Friday, June 24, 2011

Capsule wardrobe #41 - Scarf as belt

It's been a busy week, so please excuse the mauvais quality of the snap shot below. It's been too warm today to wear a scarf around the neck, so wearing it as a belt instead.

Capsule pieces: black 3/4 length beige trousers, black tank top
Shoes: black ballet flats
Accessories: La Presentation de Chevaux 90 Carré worn as a belt and MT horn bangle
Scarf tying method: fold your scarf in the basic bias fold, place around your waist and secure ends in a double knot (or use a Grande scarf ring and the basic slide method)

I've been living in this top and trousers for days... a variation of the above to come tomorrow. Have a great start into the weekend everyone x

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  1. Dear Maitai,
    thank you once again for the incredibly chic and inspiring combinations you create!
    In the background of your pictures I often see your scarves hung as if they were pictures.I have just moved to a new house and am currently furnshing it.I'd like to do something like that in my studio. Can you help me?
    Thanks a lot in advance for your kindness!!!

  2. Beautiful, my dear MaiTai.
    Very elegant! I will copy the idea of using the scarf as a belt when I travel south.
    Wish you a lovely weekend and send you lots of orange hugs <3 M.

  3. What a wonderful summery look, dear MaiTai. Love the La Presentation de Chevaux. It's one of my favorites. Any idea when it will come around again?


  4. You look very chic dear MT. I tried wearing a H scarf as a belt once but took it off as I didn't feel comfortable. After seeing this picture, I think I'll have to try it again.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  5. My dearest MaiTai,
    Just returned from another trip and am in heaven catching up on all your previous amazing posts!
    First, I am totally mesmerized with both versions of our special CI in halter top style. You are absolutely stunning in both - so striking in the black and most refreshing in the white. And as Hair-mess said, you are our most dearest queen of style!! I adore the halter top on you - you can wear everything with any styling and make us totally fall in love and want to try your look. I join you in toasting all our dear sisters enjoying their new CI cw 01 - hope very much you will find yours soon, dear CS. ….see what you've started, dear MaiTai <3 The gorgeous Ms Ruby Pico and your exceptional MT collection bracelet and necklace bring such special magic to the delightful outfit.
    Thank you for always sharing the wonderful Carrés Stories with us - such a treat. For me, the appreciation of these beauties start with the individual histories. What an exciting time…the beginning of another journey to discover which one we will fall in love with and eventually bring home.
    Finally, your CW#41 post is breathtaking - so classic, elegant, radiant! Cannot think how a shot can ever be 'mauvais' when you are in it, dear MaiTai - think I need sunglasses for the bright glow emanating from your magnificently beautiful smile. Love the gentle creamy color of your horn bracelet, the delicate earrings, and the exquisite luminous pendant.
    Thank you for all the beauty you share. Wishing you a most wonderful weekend. With all my love and happiest summer hugs xx

  6. Another look I love and will have to try! So simple yet so elegant. I'm looking forward to seeing the variations. Unfortunately, despite being summer, it is still cold and wet enough here to wear a scarf around the neck though! :)

    Melusine x

  7. Many thanks for the lovely compliments, dear Anonymous, Manuela, CS, booksnchocolate, Scarf Enthusiast and Melusine <3

    Dear A, The scarves on my wall are displayed in the same way as in the H stores, with H’s magnetic wall hanging system. It can be ordered through H boutiques and the cost is around 200 EUR. Good luck :)

    Have a wonderful holiday, my dear Manuela, and many chic promenades with your beautiful scarf belts! Wishing you a great weekend too, and safe and fun travels with plenty of happy sunshine. Will miss you x

    Only the H gods know, my dear CS! Sometimes a design gets reissued only a few years after it first came out, others have gaps of decades.. I know you are not the only one waiting for it to come back.. let’s hope our collective prayers will get heard one day soon! :)

    Good luck with giving the belt look another go, my dear booksnchocolate. Wishing you a lovely weekend too <3

    Welcome back, dearest Scarf Enthusiast! So lovely to see you again, missed you much <3 (and I’m sure I was not the only one!) So glad you enjoyed the previous posts, and wishing you much fun playing with halter top looks. Many thanks for the lovely and precious words for my babies, so sweet and kind of you. Your appreciation of the Carrés’ Stories is poetic and beautiful, your gentle words never fail to touch me. Sweet pendant twin hugs to you xx

    Have fun playing, my dear Melusine. At least for us scarf lovers there is always an upside when the weather is unseasonably cold ...sending some warm rays of sunshine right over to you :)

  8. I love the scarf worn at the waist. To me it is such a Palm Beach - Bermuda vacation kind of style. It just makes me think of summer.

  9. Happy summer to you, dear Belle de Ville! Very nice idea to combine this with a pair of Bermudas, what a great and relaxed summer look :)

  10. Scarf as belt was the first way for me to start wearing the carrés as a grown up. ;-) A wonderful way to wear the beautiful silk pieces (esp. in the summer) - Thanks for showing! xox, Macs (

  11. Thank you for sharing this sweet memory, dear Macs! It is so nice to have some hot weather fall back positions for our silks :)