Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Today wearing - La Réale

Today it has been dark and stormy, perfect 'post-Halloween' weather! DS and I went for a walk this afternoon, and by the time we got back, it was almost dark (we haven't got used to the change of clocks yet..). For the lack of light, the pic's quality is misérable, please excuse.

Wearing jeans, ankle boots, a sweater and padded waistcoat,

a 'La Reale' 90 Carré, in a weave knot (click here for a how-to), ends secured with a moyenne scarf ring in honey (you can also tie them together in a simple knot),

and a chaîne d'ancre enamel bangle

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  1. What a lovely sporty look.

    I have a La Reale in shades of blue & white and love how this scarf ties. Full on this design is a bit "meh" for me but tied it shows off the fleur de lys detail and tassels.

    The weave knot is perfect for keeping the neck warm and is my go to knot for cooler weather.

  2. Cousin hugs to you, dear Bienchen! Love your blue/white CW, and so true, the LR is a dream when tied.. the white always ends up illuminating the face. Isn't it wonderful to wear all the 'cool weather knots' again!

  3. Ah, what beautiful,casual look for taking a stroll with DS!
    If I only looked so chic when out for a walk...well that is another topic altogether! Enjoy those strolls with the little man. Big hugs, T xx

  4. I openly and shamelessly envy both of you, owners of La Reale, which ties beautifully and is a dream scarf. I do not know why I even do not hope it will be reissued soon...You showed us again how to be beautifully casually elegant, which has always been my favourite look. P.S. I have bought jeans and wear them to the office, they work fabulously, thanks for the advice and please do not discontinue the style advices. When you stop for a while, my "fuel" just runs out. Hugs, Lilian

  5. As always you look lovely. I wish I could afford such lovely scarves but at the moment I am getting by with two Hermes scarf rings and your instructions. :) Your website proves to me that classic fashions are not gone. Thank you.

  6. Scarf twins with you on this one, dear MaiTai. I've never thought about wearing it in the weave knot, until now. I love how the white in it brightens the face, and adds a bit of unexpected. Thanks for the lovely post.
    Warm hugs,

  7. I couldn't agree more. This scarf ties beautifully.
    I wish I were half as elegant whenever I go for a walk in the vines...

  8. Oh, dear CS, you are also an owner of La seems I entered the club too late and I did not manage to buy too many beautiful designs. So much delighted with those "classical H designs"...even if it is a sign of my age. Will add it to my wish list, maybe H is watching us, reading and writing (oh, yes, taking notes for future issues, LOL), what do you think? Hugs, Lilian

  9. Twin hugs to you, my dear MaiTai
    My "La Réale" is in light green (two shades of green), rose, light orange and grey, and I am very fond of it ! I have never tried the weave knot with it but I will definitely do it now! Love your casual look!
    Big hugs and a lovely weekend to you. M.

  10. LOL....oh, Lilian! Yes, I have the identical scarf (same cw) as our inspirational H leader, our dear MaiTai. However, I cannot take credit for having made the decision to purchase it. And neither can DH! LOL I inherited mine from my mother-in-law. I believe this one was issued in 1981? MaiTai, would you please confirm or correct this? So perhaps there is hope for you, dear Lilian, and your H dreams will soon be realized with a re-issue. By the way, if H is reading this and taking notes, I could also add several to the "please re-issue" list, too! LOL.
    Orange hugs,

  11. My dearest MaiTai,
    What a lovely nautical delight - you are simply stunning in red! Your special La Réale is such classic beauty and the deep blue chaîne d'ancre the perfect companion. Once again, your scarf/knot/outfit pairing is perfection - the weave knot is so very cozy and comforting. Hope you're enjoying a beautiful weekend. All my love to you with big autumn hugs xxx

  12. Love this look on you MaiTai, casual and cosy and yet glamorous too! I love the red on you as well.

    Sorry for not having commented much recently; work has been rather busy but I have been reading and enjoying when time allows!

    Have a lovely weekend (I'm off to enjoy fireworks here!),

    Melusine x

  13. Dear CS, thank you for the info; dear MT, thank you for bringing me into temptation again. What I love about this scarf is exactly what CS said - combination of the brightening white (agree that it brings a "dramatic spice" into that scarf) and my beloved red (always suits me, I feel so). To be fully true, I really tried to find some similarly coloured non-H nautic scarf during the summertime (hoped it might be around), but there is actually impossible to find anything comparable to this scarf "around". Therefore, I will continue hoping for reissue. Dear H, are you listening? LOL. Hugs, Lilian

  14. Looking awesome in neutrals and just as great with a bit "more colour" - what shall I say: you're the master. :-) xox, Macs

  15. Aww, my dearest Trudye, we had the most wonderful and fun time with the little man over the last couple of weeks, enjoying every second of the autymn holidays! Just got back from taking him back to school, and looking forward to Friday already! Big hugs to you too xx

    My dear Lilian, also very much hoping for a LR reissue! In the meantime, you might still be able to find the design as a Gavroche, it was issued not so long ago, I think it must have been SS 2009. Great to hear about the jeans being a success in the office, denim rocks and so do you!

    LisaB, glad to hear you enjoy the different knots. I so often see fabulously chic woman wearing non H scarves. Style and effort go a long way, and can be just as effective as an expensive wardrobe piece or accessory.

    Twin hugs to you, my dear CS!! Will think of you next time I wear the LR.. The white has such a gorgeous soft touch of cream, which is truly flattering. A cowboy knot has a similar effect, you might enjoy wearing it this way too :)

    Don’t you just love strolling through the vines this time of year, my dear booksnchocolate! Everything is so pretty right now, and the changing colors provide a different atmosphere every day. If only it would stop raining for a second! Autumn hugs

    Lilian, certainly hoping for some more classic designs too!

    Oh Manuela, so wonderful to have you joining the club! Big twin hugs to you too, my dear. Your CW sounds absolutely gorgeous, would you be so sweet and email a pic to me? Hope you had a lovely weekend too <3

    CS, so lovely to hear how the LR came to you, thank you for sharing <3 It must hold so many special memories, making it so very precious. I was given mine as a gift, so I don’t have specific details, but I do know that it is a re-issue of the hugs right back x

    So happy you enjoyed the post, my dearest Scarf Enthusiast. The RL never fails to pull me into a nautical direction, and was really happy to find the bracelet working so well with it. Hope you had a most wonderful cosy autumn weekend too xx

    So lovely to see you again, dear Melusine! No worries re the comments, glad you have the time to come and visit sometimes! Hope you had a wonderful evening at the fireworks :)

    Lilian, very much crossing my fingers for you x

    My dear hair-mess, so lovely and sweet of you to say, thank you <3