Thursday, September 15, 2011

Autumn splendor at FSH

The opulant corner window
view from the Rue Faubourg St. Honoré

and from the Rue Boissy d'Anglas

corner window details

The windows were beyond stunning, but seeing this fabulously chic and elegant Madame was even more special, as I recognized her as Pascale Mussard when she turned around. She is H's co-creative director (along with her cousin Pierre-Alexis Dumas) and the great-great-great-grand daughter of H's founder Thierry Hermès. In January, I had the chance to see the innovative 'Petit H project' she created, a traveling sales exhibition with beautiful 'up-cycled', objects, handcrafted to perfection. To read more about the Little H project, please click here

'H comme Histoires' Carrés

and my souvenir

this scarf has been on my list since for a long time

and I was so happy to find the CW I was looking for

Wishing everyone a great rest of the week x


  1. Dear Maitai
    What a wonderful treat to see such lovely pictures after a hard day at work. I will be going to Paris in two weeks and can't wait to see what's in store!Have fun playing with your new scarf- it is a beautiful design. Best wishes, Tara

  2. Dear Tara, so happy to hear you enjoyed the post, many thanks. Wishing you a most wonderful time in Paris, September is such a lovely time of the year to visit.

  3. Dear MaiTai,

    I thought I had died and gone to Purple Heaven when I opened your page and saw that first window. What a treat.

    Congratulations on your new scarf. It's beautiful and I am sure it will be smashing on you. I am dreaming of it...but I doubt Santa will think I have been quite that good this year. Can't wait to see pictures!


  4. MaiTai, thank you for the gorgeous pictures. Don't know where to begin. I have just been singing the praises of verbena bonariensis and the shades of purple/mauve/lavender on the pictures are the perfect match.

    Congratulations on the l'Arbre de Vie GM, a great neutral c/w, bound to get lots of use. Please let me know how this seasons c/s is wearing as I have not bought any recently due to quality issues.

    Also, so nice to see that some of the older designs are used in the display, I spotted a De Madras a Zakynthos.

    I agree on the elegance of the lady (but what is it with the current trend for extra long hemlines, don't they have tailors anymore? Don't they worry about tripping? Am I just showing my age by being all practical?)

  5. What an aesthetic delight Mai Tai! The Madame is utterly exquisite as is your new scarf. Oh I am saving for a Jige!

  6. So beautiful! I have just come back from a week in Paris (and two weeks in London) and saw this in person. I didn't even attempt to photograph it (I am the worst photographer EVER!), but am very glad you did Mai Tai; now I can enjoy it all over again! Thank you for brightening my day and refreshing my travel memories!

  7. It is difficult to wait for your outfits with the new scarves - in my eyes, they show their full beauty only when they are being used. And...when they are paired with your overall style and inner elegance, I can hardly imagine the scarf which would not work well. Can you reveal us a secret, dear MaiTai? I have been thinking so often about the colours matching our skin, hair, etc. For examples, there are some colours which definitely do not work for many people. On the other hand, you can wear a wide range of colours and they ALL look stunning. What's and where is the secret? Does your love for colours change from time to time, from neutrals to strong, back and forth? In which colours you feel best, as if you wear old and truly comfortable shoes, KWIM? So curious...LOL. Hugs, Lilian

  8. Once again you took us along with you to Paris through these magnificent pictures of Hermès. I wouldn´t know which handbag to choose...And what a coincidence to meet that lady!Thank you so much, my dear MaiTai. What a treat, indeed!
    Congratulations with you beautiful new scarf. I hope it will keep you warm during Autumn and Winter and I can´t wait to see you wearing it.
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend.
    Lots of warm, orange hugs, M.

  9. Those windows are a feast for the eyes, and your new carré is *gorgeous,* fabulous colorway!

  10. What a treat for the senses this autumn and opulent display is!
    Thank you for this treasure!
    Your new cs is TDF. I truly love this cw and we are now cousins on this beautiful,meaningful shawl!
    Cheers with the bubbly,T xx
    Oh, great catch on Madame sighting:)

  11. Wow, many thanks for the simply gorgeous photos, the tidbit of info on Madame and for sharing your fab scarf choice.
    Love, love, love MaiTai's PB!

