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9th blog anniversary - capsule wardrobe pieces then and now

When I started this blog in 2009 I would not have imagined that I'd be carrying it on for nine years .. after all, in how many different ways can show how you wear your scarves? But things change as one goes along and the blog has evolved in so many different ways that I never get bored with it. If anything, I enjoy working on a new post now even more than I did at the beginning. Back then the posts were short and frequent, and consisted of two or three pictures showing the outfit and scarf of the day. Gradually they've become longer and more involved, allowing me to explore a topic in more depth, or to think of a theme or story. I hope you enjoy the monthly updates (I always aim for three weeks but seldom succeed) as much as I enjoy posting them.

It has been interesting to put this anniversary post together, as it made me reflect on the changes in my personal style over the past decade. I think most of the 2008 outfits have passed the test of time very well, proving how timeless the classic capsule wardrobe pieces are. I still own many of them and continue to wear them to this day. With age, however, I find that I've moved away from the crisp white shirts and structured black tops that I loved to wear ten years ago; they just feel a little bit too formal and corporate these days. Instead, I prefer softer colors and silhouettes and wear much more grey and cream rather than black or white for example. With a few accessories however, the less preferred capsule pieces of the 2009 wardrobe can easily be worn in a way that reflects my lifestyle and preferences today. A scarf can soften a structured neckline or the harsh contrast of black or white, and casual drapes can replace more formal knots. Necklaces have become an important additional style element, and I feel so fortunate that the Collection allows me to make my necklace dreams come true... they compliment scarves beautifully and add a playful, modern and refined touch to a classic outfit.

For this post I picked six outfits from 2009 and re-arranged them into 2018 looks:

The most challenging part of this post was to re-unite with some of the old wardrobe staples that l don't wear much these days. To counter balance the crispness of the white shirt,  I'm teaming it with a casually folded, vibrant Tigre Royal silk GM and a Picotin bag, all of which contribute to a more relaxed look.

back in 2008

Spring 2018 variation with a Fleurs Indiennes 90 carré in a reverse basic bias fold

almond tree blossoms - the promise of spring

This simple grey dress is a perfect example of a piece that never goes permanently out of style. I wore it quite a lot around 2009, but in recent years it has spent a rather quiet life in the back of my closet. Having re-discovered it a few months ago I very much enjoy wearing it again, particularly with La Femme aux Semelles de Vent, a favourite in my scarf collection.

Like its white cousins, the black shirt has not had many outings in the last few years, although it was a much loved staple in 2009, which made it a perfect candidate for this post of course! The black and grey graded background of the Les Folies du Ciel 90 carre and it's soft splashes of color tie the outfit perfectly together while adding freshness. 

About the scarf: Ciel means sky and Folie expresses something that is extraordinary or extravagant in a slightly crazy way, like the fanciful and whimsical flying machines depicted in the scarf:

Les Folies du Ciel was of course the perfect scarf to wear while witnessing via webcast an amazing event that took place at Cape Canaveral earlier this month; the launch of the most powerful rocket ever made. The most extraordinary thing to see was the safe return of the rockets to Earth in perfect synch after they had catapulted the dummy payload into deep space. This payload consisted of an astronaut mannequin driving a Tesla roadster (Elon Musk's own) in space, while David Bowie's Space Oddity played on the radio. Les Folies d' Espace! Of course, this Folie was not the main part of the mission, but it certainly was an eye-catching way to simulate a rocket test flight pay-load. Incredible pictures of the car in space followed. The easiest way to appreciate this amazing and inspiring achievement is to watch the animation SpaceX posted a day before the successful Falcon Heavy launch (click here or on the image below):

(to watch the actual Falcon Heavy test launch click here and fast forward to 17min30sec).

 The following day the navigation screen of my Tesla showed the surface of Mars. Folie en voiture!

Variation with a casual grey sweater instead of the black shirt. It never ceases to amaze me how different a look can become with just one accessory or wardrobe item change. Exploring these changes is probably what I love the most about fashion and blogging.

These checked trousers have been part of my wardrobe forever and I still love wearing them. Teaming them with the same scarf as in 2009, only with a camel sweater instead of the black.

Same dress as above, but with my latest scarf.. the fabulous Space Shopping au Faubourg

Les Folies du Space!

These last two pictures probably mark most poignantly the passage of time for me.. the 2009 version was taken the day DS went back to school after the long summer holiday. He was eight years old and had only started school a couple of years before. By summer this year he will have finished school and then he'll be off to university in the autumn. I can't believe that I've had these clothes below for his entire school career. I'll be wearing them in an autumn version when he goes abroad for his studies later this year!

For the 2018 version above I'm giving the outfit a spring twist by replacing the darker, early autumn colors of the shirt and scarf below, with a cream tank top and a soft colored Parures des Samourais scarf.

