Sunday, November 13, 2011

Last week in Paris

No news at FSH, the windows were under redecoration, and the horseman was still holding the same 'H comme Histoire' carrés as before

The streets seemed to empty.. where is everyone?

Here! At the premiere of Johnny Depp's latest film, the Rum diaries

re-titled into 'Rhum Express' for France

The dress code for the evening was smart/casual

I wore a black silk coat, black lace top with cream camisole, black jeans with jumping boots, accessorized with black Birkin, Farandole necklace, Double D gloves, Grand Apparat enamel bangle and Ex-Libris shawl

RdV before the show at the Plaza Athénée

Johnny with his fans

It was a wonderful and special evening

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  1. MaiTai, I love that coat. You look great. Blessings -P

  2. Très chic, chère MT - definitely another highlight in Paris! :-) xox, Macs

  3. "An evening with Johnny Depp"? Lucky you.

    You look stunning in the black silk coat and superbly accessorized (as always).

    I am fine-tuning my Paris shopping list and starting to count down the days. Will try to catch the Musee de la Magie with The Little Gardener and hope it is one of my better picks.

  4. Oh we stayed there for our 12th anniversary last year.

    I love your outfit, comfortable, easy glamour - I'm trying to get over my 'overdressing'!

  5. What a wonderful evening it must have been, my dear MaiTai. You look so beautiful! So elegant and chic! Thank you for sharing this glamorous and very special moment in the City of Lights with us. Big warm, orange hugs, M.

  6. Way cool, dear friend! I must say, looking lovely and right at home with the red carpet entourage!;)
    I am sure a wonderful time was had by all!
    Sad to see the bleakness around H,but hopefully once the new window displays are revealed they will not fail to delight! Much delight found here from the the lights of the Eiffel to your lovely description of the event! Thanks again for taking us along<3 Big mwah, T xx

  7. Wonderful all the way, my dearest MT! Love the glam night in Paris, you were so effortless chic for your fab evening with Johnny (was Vanessa there?). The coat was gorgeous as well. Good to see Ms Ex Libris was out after her Italian "facelift" ;) No doubt the paparazzi snapped a few pictures of you @ the P.A...
    So glad I saw the windows at FSH last week before they were closed up (could even see them at night from my hotel room).

  8. A movie premiere in Paris with Johnny Depp... fabulous.

  9. MT - what a glamourous life you lead! Your outfit for the occasion is chic and appropo- so how was the movie? Is it a thumbs up? I love that you chose your favorite pieces (EL shawl) and what a stunning coat too. xxL.

  10. You look so glamorous in this all black ensemble: I love the tiny glimpses of white under the black lace and echoed by the Ex Libris scarf.That's the difference between a smart outfit and something really inspired .

  11. I went to the movie opening here in US. Sadly I did not find the movie too exciting! I LOVE your outfit as always, MaiTai!

  12. MT I love you in gloves! You wonderful. As always x

  13. Maitai, that's a winner outfit :), elegant and lovely...

    Were you wearing an ex libris stole ou the cashmere carre?

    I'm thinking about getting a stole, they're just so beautiful...

  14. Many thanks, dear Penney, the coat is one of my favourites too <3

    Chère hair-mess, you are toujours so sweet and lovely, merci my dear x

    Lucky indeed, dear Bienchen, it was a truly memorable event. Have fun in Paris, and please let us know how the visit to the musée de la magie went!

    What a wonderful anniversary celebration you must have had, dear Tabitha! You never look overdressed, but always wonderful.

    So happy you enjoyed coming along, my dear Manuela! Thank you for the sweet compliments, and warm hugs right back <3

    Awh, dearest Trudye, so glad little B made it in time on this one! The evening could not have been more fun, and can’t wait for the H window displays to open up again for us. Hope we’ll soon discover the magic that lies within! Much love x

    My dear Jamais, we narrowly missed each other... again! Glad you caught the windows in time though. Your beautiful Paris was of course the perfect back drop for the event (La Gioia afterwards) Sadly, no Vanessa though <3

    Oh msT, it was truly amazing and wonderful!

    Dear lanit, most of the time I lead a very domestic life! The film was great fun, stunning Puerto Rican scenery peppered with wild scenes and large doses of english humour. Was so happy to bring my E-L along, it was felt just perfect.

    Thank you, dear Estrella! I do love when different items of clothing have a rapport, and was so grateful for the shawl to come back fully restored and just in time.

    Thank you for the lovely compliment, dear RoseUSA :)

    Merci, my dear FF. Can’t tell you how much adore these gloves, they are very special to me.

    Hello circe23, so happy you like the look. The E-L is a square shawl, measuring 140x140cm (GM). The stole version is gorgeous too, wish I could have them all..

  15. Thanks you Maitai!

    Mmmhhhhh, another idea on my wishlist: I would love to get a classic Ex Libris pattern... The stole looks stunning but a little too expensive fo my taste, let's wait for a nice second hand offer, maybe!

  16. Good luck, dear Circe, hopefully you'll come across it one day soon :)