Monday, March 2, 2015

Wardrobe additions - playtime part II

Casual spring looks

And for those who enjoyed the cool tones/warm tones juxtapositions in the previous post, here another variation:

Capsule wardrobe pieces: burnt orange linen sweater with beige cotton trousers (warm tones) and white jeans (cool tones).
Accessories (warm tones): Hermès 'La Presentation de Chevaux' 90 carré, Kelly Double Tour bracelet in ebene with GHW, Lena horn necklace and Garden Party in toile So H, in cocaon/ecru. 
Accessories (cool tones): Hermès 'Mythiques Phoenix' 90 carré, clic-H enamel bracelet in black and 22 Picotin (MM) in etoupe. 
Shoes: bi-colored chocolate/copper ballet flats and tri-colored Roger Vivier 45 Belle Vivier pumps (warm tones). Mesh ballet flats and printed ballet flats (cool tones)

Capsule wardrobe pieces: white jeans, and black sleeveless top and coat
Accessories: Hermès printed enamel bracelet 'Capitales' and Birkin 35 in black. 
Shoes: Black wedge sandals

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  1. Love every nice to see some pretty springy colors! I am craving spring in the worst way..beautiful!

  2. Oh you gorgeous woman! Drop dead gorgeous in warm/cool...whatever and everything! You really are the chameleon! You can wear it all! Lucky duck! I love these style sheets as it is really easy to see how you can mix/match the two tones and color across the lines!
    But, I must admit to being drawn in by the oysters the most! They are truly one of DH and my fav foods! Plus, it is drawing close to dinner time here and I am salivating across the monitor!

    Hope you had the best of days with the family on the slopes and that your week catching up is not too harried, dear friend!
    Mwahs to you and wishing all of Le Salon swans an unharried week, too!
    T xx

  3. What lovely new items you've added to your collection, Dear Tai! I appreciate seeing the intentional approach to building your flexible, coordinated wardrobe and how the pieces fit together over the seasons; and are further pulled together by the H accessories, which are in turn perfectly highlighted. You have a great eye for both the items as well as the catalog of colors. (Me, I'm mostly black, blues, and greys... so I particularly like your new black coat and sleeveless black top; and Little Miss P18 is darling, ideally lightweight in an easy style and rich color that's easy to integrate!)

    I've been away for awhile, and am excited to see the K35 and Bo31 inserts - spot on as usual! I'm very much looking forward to their arrival :)

    All the best,

  4. Contente de te retrouver très chère Maitai.J'adore la tenue noire est blanche d'ailleurs c'est décidé je m'achète un pantalon blanc ce printemps.
    J'espère que tu as eue beau temps au ski car cette année beaucoup de neige et de brouillard .
    Très jolie vue de Sommières avec le soleil
    Deux jours de soleil qui donne envie de printemps
    Bises ma chère Maitai et merci pour ces mots a Trudye

  5. I love the burnt orange top, so clever of you to spot its tremendousness, I would never have considered that colour but now of course....want it!! It suits you so well and works so wonderfully with your different scarves. I also LOVE your shawl, in the second pic, what design is it? xxx

  6. Gorgeous as always!
    Any chance the long tassel-necklaces will come in again?
    I simply NEED at least one or two and wouldn't say no to all of them!

    1. Nita,
      I was lucky enough to secure a necklace, and I could kick myself for not getting all of them!!

    2. Lucky you!Just tell me if you no longer want to hang on to yours.I'll be happy to buy it!

  7. Dearest MT,

    Smashing! Everyone of these looks is spot on (as always)
    So happy to see the tassel necklace. I've been getting lots of mileage out of mine....compliments galore!!
    Well, even though it's March,we're expecting 12 inches of snow here! I'm odd-man-out because I love it! (more opportunities to wear lovely Mai Tai fur collars)

    Have a stellar week!

