Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Capsule series #48 - waiting for autumn..

The weather still refuses to cooperate with the calender, and the forecast shows there are more warm days to come...

For the time being, all big scarves will have to continue to wait in their boxes, while the small silks are coming out to play.. today knotted a Gavroche into a flower knot, which is not too warm around the neck, as the main bulk of the scarf forms a silk flower.
Capsule pieces: beige cropped cotton trousers, chocolate tank top
Shoes: ballet flats
Accessories: Belles de Mexique Gavroche, Bourgogne clic-clac enamel bangle, Garden Party bag
Scarf tying method: Flower knot (instructions to come in the next post), ends secured with a petite scarf ring in the newly launched ebony. Instead of using a scarf ring, one could also tie the ends together in a small double knot.

The MaiTai Collection scarf rings now also come in

and rosewood

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  1. What a beautiful picture, my dear Maitai! You look great, as you always do! :-)I like your top tank very much and the flower knot is a beautiful way of wearing the "gavroches". We´re having wonderful weather up here too. Enjoy the rest of the week. Lots of Autumn hugs, Mxx

  2. Oh so tempting with your "Indian Summer" forecast..big sigh:)
    I, also, love your new chocolate tank and petite ebene scarf ring.
    Such a pretty,transitional look you have put together and you look smashing as always. Happy week and weekend ahead, T xx

  3. Thank you for sharing this look. BdM is such a fun design in a gavroche and I am still kicking myself for not getting the purple one as well as the orange one at the time.

    I shall look forward to your instructions for the flower knot and hope that I will succeed with it.

    It is hot here, too, perfect weather for the smaller silks.

  4. You're looking très chic as always and I'm thanking the weather gods, who created such a lovely playtime for the small silks. Can't wait to see more! :-) Congrats also on launching yet another absolute necessity - have to go and stock up on small silks a.s.a.p., to justify this future purchase. ;-) Excitedly waiting for the instructions as well, xox, Macs

  5. Alas, MaiTai, we are having our 90th day of 40C temperatures, so your weather sounds absolutely delightful. The weatherman promises cooler weather starting tomorrow, <30C, which will make such a welcome relief. You look lovely as always, and I wish I were either in Australia, where BdM is still on their H site, or had jumped on the H bandwagon with vigor a little earlier to grab it. I adore this design. PS It turns out I was my own scarf-ring gremlin. I found one of the missing rings, so now I will have a matching pair of dark MOP moyenne!

  6. It is warm in the south of France, isn't it, dear MaiTai? We're averaging 12-18 C on our days here - scarf wearing weather, especially in the mornings and evenings.
    Love the BdM gavroche. It's the perfect cw for you. You look lovely as always, dear.
    Love the new scarf ring, too. I showed DH your new scarf ring and necklaces, and told him (again) about the entire MT collection, plus showed him the cake you make for DS's birthday. He summed it up as we all know to be true: "She's quite a remarkable woman.".
    Orange hugs, dear.

  7. My dearest MaiTai,
    Missed you sooooo much! You simply take my breath away, my dear. BdM is one of my favorite happy designs (we're cousins) - the vivacious vitality of the rhythm really comes through and just can't stop smiling. This cw is so beautiful on you and the flower knot so pretty and feminine - the rich and gorgeous Clic-clac pulls everything together so wonderfully.
    Congratulations on another fabulous Waterfall necklace - such a delicious autumnal shade, and a huge thank you for the exquisite new scarf ring varieties, they are truly very special ;-) It's warm here too, though next week looks more promising for the long awaited scarf wearing season... Hope you have been well, my dear friend. Sending you all my love and bundles of biggest happiest hugs always xxx

  8. Mai'Tai , we're not only sharing the fabulous late summer , I was also wearing B de M in flower knot today !

    It started off as a hairband , then when I removed it I realised that I was a step away from a flower knot and decided to wear that .
    I love this gavroche the most:it wasn't love at first sight but now I find it just the best . So understated

  9. MT, we are also having very high temperatures here in Spain, the gavroche flower knotted seems a great suggestion for this weather, thank you!

