Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Paris ~ something sweet

When walking through Paris, one could easily contemplate writing a guide for patisseries, there are so many of them, displaying the most amazing creations in their 'vitrines'.

I usually have a long to do list when in town, and don't find the time to settle down for an afternoon cake feast, but after walking around for hours (past dozens of patisserie windows), there comes a time when a craving for a little something sets in, to go with a revitalising cup of coffee..

I was in heaven when I found Synie's, a small, candy colored cup cake bar, tucked away in a side street from the charming Rue Cherche Midi in St. Germain.

Apart from offering regular sized cup cakes, they also have the cutest teeny tiny mini versions, which are just the right amount of sweetness to go with a petit café crème.. well, almost. After having one, I was unable to resist trying out another flavour. Both were just as delicious as they look!

Inspired by the mini cupcakes, I assembled a few 'bonbon' versions as 'stoppers' to prevent the muffins for DS's school tea party from sliding around in their cake box. I hope DS and his class mates enjoyed them as much as I enjoyed the cake version in Paris!

23, rue de l'Abbé Grégoire
75006 Paris
Tuesdays to Saturday from 11 to 20h

Giant macaroon cake by Dalloyau,

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  1. What a pleasure to be able to post again, my dear Mai Tai. I have been following your blog silently and enjoying the new wardrobe twists and recipes while learning to play with my wonderful scarf rings.It gets better and better every time.
    I will be sure to check out this St Germain place next time I am in Paris.
    How about a day to evening look? Would love to see your magic at work.

  2. OMG Mai Tai, my mouth is watering from these delicious photos! I'm sure DSs classmates are always excited at the prospect of goodies from your kitchen! Cup cake shops seem to be a world wide phenomenon as they are to be found everywhere and even on TV!
    My DD and I had a lovely shared experience w the opening and exploring of your scarf ring goodies. Unfortuantely , there was no time to experiment. I'm hoping next visit to explore further.
    Hugs, Maisie

  3. Thank you for sharing - they look absolutely yummy (and so lovely too)! =) Have a good week! Hugs to you xx

  4. Huum!!! Your cup cakes look delicious, dear MaiTai! May I ask, what do you cover them with? They are so pretty and colourful!
    Thank you so much for the information about the tea house in Paris. It will be on my list, next time I am in the City of Lights!. Hugs to you, M.

  5. I am going to move from France to NY for my job in a couple of weeks and I am so going to miss our delicious and beautiful cakes and pastries... although I'm delighted I'll eat cupcakes and muffins in the USA!

    I wrote a post on cakes and pastries from Fauchon, Ladurée and Hédiard recently. Please feel free to delete the link when you manage my comment of course; I thought you'd like to read it ;-)

  6. How lucky DS and his classmates are!
    I must add this cupcake bar on my (ever growing) list of "things to do when in Paris". Can you believe that I've never had a cupcake in my life? (lots of "macarons" though...)After seeing your photos I feel deprived ;-P
    Thank you for sharing dear MaiTai.

  7. Oooh la la what fabulous cakes MaiTai - now I feel hungry again;-) Dalloyau are TDF! I will have to check out the Left Bank cupcakes too. DS and his friends are lucky boys too! Thank you so much for sharing these lovely photos.

  8. How beautiful. I love these photos. I wish I could go there now!

  9. What a beautiful sight to behold! I wonder how you could have controlled yourself!

    And your baked cupcakes look just as enticing! Thanks for sharing!

  10. delish!! I just love your paris photos - keep em coming!

  11. How lovely - just looking at the pictures makes me happy! I do love your posts Mai Tai!

    Have a wonderful day!

    K x

  12. Dearest MaiTai,

    How so pretty! The grand pink macaroon cake looks like something I used to dream of when I was a little girl. I know all too well - when that hunger pang starts knocking and there they are, so many yummy goodies just calling my name.
    Thank you for introducing us to another wonderful place in Paris. Synie's looks delicious and adorable - isn't the little cupcake tank top just irresistible. Your mini selections look very delectable and delicate - like flower petals. And your DS's 'bonbon' versions are delightful, so festive and colorful - he has the best mom :-) Warm hugs always, xx

  13. Sweets for me, treats for me! We really have some pretty good stuff in Austria, but I'd just love to try out some delicious french pastries. Thank you for sharing these colorful pictures with us. Feeling like Alice in wonderland, they are a feast to the eye and certainly make my mouth water. :-)

  14. I am in sugar shock! What beautiful patisserie! A feast of these cakes and I will never be able to fit into you wonderful wardrobe choices! I will have to use that black plastic garbage bag, but will never look as chic in it as you do! Beautiful pictures as always!

