Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Favorite candles

The Cire Trudon candle manufacturer is just as famous for it's rich history as for the magnificent candles they produce. Established in 1643 in Paris, production never stopped, and throughout the centuries, they supplied the french royal courts, palaces and churches with their exquisite candles, survived the french revolution, and went on to provide for Napoleon's imperial court.

Today, Cire Trudon is the world's oldest candle maker, and everything they produce is still hand-made in France. The loveliest place to see the collection is the small and charming Paris boutique, located in Saint-Germain in the 'Rue de Seine'.

The perfumed candles are presented under glass domes, and when a customer wants to choose their scent, the domes are lifted up, so that one can inhale the concentrated essence captured inside the glass.

You can find dinner candles in a beautiful array of colors

as well as delicate candle busts

All candles have pure cotton wicks, and are made with vegetal wax. The perfumed candles come in beautiful hand-blown glass containers, and there are twelve heavenly fragrances to choose from

My favorite: Odalisque

Cire Trudon
, 78, rue de Seine, 75006 Paris, Phone: +33 (0)1 43 26 46 50


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  1. Beautiful selection, exceptional display arrangement and the colour choice is phenomenal, I would feel like a kid in a sweetshop!

    I have to remember this for my travels, it would make a superb souvenir and possibly mask the "scent" of the other souvenirs a little.

  2. Oh my, the color choices are amazing! There's truly something for everyone.

    My favorite scents are Odalisque, Manon and L'Admirable. Put orange or lemon into a candle, and I'm in love. ;-)

    Please continue to mention companies like this in your blog.

  3. I love candles so much! They create such a lovely and warm "atmosphère". I had never heard of this manufacturer: I really appreciate houses with such a rich history. Another thing to add to my to-check list ! Thank you for sharing dear MT!

  4. It is so lovely to see the original store..lovely post! I can almost smell the scents lingering on my monitor;) I love Cire Trudon and feel very lucky to have a most wonderful store here that carries the line! Odalisque is gracing the table in my fav,too! It is all in the details<3 Happy scented days and I hope your bag was brimming with these beauties, T xx

  5. Oooh another lovely Parisien find! The shop looks wonderful and I love those candle busts they look great! Thank you for sharing. Sa :-)

  6. It is a beautiful shop indeed! I visited it at Easter though I did not buy anything. Thank you for the suggestion to you, dear MaiTai, to Laura and to Trudye. I will definitely go the shop again to smell the scents you mentioned.

    Enjoy the rest of the week. Warm hugs, Mxx

  7. I love Cire Trudon! They're not as well known as Diptyque but they have such beautiful products and a rich history.
    Have you been to their New York store on Bond Street? It's so refined, especially at nighttime when it's lit by candle light.

  8. Stunning... I love these candles especially the Madamoiselle de la Valliere (sp?).... X

  9. Dear MT, I was just in Cire Trudon last week! How fun to see you posting about the shop. It was a treat walking through the charming shop and soaking in its rich tradition and looking at the unique candles.

    Wishing you a wonderful rest of the week.xxS

  10. Bienchen, lol re the scent of the other souvenirs! And yes, bringing one back home is such a lovely reminder of a great time in the city of lights.

    Laura, love citrus notes too, they always make me happy. So nice to hear you enjoyed the post, orange hugs, silky and scented ones ;-)

    booksnchocolate, so true re the atmosphère, no lighting beats the soft flickering of candle lights. It must have been quite a shock when electricity got invented. There is more on the history on their website, and beautiful illustrations for each scent..

    Trudye, we must have been separated at birth, my dear, can’t believe we are candle twins too! We could swap houses, and probably wouldn’t even notice! Have a wonderful weekend <3

    Scarf Addict, the busts are gorgeous indeed. I could not bring myself to light them, they are too beautiful.

    Manuela, I remember your Easter trip, and how lovely we crossed paths, even if it was not at the same time. One day we will, I hope! Bon weekend, my dear x

    Anne, the NY store is candle lit by night? Oh I wish I would have known this when we went in July, it must be magical. Will definitely visit next time, thank you for the tip :-)

    Semi Expat, I admire your knowledge, I would not have known it is Louise Vallière had I not read the catalogue ;-)

    SMR, I hope you had a most wonderful and beautiful time in Paris, how I wish we would have met there. Welcome back home, and have a great weekend <3

  11. My dearest MaiTai,
    Many, many apologies for coming here so late - I'm afraid it's taken me a while to catch up.
    First, your flower knot how-to instructions are absolute world's best - clear, concise, simple to follow, and so inviting! Loved seeing each stage of folding - like silk origami - and the most charming and the sweetest for H's petite treasures. As always, your scarf and knot pairing is superb - phenomenal artistry!
    You're so right, dear MaiTai - nothing like the gentle glow of a candle light to warm the heart, and how most special are the lovely scented flames of Cire Trudon - love Odalisque too <3 The busts are exquisite - indeed so delicate and refined. But the most spectacular are your photographs - you take us up so close, and as Trudye said, the heavenly fragrance comes straight through the screen. Thank you always for showing us the treasured jewels of Paris - very much hope to visit the wonderful boutique one day.
    Wishing you a most wonderful weekend, dear friend. Sending you all my love and happiest orange blossom hugs xxx

  12. Looks wonderful; thank you for the tip! Nice to see I won't have to wait for my next trip to Paris to stock up; I can buy at least some of the selection several places in California. Hopefully at least one place will have Odalisque!

  13. Dearest Scarf Enthusiast, you mesmerize as all with the wonderful way you have with words. The expressions you create are so very beautiful and unique, reading them puts me into another world. Have a most wonderful rest of the weekend, and (I can't resist copying you), sending you happiest orange blossom hugs <3

    Reese, happy candle shopping (such a lovely way to greet the cosy season) and good to hear CT is available in California. Hope you'll find the Odalisque, wishing you the best of luck :)

  14. What a beautiful shop! Thank you for featuring it; I will definitely put it on my list for my next visit to Paris. The wall of colored candles is such a sight to behold!

    It's very considerate that they keep the scented candles under domes. In the States I find myself feeling almost assaulted by a wall of fragrance when I walk into some shops. Once again, we could learn so much....

  15. Dear Pam, LOL re the walls of fragrance..Hope you'll be able to visit Paris soon again, and wishing you much fun in this gorgeous little shop. The domes are wonderful in every way, they truly allow you to concentrate on one scent at a time.

  16. What a wonderful post! :-) We've been selling cire trudon candles at the shop I manage (Privet House), for over 3 years now and they are a best seller - and yes, Odalisque is my favourite as well! :-)

  17. A Room for Frances - great to hear, and very happy the CTs are doing so well in your shop! Here's to their wonderful glowing light and beautiful scents :)