  10. Whenever I see you with some nice scarf which might suit me (in terms of colours), like this one, I just get depressed for not having bought it - of course, I do not (selfishly) consider the fact that the scarves get a magic touch by your hand and style. Your orange additions to the Waterfall necklace family are fabulous, just beautiful accessories to be matched with the scarves of our favourite orange brand. Autumn is my favourite season and your necklace colours present its nature and colouring in a wonderful way. Hugs, Lilian

  11. My dear ladies, thanks so much for the lovely comments and the warm welcome to the orange, ebony and rosewood additions.

    Manuela, the tank top has been a real summer favourite of mine, and works so well in this very warm autumn weather too. Enjoy the wonderful sunshine, there does not seem to be a single cloud over Europe at the moment! x

    Trudye, my dear, aren’t the transitional looks the biggest wardrobe challenges? It’s quite cold and autumnal in the mornings, and by midday, we are back to hot and sunny. Not many summer clothes are up for the double duty job, but Ms Choc turned out a real winner. Happy weekend to you <3

    Bienchen, BdM sister hugs to you! Hope you’ll have fun with the upcoming how-to, it is one of the few knots which brings out the very centre of a scarf, and it’s a true star with Gavroches. Pls check Pam’s comment re the BdM, hope you have a friend who lives in Australia! ;-)

    Macs, so great to hear it’s sunny and beautiful chez vous also, small silks must have happy outings all over Europe! Have a fun time shopping, and a lovely weekend <3

    Pam, I very much hope the cooler arrived in your part of the world, can’t begin to imagine how difficult the last 90 days must have been. So glad the ring turned up... perhaps a cool collier knot next:-)

    CS, I am dreaming of 12-18 C, please send some cool waves over (and some to Pam as well)! Many thanks to you and your DH for the lovely compliment, and big orange hugs to you x

    Scarf Enthusiast, you are back! Missed you so much too <3 A warm and joyous ‘welcome back’ to you, and dearest twin hugs! How perfect your return should coincide with the upcoming start of the scarf wearing season, happy silky hugs to you <3

    Estrella, oh what amazing coincidences !! Here's to our BdM, flower knot and sunny skies! Your silk AND knot twin ;-)

    Birkinmary, our climates are probably the most similar, will get the instructions out asap, and hope you’ll enjoy your silk flowers until we get a drop in temperatures! <3

    Lilian, I agree, the colors are so you! So many of us seem to be autumn lovers, and how wonderful to celebrate the start of this glorious season together. Here’s to rustling leaves and silk! x

  12. My dear MaiTai, allow me to write a few words to our dear Scarf Enthusiast.
    Dear Scarf Enthusiast I missed your lovely comments and beautiful way of writing. Welcome back!

  13. I can get them for you. Our Australian site is showing the orange and the purple gavroches still available but they are $225.00. They also charge $20 postage for on-line orders. I will be down in Melbourne on the weekend and could see what is available in store if I have a genuine purchase out there. Any excuse to go to the shop!

  14. Manuela, you expressed beautifully what many of us feel, you are such a sweetheart <3

    Melissa, you are so very kind to offer, how wonderful to know we have a scarf fairy in Melbourne! If anyone is interested, please sent your email address to:
    If you, dear Melissa, could send me your email, I could then let you ladies liaise the happy matter. Many thanks again, I hope some of the dear ladies here will get lucky!

  15. Dearest MaiTai,
    I'm totally overwhelmed with the incredible welcome I have received, thank you <3 Would you also allow me to send a greeting to our very dear Manuela? Big hugs to you xx

    Dearest Manuela,
    Thank you so much for your very sweet and loving note, and for a most kind and generous compliment - I am so very touched. I missed you much too, dear Manuela, as I always look forward to your wonderfully warm and insightful comments. It is so lovely to be back to join you and all the other dear ladies, here in our favorite happy place. It is such a priviledge to be a part of this extraordinary community of special ladies and friends with our bond of love and admiration for our very beloved and treasured MaiTai!
    Warm hugs to you <3
    Scarf Enthusiast

  16. You are such a sweet angel, my dear Scarf Enthusiast. Bisous and hugs to you x