  15. Hello,Mai Tai.My name is Marina.I'm greek,but i live in Italy.
    I discovered your blog just yesterday..I spent the last week in Paris,i have a friend who lives a Saint-Germain des Près.What a unique,wonderful,beautiful city..I had the chance to see the Repetto Boutique in 22 of rue de la Paix,and its fabulous window shop, i loved the boulangerie and the bistrots.I went to Grand Palais,where takes place a major exhibition of Monet's work..I had a wonderful time,i'll never forget.

    I like your blog very much.I find that it is elegant,tasteful,friendly.I'm definitely coming back!

  16. Hi Mai Tai,

    Thank you for another lovely post, our fair Mai Tai!
    Your photos and words made me want to catch the next plane to Paris and meet up with you at St. Germain for an afternoon cafe and treat-ette. Either that, or go back in time and be fortunate to be a class mate of your DS on the day that you bring treats for tea.

    Thank you for your suggestion regarding a possible solution to the carre as tie question. I am going to try this and see if it solves the quest.

    Thank you too for your kind support of my attraction to the most unusually colored absinthe Femme.

    Always wonderful to visit with you,


  17. Dear Ms Maitai, After reading your beautiful post,I was just thinking how much I would like to return to Paris and have a perfect tart and then another as I did one day in the Marais with my best friend and then serendipitously I will. I have a whole day in Paris enroute home from a work trip. Hooray, hooray, hooray for poor travel connections!!!!

  18. A warm welcome back, my dear JsmH, what a joy to see you again!! So happy you liked the previous posts. Love your style challenge suggestion, many thanks! <3

    Every time I see this post, my mouth is watering too, dear Maisie! How lovely to hear that you and your DD had such fun unwrapping, and playing with the rings. Wishing you much fun wonderful to share a passion with your child!

    Many thanks, my dear DD. Have a great weekend! Hugs x

    Merci, my dear Manuela! The icing is just icing sugar with a bit of lemon juice, and some food colouring. I’ve then sprinkled some chocolate pearls over each one. I used to decorate them with smarties when DS was younger, but this is considered ‘babyish’ nowadays!

    Loved your post about Fauchon, Hédiard and Ladurée, dear ritournelle! Beautiful pics and writing, many thanks for the link. Wishing you a fantastic time in NY, it is one of my favourite cities in the world.

    I’ll bake cupcakes for you any day, dear booksnchocolate! Please come over for a feast, and perhaps you could pick up a few macarons en route? x

    Here’s to Paris and Dalloyau, dear Scarf Addict! Happy you liked the pics, thank you. Have a great weekend!

    I thought you would like the colour theme of this post, dear FF! Hop over, and we’ll celebrate with cup cakes and 'a soothing drink' ;-)

    Merci, June! The only thing that kept me from trying all the cakes, was my looong to-do list. Thank god!

    Always trying to entice you to come over, dear dogbiskit. Please show the pics to A too, hehe!!

    You are so sweet, dear Miss Kitty-Cat, and your lovely comments always make me happy. Merci! :-)

  19. Thank you for your warm and beautiful words, my dear Scarf Enthusiast. I love the image of a little girl dreaming of such a fairy tale like cake, and I hope your dream became reality. If not, I hope we will have one at Dalloyau's together one day. So glad you enjoyed the photos, wishing you a wonderful weekend! x

    The answer is no one, my dear SMR, LOL! Have a great weekend :-)

    You should have treats galore, dearest hair-mess! You deserve them too, after putting up such a beautiful and great blog ( ITA with you on Austria's supreme cakes, they are true masterpieces!

  20. Hello and welcome, Marina! Your recent trip to Paris sounds absolutely wonderful, and how amazing the Monet exhibition in the Grand Palais must have been! I am happy you have found us, and hope to see you here again. I have spend a couple of very happy holidays in your beautiful country, and am fortunate to have a scarf that remind me of them: 'De Madras à Zakynthos'

    Dear G, so nice to see you stopping by again, and thank you for your lovely words. I adore ‘treat-ette’, and will make it part of my daily vocabulary! I don’t recommend travelling back in time though, I get dizzy just by looking at the grammar and spelling rules DS has to know by heart! St. Germain would definitely be more fun!! Hope the tie knot works out, maybe even with Ms Absinthe?

    Woohoo, dear Linda in Chile on your upcoming day in Paris!! What fun, I hope you will have a wonderful time. I love the Marais, and the boulangeries and patisseries there are so beautiful and amazing.

  21. Oh gracekelly you made me laugh. The fun we had back then! Great thing is, we are still having fun... Synie's is the place for us, the cakes are so teeny tiny that we can have several without regrets, and no bin liner needed afterwards, lol.