Saturday, June 25, 2011

Capsule wardrobe #42 -Variations

Today wearing a variation of yesterday's post, but instead of tying the scarf as a belt, I draped it like a necklace in a low criss-cross knot

Another variation from a couple of days ago.. the basics glam-ed up with a waterfall necklace, horn cuff curry and La Danse du Cheval Marvari GM

The ingredients..

..and the different ways I've been wearing them this past week

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  1. A great lesson in basic, yet beautiful wardrobe strategies.

  2. Many thanks, dear Aesthetic Alterations :)

  3. MT - It has been a while since I have posted a comment but wanted to say that I am really enjoying your new capsule series. As always, you look wonderful and continue to inspire.

    Bonne weekend.

    P.S. Just curious. What goodies are you finding at the local farmer's market? In my neck of the woods, we're anticipating the first round of Pavlova ... I mean strawberry season. ;-)

  4. Aside from your wonderful way with all things H, what I really love about you Mai Tai is that you show people that there is no need to be on the consumer bandwagon of shopping all of the time for new clothes it's so refreshing.I think it's a more European way of looking at clothes.

  5. I've fallen in love with the knot tied low ever since you debuted it with the FdI and your fuchsia top (which looks very good on you). The two photos of you on the left one of the reasons that I never, ever travel without scarves. They work their magic by transforming an outfit in a few seconds. Thanks for the lovely variations, dearest MaiTai.

    Let's hope the H gods re-issue La Presentation de Chevaux soon!

    Have a wonderful rest of your weekend!


  6. What a beautiful presentation of your capsule pieces and the perfect example of mix and match! The artful display of "ingredients" looks ready to pop into a suitcase and be good to go! You now have your very own packing reference cards...and so do we Again,thank you for the inspiration! Hope the rest of the weekend is great fun,
    T xx

  7. You are always so elegant! Thanks for continuing to be an inspiration.

  8. Maitai, thanks for sharing - is this a new clic clac also? how do clic clacs look when stacked - have you tried this? Zena

  9. Love your capsule wardrobe posts! You look great as always.

  10. Dearest MaiTai

    Thank you for your sweet, kind words in your previous post. I miss you too and even on holidays I just can´t help coming to this lovely and magic place that is your blog! Love the last variation as well and your La Danse du Cheval Marvi, which is a great option for a chilly Summer evening.
    Sending you lots of warm hugs from the South, Manuela

  11. Sorry, I meant La Danse du Cheval Marvari. Hugs, M.

  12. My dearest MaiTai,
    Wow, the absolute ultimate variation lover's dream post, topped with our cherished low criss-cross! Never knew that one could feel so warm and in love with a scarf knot, thank you for giving us this treasure :) A true 'theme and variations', all versions are so gorgeous, each with its own exquisite mood - so luxurious with La Danse du Cheval Marvari and splendidly chic with your beautiful waterfall necklace <3 And of course I am terribly smitten with the extraordinary low criss-cross, for me nothing frames quite like this favorite knot. The Aux Pays des Epices and La Presentation de Chevaux is a most perfect and beautiful pairing. Thank you for another exceptional post, dear MaiTai. Wishing you a happy and wonderful week ahead, with all my love and warmest variation hugs xx

  13. It seems several of us have been addicted and are writing from vacation, lol. Must frankly admit that the scarves used to be no-no for summer for me, until I saw the low knot on your blog - now I consider the scarves part of my summer outfit as well and wear them relaxedly. All my hopes are with my dear twin CS, hoping she has located her CI in cw01 and is already enjoying it :)

  14. Missed to say something related to a scarf as belt - soooo good, as there is no, even a remote, danger of being "short" with a bias folded scarf used as a belt(which happened with halter top, where 90 cm size was relevant - however, I will correct this situation, as I should lose maybe 2 cm to tie that famous knot which initiated my slight dieting regime).

  15. Dear Valencia, Bourbon&Pearls, CS, Trudye, Gretchen, Zena, solargal, Manuela, Scarf Enthusiast and Lilian, your lovely comments brought much sunshine, as always. Many thanks, dear ladies <3

    Bourbon&Pearls, your comment meant a lot, thanks so much. Having a few wardrobe pieces which truly work saves so much money and frustration.. leaving all the more time and energy to add the special touches, my favorite part of getting dressed :)

    So great to hear the low knot sings to you, my dear CS! Scarves truly are the best travel companions... giving so much scope while taking so little space x

    Merci, dearest Trudye! The little stack would have fitted easily even into carry-on luggage, leaving all the more space in the suitcase for some souvenirs! Love how the paper doll game as evolved and will consult the travel cards very soon ;) xx

    Many thanks, dear Gretchen!

    Dear Zena, the bracelet is fairly new, the color is marron glacé. I tend to wear my clic-clacs solo, but this is just a personal preference :)

    Thank you, dear solargal, so nice of you to say :)

    Hope you are enjoying a most wonderful vacation, my dear Manuela! So nice to have you popping by, the little family here is not the same without you <3 Have a happy and fun time away!

    Awh, my dearest Scarf Enthusiast, so nice to hear you enjoyed the post! As you can imagine, I have been thinking of you when putting it together, as it ticks so many of the boxes we both have in common. The way the criss-cross drapes the silk around the neck is truly special, and so different from all other knots. Have a most wonderful and happy week too <3

    My dear Lilian, like with Manuela, our little chat group is just not the same without you! Hope you are having a fabulous time and much fun with summery ways to knot your new CI :) Good luck with the regime, hope the two centimetres will give way without too much resistance!

  16. Dear Valencia, so sorry to have left you out in the above, it's been an error of copying and pasting. It is so nice to see you here, many thanks for the lovely comment. The farmer's markets are overflowing with summer fruits and vegetable, and the local producers have began to put up their little stalls by the roundabouts about two weeks ago. Everything there is pulled out of the earth in the morning and sold by the evening of the same day. My favorite place to shop! Have a lovely summer :)

  17. So glad I found your blog! I'm between jobs right now and am using some of the time of to streamline my wardrobe. Found you by googling "capsule wardrobe 2011". So glad I did... Your blog is WONDERFUL!

  18. Dear AllThingsNails! a belated but very warm welcome to my blog, so nice to hear how you have found us. Hope the organzing of your wardrobe has been fun and successful :-)