A huge and heartfelt thank you to everyone who reads, shares or follows my posts and to those who leave comments, it means so much to me. Without your wonderful support, there would be no anniversary to celebrate today! 
Mille merci

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  1. Happy Blog Anniversary dear Mai Tai,

    Your posts are always a delight to read.
    I’m so glad that I discovered your fabulous collection of accessories.

    To many more succesful and stylish years,

  2. Nine years- my goodness, time flies! And it has left absolutely no traces...not only your outfits are timeless, you also seem to be ageless, dear MaiTai. Thanks for taking us on that journey back in time- even if I hadn’t discovered your blog back then, I still went through all your older posts. It’s a joy to see your style evolve- and it has become a lot younger, more effortless, relaxed, but still super chic, I would say! I’m forever grateful to have found this little pond of wonderful people like you and all my fellow swans. Congratulations, dear MaiTai and I’m looking forward to venturing in the future. Love & Bisous, Katja

  3. Dearest MaiTai, Congrats on 9 wonderful years. This post is a lovely guide to curating our capsule wardrobes and scarves. I recently found a note which was sent with the pearl necklace from you in "the early days." Such fond memories, Thank you. Grands Bisous..... Terese

  4. Happy Blogversary! This is a great post. I love seeing the capsule wardrobe in action spanning 10 years. The section about your son almost made me cry. My son will be starting middle school next year. I can't believe how fast time goes by as a mother. So many proud, happy, bittersweet moments. xoxo

  5. No, it couldn't have been nine years already - no! I remember the day the very first post went up. I was so proud that it brought tears to my eyes. And today . . . tears again. I don't know anyone who could have done it better or with more creativity. You amazed me then; you amaze me now.

    I think everyone will join me in a toast to a truly fabulous woman with great vision, great élan, a stylish "exterior" and a truly kind and generous "interior." Here's to you, MT, and a very happy ninth blogaversary.

    But, how could there be not one wrinkle, one grey hair or one pound gained in all these years? If anything, you look younger and more vibrant today. This is totally perplexing . . . hmmmm - if I didn't love 'ya, I'd have to hate 'ya!

    And, seriously you can still find your clothes from nine years ago? As I said, an impressive woman!

    All the absolute best to you and thank you for nine marvelous years.

  6. This was a very enjoyable albeit slightly melancholic reading. You look beautiful and unchanged through the past ten years. I cannot believe DS will be graduating. Sometimes, I wish the kids still had thirteen years in school. I am not sure I like the idea of sending things into space without a purpose but perhaps I don't know enough. Warmly, Tanja

  7. Dear MaiTai, congratulation to the 9th blog anniversary. I love the way how you style your scarves, chales, twilies and your CW pieces. Also I love your pictures from France, countryside .... Beautiful place to live. Pictures from England, Venice, Nice, Paris....yours vacations are also interesting. So I wish you the best and please post more :)

  8. OMG,

    Time do really flies!!!

    I still can remember your first post.. and amazing as it is I still smile when you post a new one... After of these years your blog hasn’t lost its charm, and elegance.

    Many, many thanks for your time, your generosity, and your kindness.. I feel that our flock of swans are growing together and no matter what the future brings this pond we’ll be always a place of grace..

    Perhaps Hermès has bring us to your blog.. but you has keep us together..

    Here’s to you !!!!

    Warmest regards from Barcelona

  9. Thank you for 9 years! You have been absolutely and marvelously inspiring! Love every post equally! Emily

  10. Chere MaiTai
    Tres bon anniversaire de blog 9 ans de bon gout de belle chose et toujours un plaisir de te lire ici ou maintenant sur instagram.
    En 9 ans tu n as pas changé tu es toujours aussi belle classe et rayonnante
    Je souhaite encore une trés longue vie a ton blog merci de nous partager tes beautés Je t embrasse Bonne vacances Myriam

  11. Happy blogaversary, dear MaiTai! Your blog has only changed for the better over nine years, as have you. I must say, I too prefer the slightly softer 2018 versions of your capsule outfits -- relaxed, effortless elegance. I can't believe DS will be graduating. Sometimes I wish our lives could be frozen in time at some just-right moment of pure happiness. But of course time moves on. Thank you for creating this beautiful salon and bringing together such wonderful people from all over the globe. I raise my glass with dear Jerrine.

    1. And a clink of the champagne flute to you, Fifi!

      Love to you,

  12. Dearest MaiTai,

    Congratulations on the anniversary!
    I am toasting your creativity, generosity and success with a glass of bubbly :-)
    Like others who commented, I feel that coming across your blog years ago (searching for ways to tie a H scarf!) was the gift that changed my life in many ways. To paraphrase the quote from late Bill Cunningham: “she who seeks beauty will find it”. Indeed, world seen through your eyes is beautiful.
    I wish your blog many happy returns, the Collection to flourish and all of us here many moments of joy with every post.

