely one too!

    Hope you’ll enjoy trying this knot, dear Chiarina. It’s true, the sun is intense here, but as it is so hot, I mostly keep to the shade.

    Many thanks for the lovely good holiday wishes, my dear Lilian. Hope you had a wonderful rest of your vacation too!

    My dear CS, so nice re the aqua, thank you. Lavender does not really thrive in a planter...the pic is slightly misleading, as the garden is terassed, and the lavender is one level up, planted in the ground. Now worries re bungee jumping, I am far too scared to even try!

    Thank you, my dear booksnchocolate. It is were the inspiration came from :)

    Keep nice and cool, dear Chicatanyage. Bonnes vacances and have fun with the pareo dress :)

    Many thanks, my dear Faux Fuchsia. Hope you and your family are keeping warm and cosy x

    Merci, Jessica and Holly.

    Hello Sherry, and a very warm welcome to you. Thank you for signing up, hoping you will continue to enjoy it here :)

  18. Triple twin hugs, and many congratulatijons on your new Gavroche, my dear Lilian! We had a heat wave too, but I was far away from our post to come! x