    1. I'm so happy to read that you got your tassel necklace, haverford. You certainly deserve to have one.

      My sister, who lives close to you, does not share your sentiments about the never-ending storms, though. She says that she's so tired of slipping and sliding on ice and freezing half to death. (I have to remind her to get her fur collar out and wrap it around something!)


    2. Jerrine,
      We were just pelted with another 8" yesterday. My dogs are NOT happy. Fiona expressed her disgust by sprawling on the sidewalk and refusing to take another step. (She's a drama queen, just like her mother)
      Were you lucky enough to get the tassel necklace? I wish I would have gotten one in every's gorgeous! (as is everything in the Mai Tai Collection)


    3. Well, we have a bit of sleet and snow here today, too. I heard about your plight, as you're very close to where my sister is, and she says that she's had it!

      Yes, I did get the wonderful tassel necklace. Errrr, I was the little piggy who got two. (If I didn't mention it, I know Trudye dear would remind me!)

      The necklace is wonderful, isn't it. Maybe there will be new editions in the future. Fingers crossed.

      Best to you and the pups. I don't blame Fiona one little bit. I'd protest too,

    4. Well, now that you mentioned it,Jerrine;-) I was really trying to sit on my hands here and be polite...promise!
      Just popping 'round to wave hello and hope all here a have a wonderful weekend!
      Seeing forty degree temp swings from one day to the next here! Everyone has a permanent tissue taped to their noses...on top of seasonal allergies!
      Our Azalea Trail opens this weekend, but no azaleas in bloom yet! Given about a week they will be in full glory! Jerrine, I have wondered what the cold has done to the azaleas in your neck of the woods!
      Happy weekend,

      P.S. I don't blame Fiona either...enough is enough!

    5. Dogs always know best (as Fiona has proved)! I hope you dear ladies get a break in the weather very soon! We have gotten a reprieve in the Seattle area the past few days and it is sheer bliss for the weary soul - sunshine, dry, and 40-55 temps. Alas, rain and cold will return tomorrow. Yesterday I walked my dog with no jacket (for either of us) - that is insane for March here in the Pacific Northwest. I am still anxiously anticipating a surprise frost, but no one else seems to share my pessimism. Let's hope they are correct and I'm wrong. A very happy week to all the beautiful swans of Le Salon!
      Warm aloha,

  8. I love how your ensembles are inspired by the natural world, and how easy you make it seem to put pieces together! I'm always so grateful for the ideas. Your orange linen sweater is just lovely and the color is so flattering! The tassel necklace is just the perfect addition, and it looks like I'm not the only one who thinks so!

  9. Dearest Mai Tai,

    I believe some of us are quite tired of Winter, snow and ice, and nothing like a fabulous post like this one to cheer us up and remind us that Spring will come soon.
    You look lovely wearing the burnt orange sweater and the pretty long necklace is the cherry on the cake!
    The last picture is my favourite! You look fabulous! May I ask the name of your lipstick(s) on that picture? Hope you are enjoying your holidays! Big, sunny hugs, Manuela

  10. Dearest MaiTai, I am so cheered by this evidence of spring in your lovely photographs. You have so many talents! The cool tones with the orange are unexpected and yet harmonious. I hope you are having the most fun on your ski holiday!
    With warm aloha,

  11. Lovely as usual, Mai seeing how you mix and match! =)

  12. Inspired and lovely pairings, as usual, and even the makeup is perfect.

    Now, if she'd just make her pretty blonde mane, flawless complexion and gorgeous coloring, the long, long legs and perfect slim body, along with her never-miss style on her website, I might have a chance at achieving perfection too. I'd buy them all!

    Well done, MT. And I add, as always, of course.


  13. Absolutely gorgeous! Thank you so much for the spring inspiration!

  14. That adorable monarch knocked me out! And I love the other photos as well. So kind of you to put the idea of spring into the air with your wardrobe selections, which are gorgeous as usual!

  15. Absolutely magical! And I, too, am thrilled with the butterfly -- here's a link for anyone who wants to wander off on a butterfly detour ....

    With continuing gratitude for all the beauty you share with us,