    Thank you and a big hug,


  13. Congratulations on the anniversary of your blog! Yours was the very first blog I started following -- on the recommendation of a good friend. Your style is inspirational and aspirational. And your travel posts offer a window into places I might otherwise not discover. Your creativity and work ethic are impressive. And you are unfailingly gracious. Thank you for creating such a soothing on-line salon. I have met some lovely virtual friends here. And I can't believe your son will be off to university next year. All the best to your for your continued success! xo

    1. so agree- I feel I know the regular commenters too which is weird because I don't! Maitai is the most gracious salon host! x

  14. Dearest MaiTai,
    Congrats on your 9th anniversary! Have you been drinking from the fountain of youth? You look the same in all the photos - such timeless elegance and effortless chic. Here's to another 9 more years!!
    Big hugs, AngelaB

  15. Happy blog anniversary, dearest Tai! Your dedication and hard work to keeping us informed and in style never ceases to amaze! It is always so inspiring to visit this chic,elegant salon!
    Joining the other swans in raising my glass to you in gratitude and sending love as you maneuver through the life changes ahead! Much love and mwahs, T xx

  16. :-) Dear MaiTai,
    congratulations on your 9th blogging anniversary!
    I love this post, as it shows that classy will always be in style and how just a little thing can make a big difference. You looked fab then, now and will always, I'm sure!
    Ever since I've found your blog many years ago I've been an avid follower (allthogh I might not always comment) and I'm looking forward to more of you and your styles and ideas here on MaiTai's Picture Book.
    A big hug from Austria,
    Claudia :-)

  17. P.S. I don't see any reasons why you can't wear the white shirt or any fitted clothing, you are still as stunning as ever! Emily

  18. A wonderful post - thank you!

    I've been a silent reader (and lover!) of your blog for a few years now, and have taken the time to go back to the very beginning of your journey to read each one of your posts and have enjoyed each one, and appreciate the time and dedication on your part to keep up such a project! I have a tremendous admiration for your classic style, and as your recent post suggests, it never goes out of style! Your posts are an inspiration to us all, and I hope you continue for many, many more years to come.

    As an aside, I've just received my first order of two scarf rings and a linen organizer, and I couldn't be happier with the quality. All the details, from the packaging to the finished product exceeded my expectations, and I can't wait to add more pieces to my collection.

    All best,

  19. Dear MaiTai,
    Happy 9th year blog anniversary!
    I have enjoyed reading your blog for many years and appreciate your effort to bring us beautiful images and ideas.
    Thank you.

  20. Many congratulations on your blog anniversary, and a huge thank you for sharing your style inspiration with us and for all the work you put into your blog. I always look forward to your posts and love seeing how you interpret your beautiful photographs of nature and your surroundings in your clothes and accessories. I have enjoyed your blog for many years (I used to comment under the name Melusine) and look forward to many more years to come! xx

  21. Darling MaiTai,
    As a reader and a Mom I have also loved seeing DS grow. That’s how we often mark the passing of time, remembering what age our kids were when certain things happened. I recall a post, I think you were in Barcelona, when he was small, and then again when he was taller than you.
    I hope to be celebrating your blog anniversary when it turns 19, 29, and on .... gloriously... big hugs and mwahs xx Terese

  22. Dearest Mai Tai,

    Congratulations on the 9th anniversary of your blog. I hope it will continue for 9 years more. I am so happy to have been folowing it since the beginning and thank you very much for all I have learned with you.

    You look as fabulous as in 2009. Who would say 9 years have passed?!

    Thank you too for continuing to teach me how to combine clothes, scarves and necklaces together and make the most of my wardrobe.
    Wishing you a wonderful start into Spring and looking forward to your next post. Much love, Manuela

  23. Thanks for finally talking about >"9th blog anniversary - capsule wardrobe pieces then and now" <Loved it!

  24. Dear Mai Tai
    Once more I try....

  25. Dear MaiTai! Congrats on the 9th blog anniversary!
    You did not change a bit. Wish you have a fantastic spring and more blogs to come! Best!

  26. What an inspiration you are! Thank you. I can see a difference between the you of 2009 and now, there is a softness and a knowledge in your eyes that wasn't there before......the way there is supposed to be...
    Lizer Pearl

  27. Thank you so much everyone for your comments. Your lovely good wishes and kind compliments made this anniversary extra special.

    Your words extended so much warmth, camaraderie, encouragement, humour and goodwill that I had a little tear of joy glinting in my eyes; how lucky I am to have such wonderful friends and readers.

    Some of us know each other for a very long time, and I often know after reading the first sentence of a new comment who the author is. Isn’t it just amazing that such a familiarity is possible, even though we all live in different countries or even continents.

    A very warm welcome to new ‘faces’ or first time commenters, and a happy ‘how lovely to see you again!’ to those who stop by occasionally.

    Here’s to friendship, and to hopefully many more years of online fun together xx

  28. Happy anniversary I have been reading you for ages and still love the blog, and the lovely people who comment. Thanks for the inspiration! x