Friday, January 13, 2012

FSH windows - part one

Every time I turn from the Place de la Concorde into the Rue Boissy d'Anglas it is with great anticipation.. will FSH's windows have new displays, or are they in process of re-decoration? On my last visit to Paris they were blocked with orange paper, but this time I could see from far away that new treasures were waiting to be discovered..

Window displays at the Hermès store in the rue Faubourg Saint-Honoré (FSH), January 2012

Nuées imaginaires on the roof top, against a nuage-less sky ;)
There was so much opulence and detail that I am splitting this post into three parts. Part two coming tomorrow, hope you'll enjoy.

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  1. The gorgeous opulence is almost other-worldly! Especially that silver saddle.

  2. Beautiful windows my dear MaiTai! Thank you for taking us along with you to Faubourg Saint Honoré once again. Can´t wait to see the next posts. Wishing you a lovely weekend.
    Warm, orange hugs, Mx

  3. So lovely, many thanks for being out tour guide! Can't wait for the next posts. And what caught your fancy and came home with you? xx

  4. Sixth photo down, upper left. I think my heart just stopped. How I adore window shopping! Thanks for bringing us along with you, dear.
    Orange hugs and happy shopping!

  5. Thank you for bringing 24 FSH to us dear MT. Can't wait to see the next posts.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  6. Thank you for these pictures - Oh that saddle is amazing! I saw a tan one in the Bordeaux store last month, and stroked it lovingly... I can't imagine putting it on a horse somehow! Maybe it you're Charlotte Cashiraghi :) xxx

  7. Breathtaking MT! You were rewarded as you turned the corner and so are we with this delicious decadence!
    Cannot wait for more! Happy weekend, T xx

  8. Opulent is the right word and whilst droolworthy in their luxury, Iam drawn to the Balcons plates; I am far more comfortable with simple items.

    They will never be in my cupboards alas on account of children and my own clumsiness..

  9. Dear déjà pseu, Manuela, La vie, NiniKnows, andiamo!, CS, booksnchocolate, Mrs Exeter, Trudye and Bienchen, glad you enjoyed! Ready for part II ?