Sunday, November 6, 2011

Capsule wardrobe # 51 - autumn colors

Autumn continues to dazzle with it's beautiful colors, each day brings a change in atmosphere as leaves slowly turn into yellow and orange, and then into brown or red..

Even on a rainy day the foliage looks spectacular, the dark and sombre light makes the autumnal colors stand out even more. In the past few days, the umbrella has become my most important accessory, but hopefully the continuous and heavy rainfall of the past week will soon come to an end.

Capsule pieces: blue jeans and navy blazer and sweater
Shoes: brown ankle boots
Accessories: Puzzle 90 Carré, Chaine d'ancre enamel bangle and bleu de prusse Bolide
Scarf tying method: Cowboy criss-cross knot worn off center, the ends secured with a a moyenne scarf ring in honey. Please click here for a how-to. (instead of using a scarf ring, you could also tie the ends into a double knot)

I'll be away for some days in the next couple of weeks, but will try and update the blog inbetween trips. Wishing everyone a lovely week ahead x

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  1. Oh, how I love Puzzle on you, dear MaiTai! It's another one that I regret not buying. The problem with that particular scarf was that I could never find it in the store. My regret is that I didn't order it online. (sniff, sniff). But it looks so lovely on you, MaiTai, and I am fond of the off center knot. I will take your advice and try it with LR! Thanks, dear.
    Orange hugs,

  2. Travel safely, dear MaiTai.

    I would be interested to know the maker of your handsome umbrella.


  3. Sigh - what a great picture! I'm such a fan of autumn colours and your way of creating a blue combination is simply exquisite. :-) Have a lovely fall week - xox, Macs

  4. Great shades of blue warmed up by the flashes of orange, just lovely.

    Bon voyage.

  5. Even in the rain you still look gorgeous, my dear MaiTai. I love the colour of your Puzzle. Blue and orange is my favorite combination.

  6. What a fantastic picture! I love fall colors. Glad to know you haven't been hit by the floods.

    Safe travel to you dear MT.

  7. Autumn is so lovely for scarf -wearing , and the colours outside make me long for all things orange .
    I adore your Puzzle scarf , the colours are lovely, and the pattern is modern and young.
    As ever a great modelling shot , thankyou

  8. Beautiful colors, and the knot is perfect. Pam's comment just alerted to the brolly - very impressive indeed!

  9. I love your brown ankleboots!Would you please reveal the brand?

  10. I remember when the Puzzle scarf came out, and I couldn't help but think that none of the colorways would work with my pale complexion (Mai Tai, I make you look like you have a good tan in comparison). Given the way you're wearing it in this picture, it probably would have after all. I'll have to start looking at the colors more closely in the future, and you've given me yet another tip in choosing a scarf--without that being the intent of your post. LOL

  11. Using your own words, you look "spectacular even in the rain", my dear!
    I love your scarf! Blue and orange is such a beautiful combination and looks fabulous on you.
    I hope the rain stops in your area and you can enjoy the amazing colours of Autumn with sunshine. Warm,orange hugs, M.

  12. This is such a beautiful ensemble. And I love those kinds of umbrellas. They last forever. Are they French or German? I still have a small one from when I was a child, wooden handle and strong fabric. Your puzzle has the perfect color. And those wine leaves are fall favorites of mine.

  13. My dearest MaiTai,
    You've so beautifully captured the essence of autumn - one of my favorite times of the year. You're so right - a most wonderful and dramatic contrast between the magnificent foliage and the melancholy skies.  Your blue ensemble is just divine - the lovely Puzzle coloring couldn't be more beautiful, and the off center cowboy criss-cross is a favorite, so warm and endearing <3 As many ladies have said, I too adore your grand umbrella - reminds me of the one my grandmother used to use to protect us both when I was little. Thank you so much for bringing bundles of brightness and beauty into our lives. Wishing you safe travels and many happy returns dear MaiTai. Sending you all good thoughts with much love and big golden hugs xxx

  14. So happy you enjoyed the orange/blue post, my dear CS, Pam, hair-mess, Bienchen, mytwoprincesses, booksnchocolate, Estrella, the taupe, Laura in Georgia, Manuela, Maedi and Scarf Enthusiast, thank you for the warm and lovely comments! I have been away last week (blog post to follow) and off for another week tomorrow, so collective hugs and bisous only this time xox

    A, the boots are by 'The Kooples'.

    Pam, the umbrella is a hand made shepard's umbrella from the Pyrénées. The company who makes them ships worldwide, and you can order (and customize) your umbrella online

    Have a lovely Sunday evening everyone xx

  15. Lovely post. Many of us are in awe of your stunning and stylish umbrella, I know I am. Thanks for sharing the link, I might pop one of these on my christmas wish list!!! You look fantastic in blue on blue on blue. I love navy. And I love your blue/orange Puzzle colorway. At the time I opted for it in the beige/grey (obviously going through my neutral phase!) and although no regrets do often admire how you team yours up wonderfully with beige and taupe.

  16. Oh dear msT how I wish I'd have the grey/taupe CW also, it is so very chic and beautiful! Happy you like the 'parapluie' - it's a friend for life x