Monday, January 10, 2011

Capsule wardrobe #25 - grey and pink

Finally, it stopped raining and it was really nice to dress lighter for a change. I went for a similar colour combinatoin like in the previous post, this time pairing a pink Carré Kantha with grey and charcoal capsule pieces.

Capsule pieces: grey wool trousers, charcoal cardigan
Shoes: low heel pumps
Accessories: 'Carré Kantha' 90 Carré, bleu indiennes clic-clac bracelet, Farandole necklace, MaiTai scarf fur collar in natural blue frost (grey/white)
Scarf tying method: five loop method

Apologies for being a bit behind with catching up on comments, will hopefull be up to date by the end of this week.

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  1. I love gray with pink. It is such a pretty combination for winter.

  2. Agreeing with Belle de Ville, regarding the grey and pink. What a lovely combination and just the right touch of colour for this elegant outfit! <3, me

  3. I love that pink scarf on you MaiTai it looks lovely especially paired with grey!

  4. I remember seeing Carré Kantha for the first time in your" least favorite scarf"post. I thought it looked lovely with your gray dress and it truly looks stunning with yesterday's outfit. Grays and pinks are always a winner.
    Lovely ring too. I don't remember seeing it. Is it new?
    After noticing the new layout of your blog I spent a very agreeable weekend rediscovering past posts. I can't imagine how much time it took. Thank you dear MaiTai.

  5. My dearest MaiTai,

    How beautiful and refined! I adore gray and all shades of it - your ensemble is so fabulously rich in tone and texture. The pink Kantha is an absolute delight and the blue indienne bracelet is a touch of genius, my dear MaiTai. One of the things I marvel about your amazing wardrobe is the exquisite cut of each piece and how you combine them to create the most beautiful contours and silhouettes. You are a tremendous role model. Thinking of you and sending you much love and warmest hugs always, xx

  6. Really liking the grey, charcoal, and touches of color. Good seeing your Carré Kanthas again. You, my sister, and I are scarf triplets. ;-)

    May I throw out my style request? I would love to see a GM worn over a suit jacket or coat for style AND warmth. I am asking because the other night when I left a restaurant I quickly draped my GM around me to brace for the cold outside and I had a problem with it slipping.

    Any suggestions on draping techniques--something lovely and relatively quick?

  7. You've inspired me to go dig out a much-loved pink scarf that I usually wear only in spring -- since we're meant to have about a half a meter of snow tomorrow, any reminder that winter isn't eternal is most welcome!

    I've been taking a lot of inspiration from your blog lately, and once I get back to teaching next week (and need to "dress"), I'll really be channeling you! Will try to post a few looks on my blog when I do.

  8. Grey looks great on you, dearest MaiTai, and the pink Kantha scarf adds light to your very elegant outfit. Warm and cosy hugs, Manuela

  9. I received my Blue Frost yesterday and I love it so (as well as my 3rd and 4th scarf rings). My neck has been kept extra comfy and I'm plotting different sweaters and scarves with which it will be paired. Thanks to you I'm wearing my wardrobe of 90's more often! Beautiful products from a gorgeous lady with style and grace.

  10. I adore such the outfits with a basic canvas colour (grey, black, dark blue) and beautiful accessories to lift it up and give a final touch. Like Sue Ellen, I am the person who is using my 90's a lot know, fixing them with MT scarf rings (have not lost anyone yet, for the difference of Hermes heavy metal ones, lol). Thanks for a nice outfit, you know there are patient dreamers all around who like horn very much and wait for the MT cruise collection of horn pendants, bracelets and so on...
    Hugs, Lilian

  11. Dearest MaiTai

    Just a few words to support Lilian´s suggestion of a future "MT cruise collection of horn pendants, bracelets, etc..."
    I think it is a great idea! Thank you, Lilian. Me too, I think Hermès scarf rings are very heavy. Yours are so much prettier!
    Warm hugs, Manuela

  12. I seem to remember you once saying that pink wasn't really your colour, but nothing could be further from the truth--you look lovely! And pink is such a great colour for this dreary time of year, when it seems colour has left the earth, and we are longing for spring. Beautiful and therapeutic as well!

  13. Many thanks for the lovely and kind comments, dear Belle de Ville, hair-mess, Scarf Addict, booksnchocolate, Scarf Enthusiast, SMR, Rubiatonta, Manuela, Sue Ellen, Lilian and Katriona :) Pink and grey seems to be a favorite of so many of you, you ladies have been way ahead of me! I am becoming increasingly fond of the combination, many thanks for the sweet and kind encouragement. Carré Kantha, here I come!

    Merci, Belle de Ville :-)

    Hugs and mwahs, dear and hair-mess :-)

    Dear Scarf Addict, so nice to hear, especially coming from the pink queen!

    I remember this post so well, dear booksnchocolate, and I have not brought her out enough since then! The ring is called ‘Cythere’ and yes, it’s new! Absolutely love it, and it’s so great in combination with the Lima too. Very happy you like the new layout, and yes, it was a labour of love (as our dear S E has put it so well)! x

    Aww, thank you, my dearest Scarf Enthusiast! Here’s to gray, in all it’s shades! When choosing the bracelet, I reached for the black clic H first, but it seemed too matchy matchy. The blue indiennes was smiling at me instead, and worked surprisingly well. You are so sweet re my wardrobe, thank you my dear. <3

    How wonderful to be twins with you, my dear SMR, twin and triple hugs! Thank you for the style request, it’s a great question. Will have a think and play, and come back to you soon x

    Hello Rubiatonta, and welcome! Hope you are having fun with Ms Pink, and wishing you a good start for next week!!

    Warm and cosy hugs right back to you, my dearest Manuela <3

    So happy to hear you are having fun with your fur collar and scarf rings, dear Sue Ellen, many thanks and happy playing!

    Dear Lilian, it truly is lovely to know that your 90 Carrés are getting so many more outings, many thanks to you and Sue Ellen for your sweet comments. You are too kind re the addtional horn items, and a bracelet might just be the next thing to come..

    Well remembered, dear Katriona! I am beginning to change my mind, and you are right, the soft cheerfulness is a wonderful way to brighten up a gloomy day, therapeutic is the exact right word here!

  14. PS. Only saw your addtional comment now, my dear Manuela! Hugs and love x

  15. Pink and grey look amazing on you. I love this pairup, chic yet very lovely =)

  16. Many thanks, my dear dreamdoll! xx

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