Sunday, September 18, 2011

Capsule series #46 - Autumn colours one

Finally the temperatures have come down a little bit.. a long awaited for chance to play with autumn colours and silks!

Capsule pieces: beige cropped jeans and chocolate sweater
Shoes: chocolate ballet flats
Accessories: Carré en Carré 90 Carré, Bourgogne enamel clic-clac bangle, etoupe Picotin bag and a waterfall necklace in the new olive/ebene colour (more details in the post below)
Scarf tying method: low criss-cross knot with a Grande size scarf ring in honey. Please click here for a how-to

Wishing everyone a great, crisp and golden autumn ahead x

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  1. Dear MaiTai,
    the new colors are absolutely amazing!!!Can't wait till october:)
    Have a nice week!

  2. I find the necklaces very beautiful. Love their colours! Thank you so much for your comforting hugs, my dear MaiTai. Wishing you a great week ahead, Mxx

  3. Should be working, but since I know you regularly post on Sunday evenings I just couldn't resist to take a peak. ;-) Thank you so much for this ddc (drop dead chic) inspiration for the first fall week ahead! Hope, you have a good one as well - xox, Macs

  4. Perfect autumnal colours, MaiTai, gorgeous design. The low criss cross knot really allows the necklace to show. Pyracantha full of berries early in the season means an early winter .... brrrrr.

  5. Please, allow me to share the story about Leo Messi. It happened a whileago that Barcelona (where Messi plays) played several matches in a short period of time. Husbands of my three friends gathered in our apartment, while we, the ladies were chatting in another room. We were listening all the time "Messi, Leo Messi". Of course we thought Messi is just a football player, what he can do, what stupidity...but it bugged us. Then we, ladies, collected several footbal videos and watched them in total conspiracy. He, the Messi, was playing...effortlessly, as if he was really playing and even did not intend to score, but he always did, with enormous ease. We learnt what made him different. Our small group chatted yesterday and I concluded that I have many items, but difficult to combine. One of ladies told:"It would not be difficult for MaiTai, she is like Leo Messi, totally effortless and always scores." Greetings to you, my dear, nice to see the new necklace colours and how artfully you combine them. If Leo Messi is reading, he knows I am right. Love, Lilian

  6. Dear MT,
    I love the combination of low criss-cross knot and Waterfall necklace. I have to try it :))


  7. Beautiful colors, love this carré!

  8. I am such a Fall girl!! I love all of the tones in this post 
    The new colors of the waterfall look very enticing...lovely!
    Have a beautiful ,restful week ahead, T xx

  9. ITA with Lilian - either you have it or you don't. Needless to say, which category you belong to. ;-) One can learn the techniques, practice a lot and "copy" the pro, but there is a reason why some stick out and some (just) play well. You're our Lionel (or Zinedine,...) and we are happy to play on your team! Go team MaiTai - let's jump into this (for some of us) first week of fall! xox, Macs

  10. Many thanks for the lovely comments and welcome for Ms Waterfall's new autumn colors, dear ladies. Will come back to you in detail tomorrow x

  11. Happy autumn greetings, dear Jana, Manuela, hair-mess, Bienchen, Lilian, Lenka, déjà pseu and Trudye! Many thanks for your sweet comments, they brought much sunshine, as always xx

    Jana, so happy you like the new colors, many thanks!

    Manuela, many thanks to you too. And a few more comforting hugs x

    hair-mess, glad I could provide a little distraction...;-) x

    Bienchen, I did not know about the Pyracantha forecast, and since it is still around 30 celsius, a cold winter is a wonderful prospect to look forward too. Scarves, here we come!

    Durdica, I am blushing here! A big cheers to you and your GFs. But, just like in football, one player is nothing without a team. Much the same with this blog, the support, ideas and suggestions all of you give are so inspiring and wonderful. Here’s to all of you, my dear ladies x

    Lenka, have fun playing with the look!

    déjà pseu - merci!

    Trudye, love fall too, a big season change always has so much to look forward too. Can’t wait for cool and cosy days to come!

    hair-mess, you are so sweet, team hugs to you! Now we need to think which scarf should be our team flag..

  12. Bon weekend, MaiTai,
    This request is rather unrelated to your post, but all the lovely photos of Mme. Christine LaGarde and her scarves in the news have me curious. Do you know how she created this particular knot?
    I have struggled to create it, but to no avail. I would love your input!

  13. Bonjour Amy, I agree with you, Madame LaGarde looks fabulous with her scarf! To re-create the look, try the 'Ascot' knot, and instead of letting the ends hang down the front, take them behind your neck and knot them together with a small double knot. Good luck!