  12. Once again you took me to Paris! Thank you for this delightful treat dear MT. And congrats on your shawl! I have my eye set on its little sister, the silk twill in the exact same cw. I can't wait to see you wearing it. And to tell us how it wears. I must say i've read and heard dreadful things on c/s shawls from past seasons.

  13. Gorgeous pictures, MT! A real feast for the eyes - and your new GM is simply stunning! Can't wait to see action pics!

  14. Thank you so much for the once again wonderful FSH-impressions - *sigh* and must admit, I'm a little envious of your souvenir, but also very happy for you to have finally found this long hunted treasure. Wishing you lots of joy with this absolutely beautiful GM! hugs, Macs

  15. Thanks loads, MaiTai, for sharing such gorgeous pictures! And many congrats on your wonderful souvenir ;) The CW is truly stunning! -Cecilia XX

  16. MaiTai... Thanks for sharing. The bags are beautiful and the colors are WOW.Enjoy your weekend. Blessings -P

  17. Dear MaiTai; As always, your post is a delightful treat for the senses! I have that cw of H comme histoire and love its vibrancy.I wonder what comes of the carres used in this way?
    Many thanks once again for sharing.


  18. Mai Tai! Thank you for sharing all that wonderful eye candy! Cannot get enough of it!

    What a pleasure to spot the Madame!!

    And that new CW you acquired is beautiful! Looking forward to seeing you (or Cecilia) styled with it!

    xo, sam

  19. Gorgeous! I can't wait to get to Paris in 6 weeks!

  20. Wonderful post, as always, dearest MaiTai.
    Thank you very much.
    Sending you all my love.

  21. So dreamy, I can't wait to see the windows in person next month, thank you for sharing my dearest MT! So wonderful that you caught Pascale Mussard, she is so effortlessly chic, c'est tout l'esprit d'Hermès...
    Lovely Arbre de Vie GM, congratulations, I love how it is both neutral (the background) and vibrant (in the colors of the motif), can't wait to see it in action.
    It is scarf season here, at least for a few days, am a little rusty after so many weeks of hot and humid weather but am getting back to my favorite knots, i.e the friendship and the weave...

  22. Splendid and opulent indeed MaiTai, I could happily accept anything from this display! I particularly love the purples and lavenders. It's always fun and exciting to travel with you. :) Your new scarf is lovely and I can't wait to see how you wear it!

    I loved your previous post too, so simple and elegant!

    I hope your recent trip went well and that your friend is now okay.

    Have a lovely weekend,

    Melusine x

  23. Simply gorgeous... thank you for sharing the FSH windows. Congratulations on your L'Arbre CW... we are scarf cousins once again. :-)

    Have a lovely week MT. xxxS

  24. I, too, along with Pam, thought I had gone to purple heaven taking in the beauty of all of those bags. And then scrolling on down to the lime and turquoise ones! Oh, my! Drool!

    Congratulations on your new l'Arbre de Vie GM! I am already trying to imagine what you will wear with her. Whatever it is, I know we'll all be in for a marvelous treat!

  25. Dear Pam, Bienchen, Bourbon & Pearls, Reese, Lilian, Manuela, déjà pseu, Trudye, A, booksnchocolate, sushi queen, hair-mess, Cecilia, Penney3000, MaisieZ, Samantha, cewek, Cecilia, Jamais, Melusine and SMR so glady you enjoyed and shared the trip to FSH, and thank you for the warm welcome and compliments for Ms L’Arbe du Vie xx

    Pam, purple heaven it was, I could have dived right into that window! Hope you might be able to convice Santa otherwise ;-)

    Bienchen and booksnchocolate, I have not bought a GM for three years, having had the same reservations as you. The Hart deco stole I got last year holds up extremely well (no pilling, snags or runs) which made me hopeful that H might have solved the issues. Falling in love with the L’Arbe du Vie like with no other GM from the previous seasons threw any remaining reservations right out of the window, I simply could not resist. Will keep a close eye on how she is wearing though!

    Bourbon & Pearls, I am lusting after a Jige now too, lol. And a Plume!!

    Reese, welcome back! It sounds as if you had a wonderful time, and hope you found some scarves from your list. Thought of you when spotting the Madras à Zakynthos in the display!

