Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Capsule wardrobe # 50 - greys, cream and black

This morning I looked through the photos I took in Paris last week, and thought the one below captured the autumnal atmosphere better than any other. I was crossing the little park by the Rue de Sevrès, on my way to the Bon Marché department store (pictured in the background), when coming across this calm and beautiful sight..

Inspired by the golden light, and the grey, cream and blacks colors of the above, I picked the La Presentation de Chevaux for today, and folded it into soft pleats (again!), this time in a wider strip with fewer pleats, resulting in loose and relaxed folds

Capsule pieces: jeans and black blazer
Shoes: black suede loafers
Accessories: La Presentation de Cheveaux 90 Carré, Grand Apparat extra wide enamel bangle and black Birkin
Scarf tying method: Pleat your scarf into a strip (have fun experimenting with the width and number of pleats), place around your neck and secure ends with a grande scarf ring in criss-cross knot (instead of using a scarf ring, you could also tie the ends into a double knot, which results in shorter ends and a more compact knot)

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  1. Lovely as always! Those silvery grays with black and denim feel so fresh and relaxed.

  2. Many thanks, dear Aesthetic Alterations. Initially, I put a pair of black denims on, but the look turned out too severe. Thank heavens for blue jeans!

  3. You look so pretty. I love Bon Marche. I remember walking there after visiting Nancy Mitford's house in Rue Monsieur.

  4. Calming in your beauty dear friend! I am so glad you opted for the blue denim,too! This ranks up there with some of my all time fav looks! This would be stunning with your jumping boots;) Big hug,T xx

  5. I must put visiting NM's house on my Paris to-do list, dear Faux Fuchsia. I only knew the Rue Madame, and thought R M must be nearby, but turns out that it is in the exact opposite direction;) Very close to the Musée Rodin though, so perhaps a combined visit in spring.. the museum's garden is so very beautiful.

    A big hug to you, my dear sweet Trudye! Yes, the J boots would have been perfect, will repeat the look today 'avec bottes'. Now, which scarf to choose! <3

  6. Lovely look! Relaxed and still very chic. I too would love to see it with the JB.

  7. Great post and the scarf is just wonderful, gorgeous colours, the grey has a slight violet sheen to it, at least on my monitor.

    Second the Rodin museum and the garden outside.

    And what a delight to see this tiny park pictured, I have a photo taken in January this year of DD playing on the toys. And we nearly got expelled from BM for wanting to take a photograph.

  8. What a perfect outfit - I love this look. It's so put together yet totally casual. Very nice!


  9. Good morning, dear booksnchocolate, Bienchen and the taupe!

    Will try and take a snap of the 'ugraded look' with the JBs, dear booksnchocolate! Enjoy a most wonderful autumn day <3

    Bienchen, how I love it when we swap stories here! I remember the play area in the little park, it seems only such a short time ago DS would have enjoyed spending an afternoon there.. Didn't know about the 'no pics' policy in BM, took a couple of snaps inside the store some time ago, glad no one noticed!

    Hello the taupe, so nice to see a new face here! A very warm welcome to you, hope you'll continue to enjoy visiting :)

  10. Once again you're the perfect picture of casual elegance! <3 totally makes me want to wear a blazer a.s.a.p. :-) xox, Macs

  11. Many thanks and happy blazer greetings to you, my dear Macs <3 Definitely one of my favorite wardrobe staples, especially in combination with jeans xo

  12. My dear MaiTai

    How I miss Paris! Le Bon Marché is one of my favourite department stores. I am very fond of their stationery department! You look stunning and I love your black blazer!!!! Lots of warm, golden hugs,M

  13. One of my favorite scarves. I would love to be scarf twins with you on this one! I am hoping that H will reissue this one soon. Thanks for bringing it out again.


  14. Dear MT, you have a wonderful eye and feeling for situations. Besides the photos where you are the main star (sorry, Cecilia, you are great, but...), it is what I tremendously like in your post - that fine "feeling under finger tips" for colours, situations, harmony and how to put the things together and make a whole out of them. This post is enlightening - I think this knot is my favourite one (I was posing at the seminar with the same one, LOL) and I started considerations about blue jeans used for business purpose. I incline more and more to the idea they might be a good business clothing in an environment where there is actually no formal dress code (although it is not IT environment, where casual is preferred). Your outfit looks very polished and totally acceptable as business clothing in my case. What do you think? Hugs, Lilian

  15. Hello MaiTai - How wonderful to see one of my most sought after carres play a part of one of your lovely ensembles! Your photos and narrative always make me feel I'm closer to France.The light is lovely at this time of year yes?

    Thanks once again for sharing,


  16. Most serenely beautiful, my dearest MaiTai. What lovely tranquil moment you've captured - can feel the quiet air. Your ensemble is absolutely breathtaking - so very elegant and modern - the coloring and gentleness is pure grace! I'm in love with the knot too, of course it's our beloved criss-cross <3 Very much hoping you're having a happy and fun weekend. Sending all my love and warmest hugs xxx

  17. My dear Manuela, so nice to have yet another favourite place in common! The BM is such a fabulous store, and the stationary department so very lovely. Adore the food hall across the road too, their macarons are simply divine. Hope you’ll have the chance to visit again soon <3

    Oh how lovely it would be to become twins with you on this one, my dear CS! Hope you will come across it in the near future, or better still, that a gorgeous reissue comes our way one day soon! x

    My dear Lilian, I am so very happy to hear you enjoy the connections I make in my posts. Perhaps they seem sometimes a bit unlikely, but my surroundings inspire me more than any fashion magazine. I adore jeans, they allow you to wear structured tops and formal accessories without looking too dressed up, just polished and chic instead. In a work environment, the darker denims work particularly well in autumn and winter, whereas beige is perfect for summer and spring. Colored jeans (like Ms Raspberry) are a great alternative, and wonderful with a colorful scarf and neutral top. Have fun!

    Hello Maisie! So glad your comment went finally through, it is wonderful to see you here. The light is magical this time of year, golden, soft, warm and calm. My favourite of the year, apart from the l’heure bleue of long summer nights.. Hope you are enjoying a golden autumn!

    As so often, I wasn’t able to think of the right word when preparing my post, but then you come along, my dear Scarf Enthusiast, and rescue me! Serene and tranquil illustrate so very well that special moment in the park, everything was in perfect harmony. And yes, our beloved criss-cross is a wonder knot, if I could only chose one for the rest of my life, it would have to be this one. Warmest hugs right back to you, and a wonderful Sunday evening x