Sunday, June 19, 2011

Capsule wardrobe #40 - Scarf as halter top and revised how-to

Dedicating today's episode to all who enjoy variation as much as I do. This morning I replaced the black trousers from the previous post with white jeans, while keeping the same shoes and accessories. It was a nice suprise to see how differently the look turned out.

Capsule pieces: white jeans
Shoes: black sandals
Accessories: Coupons Indiens 90 Carré worn as a halter top, MT waterfall necklace, Picotin in Rubis and MT horn bangle
Scarf tying method: click here for a how-to

Thanks to a suggestion received by email, I made a slight alteration to the scarf tying method

Dear MaiTai,
Tried you halter top suggestion in one of your last posts, the result was too much material on the bust, because I didn't get the first little knot on the inside right. Then I tried your small scarf ring on the outside in a vertical position which worked! A tip for you?

This is a wonderful tip! Many thanks for sharing, dear Henriëtte. I also tried it with the scarf ring (petite size) on the inside, and it worked great too. For the full how-to, please click here

Pinch some fabric..

and feed through one end of the ring

pull to gather more fabric

then feed through the other end and tighten

A tight and secure fit is important, if the outcome is loose, go back to step three and pull more fabric through


  1. Just wanted to comment on the first look, when I saw the second version. Obviously you're playing in your own league and the only person able to look chicer than you is you! Already loved the dark version - but of course the 2nd one with the white pants (and bare shoulders) is even more summery! Wohoo to you, our queen of style! Wishing you a lovely week ahead, hugs from your humble ldhs <3

  2. Dear sweet Macs, you made me laugh out loud twice today, big hugs to you! Many thanks for the lovely compliments, it is so very nice of you to say so x

  3. Not being nice, just stating the (obvious) facts! :D Glad to have made you laugh. ;-)

  4. Yea! Yea! I love this scarf! Dearest MaiTai, no one can put together an outfit as beautifully as you. I am in awe at how you tie everything together so perfectly. Your necklace matching your new sandals, and the MT horn cuff, Ms. Rubis, of course, is the perfect match for your new CI scarf. I really love CI with the white jeans. What a beautifully coordinated summery outfit.

    There is one thing that I disagree with, dear MaiTai. Previously, you posted that your days of wearing a halter top solo are over. I think you look fantastic, and you can wear the halter solo.

    Thanks for the wonderful post. First thing tomorrow morning - phone call to SA to locate this scarf for moi!

    Warm hugs, dear.


  5. I have already loved the previous look, but this one is as elegant and how to say???.....fresh:)Bravo!!!Bellissima!:)

  6. The colours of the scarf and bag together are utterly glorious.

  7. Hairmess is absolutely right, my dear MaiTai.
    You are "our queen of style" and Yes, I loved both posts. Your bare shoulders and the white pants look fabulous!!! And I agree with CS, why should "the days of wearing a halter top solo" be over? You look fantastic! My best wishes for a lovely week ahead. M xx

  8. hair-mess, big hugs :)

    Many thanks, my dear CS, so happy you enjoyed this post. You are too kind re wearing the top solo, but as the back is quite exposed with this ‘knot’, I prefer to wear a tube top underneath, just feel more comfortable with a bit of coverage. Crossing my fingers for a successful search, and hoping to be twins with you on this beauty one day soon.

    Mille merci, my dear Jana. Your lovely comment made me smile :)

    I am so in love with both, dear Bourbon and Pearls, and completely agree with you..together they are simply ‘da bomb’!

    Awh, my dear Manuela, my face color is beginning to match Ms Ruby! Many thanks for your lovely words, you are so sweet and kind. Wishing you a most wonderful week ahead too x

  9. My dear ladies, how much I enjoyed reading your comments about the beautiful halter top of our beautiful style guru, dearest MaiTai! It seems I am the only person here who can bring the scarf ends together (so that they touch each other), but no knotting possible. It is a good sign for me to spend my vacation week ahead climbing the mountains, eating fruits and dreaming about the cakes and to-be-scarf halter top. With love, Lilian

  10. What a beauty the Coupons is as a halter, gosh it's perfect with white jeans. And you look fantastic, I agree with CS and Manuela, your days of halters without cardi or jacket are FAR from over!!!
    Ps yesterday I collected my own CI CW01. We are twins. Yay.

  11. Just stunning! Lovely chic look for dinner out! Dressy casual. My favorite thing!

  12. LOL, Lilian! Try our dear MaiTai's other way of wearing a scarf as a top. It's the 8 July 2010 post, and was linked at the bottom of her previous post. This is my favorite way to wear a scarf as a top.

    Have you picked up your new CI scarf?


  13. Hello, dear ladies, although I am on vacation, I could not live without you. To provide a short feedback to the question CS asked - yes, I bought CI scarf, in same cw MaiTai has (cw01). I like it a lot and my honest advice is - in terms of colouring, MaiTai's video is much more realistic than photo! The colour in corner is most warm and beautiful reddish brown colour, like on MT's video and photo. Like it a lot. Re halter top - thanks for suggestion, the another halter top style should work, as the cakes I have eaten has not affected my other body measures, lol. Best, Lilian

  14. Chin-chin to our growing CI CW01 sisterhood! Twin hugs and congratulations, dear msT and Lilian!

    Dear msT, have fun playing with yours! It was a surprise to see you how beautifully it went with the white jeans. Another chameleon scarf :)

    My dear gracekelly, like you, I love dressy casual..always a sublime and delicate mix, and just great when it works out well.

    Always so nice to see you chiming in, my dear CS! How is the search coming on? Crossing my fingers for you x

    How wonderful to hear about your score, dear Lilian! What a lovely and special souvenir to remind you of your holidays in the years to come. Have a most wonderful vacation and enjoy the great local cuisine!