Sunday, February 5, 2012


While arctic temperatures are holding Europe firmly in their grip, and icy winds blow around the house,

I've been spending most of the weekend inside, keeping warm and cosy

Wearing 'Cuirs de desert' 90 Carré in with a shawl ring in the basic slide, and a Clic Clac bracelet in Bleu Indiens. The most important accessory however were my lambskin slippers!

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  1. Dear MaiTai, I love the stormy view over your rooftop, so pretty! But no wonder you'd rather enjoy this from inside. Stay warm and cozy. :-)

  2. Ah MT, it looks if you are as snug as a bug in a the saying goes:) Looking lovely as ever in you snugly outfit! It looks as if most of the world is bracing for this latest winter cold front! We are even enjoying the fire today in our part of Texas! Wishing safety and warmth to those gathered here who are experiencing the most extreme of blasts! Have a great week ahead and sending snugly,warm hugs, T xx P.S....Don't forget to feed the little birdies who cannot come in from the cold ;))

  3. You're freezing in EU while we are frying here in South America. I love your cozy outfit, enjoy the snow!

  4. Ooh, you look so lovely in a cosy sweater, my dear MaiTai!I was at home most of the time as well. I woke up to a beautiful white landscape. Hot chocolate and good music have kept me company today :-)We had -23o last night in some parts of the country.Stay warm and cosy, my dear!Your Hermès scarf looks beautiful with the woolen sweater :-) Warm, cosy hugs, Manuela

  5. Love the blue with the brown Mai Tai...I cannot help but notice you seem to have the same weather at the same time as we here in New Enland. I spent the weekend in my toile pajamas and boiled wool slippers! Loved every minute. You look at-home-chic! Love, Emily

  6. Shocking news about this cold snap sweeping Europe. Nothing like some Uggs in winter to keep the feet toasty warm. Stay safe and indoors! Ax

  7. Such strange weather this winter - we're having 6C in Canada, green grass and sunshine and you're receiving our snow! Gorgeous shots - of both you and the snow! Where do I send Style Challenge ideas?


  8. I'm cocooned in a very similar ensemble , a big sweater with a loose cowl neck. Great idea to put the silk beneath , although I'm addicted to wearing my older cashmere shawl at home !
    Those slippers look so cosy and lovely .

  9. My sheepskin mules are my best friend indoors, too. Glad you are warm and cosy.

    Seems I am off work for a few days as we are having 10cm of snow. Miraculously, DD's school is open today though, it usually closes whenever there are more than three snowflakes gathered.

    Scarves and oversized jumpers, now that's a fabulous combination which I must try (once I can bear to be parted from my c/s shawls).

    I am very fond of the Cuirs du Desert pattern but have not yet found a c/w that is just right.

  10. Dear MaiTai,I'm with you ....lambskin slippers are your best and I expect favourite accessory right now !!! Personally I have (dare I admit ) even taken to wearing Uggs around the house !
    You look as always great, and warm.Roll on Spring! Amou.

  11. Ici aussi le mistral souffle fort !
    Vous etes tres elegante malgres le grand froid
    Et vos pieds doivent avoir bien chaud
    Tres joli le bleu assorti au marron

  12. What a comfy, yet chic (as always ;-) look! It's just freezing cold here - wish we had some snow as well. Hope, you have a nice week, xox, Macs!

  13. Snow is always beautiful and calming to look at, but the accompanying temperatures, I can do without! Best to stay inside, all warm and cozy. Take care.

    Warm hugs,

  14. MaiTai,

    That first picture is so beautiful! And you look so cute in your cozy outfit!! I, also, enjoy sheepskin mules! They are the best!

    Stay warm!
    xo, sam

  15. If your cold weather keeps up, do you think the lambskin slippers will become part of your *capsule* pieces? Sending you warm thoughts from surprisingly warm N. Idaho.

  16. I spent the weekend inside, warn and cozy too. But I wish I had looked half as lovely/chic as you dear MT. I love you lambskin slippers!

  17. Such a cozy look! Stay warm Mai Tai. Believe it or not, I'm a little jealous. We have had an warmer than usual "winter" in Florida this year - so much so it feels as if there was no winter at all. Bleh.

  18. How clever to wear a scarf with a cowl neck - it looks really elegant. I hope this awful cold snap passes soon. xxx

  19. Love your cosy winter look MaiTai, and the photo of the snow swirling over the roof! We have had quite a bit of snow here, so my warm cosy slippers have also been a capsule wardrobe piece. :)

    Have a lovely week!

    Melusine xx

  20. Dear MaiTai,

    Wanted to come up with another challenge (which maybe a bit out of your style - so will be even more chalenging)
    At times I want to combine the scarves with other muticoloured pieces of the outfit, and then it is really difficult - as too many colours may get into a mess. Do you have some ideas about making multicolour (say more Etro style) outfits with the H multocoloured scarves?
    (Cannot log in through livejournal account - due to unknown reason, so just to let you know that it was

  21. Many thanks for the lovely and sweet comments, my dear ladies. I won't be able to come back indiviually this time, but will answer any questions a little later. Wishing you all a wonderful rest of the week xx