    Lillian, there is an unbelievable amount of colors which do not suit me/wash me out, and it’s mostly the bright and crisp ones which do not work. A sharp white makes me look ill, whereas an off-white is fine. A royal blue is not flattering on me, but I am happy wearing a cool and dark blue. The cooler greiges are better on me than the warmer ones, and the same goes for purples, fuchsias, red etc. So in a way, the right temperature is as crucial than the color itself, and knowing which ones work, is all down to try and error/experimenting. Over time one knows better and better, one of the advantages of being older, lol. If I would have to chose just one color, it would definitely have to be black. I love it, it always looks chic. The preference for other colors is very much seasonal, ie fresh and light for spring, and rich for autumn, etc.

    Manuela, so happy you came along to share the trip! I would not even know which window to choose! Wishing you a wonderful weekend too, and sending comforting and warm hugs your way <3

    déjà pseu, so happy you enjoyed!

    Trudye, can’t tell you how much I missed the LB this time, wwah!! Sp thrilled to be cousins with you, big mwahs and bubbly cheers to you xx

    A, so nice of you to say, mille merci!

    booksnchoclate, it would be so lovely to become cousins once again! Re the cashmere, please see the reply to Bienchen <3

    sushi queen, many thanks, my dear!

    hair-mess, many thanks for the sweet good wishes, hugs right back x

    Cecilia, so glad you enjoyed the post, thank you!

    Penney, exactly what I thought when I saw them, WOW! ;-)

    Maisie, the HCH is so gorgeous! I think the Carrés are for the ‘poubelle’ (sounds better than bin, lol) once they take them down. All the wind, rain and sun must be quite damaging. Would love to see up close what state they are in after a couple of weeks on the roof!

    Samantha, very happy you enjoyed the eye candy! Your comments are always so lovely, thank you my dear.

    cewek, have a great trip!

    Jamais, how exciting to have a trip lined up to Paris, have a most wonderful and fun time! So true re the colouring of L’AdV, wish the weather will cool down here too, can’t wait to wear it. xx

    Melusine, so nice to have you girls travelling with me! Many thanks for the good wishes and thoughts, they are needed. Have a lovely weekend too x

    SMR, happy cousin hugs to you!! Such a gorgeous design, there is so much to discover. Happy Sunday evening to you! x

  26. My dear CS, I think we must all be in collective purple heaven! So happy you like Ms Arbre de Vie, wish the temperatures would come down just a bit more so that I can start playing. Have a great Sunday x

  27. Love your new L'Arbre de Vie it is a truly wonderful design as we both know;-) and it looks great in silk or cashmere - hope you enjoy your new GM! SA

  28. MaiTai,

    Further to your response to Lillian's question about colors, you seem to have the skin tone/coloring which would be best suited to cool colors, which your experience confirms. In terms of "seasons" or the "Color Me Beautiful" color analyis, I would think you are a Summer. Yet you wear oranges, browns, golds--thinking of your CenC specifically here so well. You are lucky to be able to carry so many different colors so well. I can wear stronger colors than you, but I still look best in the true Summer colors, such as a dusty lavender, rose, cool greys and so forth. Just thinking "out loud"!

  29. Dear MaiTai,

    Congrats on your new GM it looks lovely and im sure is gorgeous on you, may i ask do you find you get much wear out of your GMs against your other scarfs wondering if this size would be good for me as i just have the size 90, purple heaven for me too my fav colour

    Best Jane

  30. Dear Scarf Addict, Pam and ladyjane, my sincere apologies for this late reply.

    Many thanks, dear Scarf Addict! Lovely to be cousins on this one with you.

    Dear Pam, loved reading your further thoughts, and checked the site you mentioned (Color Me Beautiful). I too think I’m a summer, but am not so sure about the conclusions offered on the site. Some of the colors which are supposed to be good for ‘summers’ would not work too well on me, and some which are recommended for other seasons are amongst my favorites. In my view, most colors have a huge variety of shades, in different temperatures (warm or cool) and saturation (crisp or muted). I think it is possible for every season to find a perfect tone in almost every color, and while it is true that most oranges and golds would not work for me, there are some cool and muted ones which are just right for a ‘summer girl’. The subject is very interesting, and more parameters come to mind, such as eye colour, body shape and how prominent/close to the face the color is worn, etc. One thing is certain, as one keeps experimenting and playing, the knowledge on what works or doesn't increases!

    Thank you, dear ladyjane! The GM size is incredibly easy to wear, and goes with nonchalence from casual to dressy. While I adore the 90 size in silk, I find it too small for cashmere. Happy autumn and purple greetings :-)