Monday, December 5, 2011

Capsule wardrobe # 53 - a new member to the family

I have been longing for a pumpkin colored bag for a few years, and have been tempted many times by orange and potiron. Allthough stunningly beautiful, I always found them too bright on me, no matter with style or leather I tried
Last week, my search came to a happy end (the extra wide bolduc could not be cuter, making the box look like an oversized chocolate box)

Welcome to the newest member to the Picotin family, Ms Sanguine

I had high hopes for this color when it came out, but in the leathers I saw, it never quite matched the color I had in my head.. until I was shown it in Taurillon Clemence, which brought it out in the exact deep and saturated way I wished for.

Today, we had a cool and crip winter's day, and to keep warm, I wore a thin black v-neck sweater under the scarf halter top.

Capsule pieces: checked wool trousers and leather jacket
Shoes: chocolate ankle boots
Accessories: Ex-Libris en Kimono 90 Carré, MT collection waterfall necklace in black, MT collection horn bracelet in noir/ebene/ecru, Picotin in Sanguine
Scarf tying method: 90 Carré as a halter top. Please click here for a how-to

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  1. The color of your Picotine is really intense and refined. I have been admiring your style of picturing and writing for some time, however this is the first time that I am writing. Congratulations! By the way, choosing Ex-Libris en Kimono as a halter top onto the Tshirt is inspiring once again.

  2. A very warm welcome to you, Sebnem! Many thanks for the lovely words and good wishes, happy you enjoy it here :)

  3. Totally love at first sight! Congrats and big hugs on this PERFECT
    PICO ! It seems as if you are collecting this bag,too! Perfect color for now and all year! Happy Days, T xx

  4. Oh my, the new addition to your collection is beautiful. Many congrats and happy times with her. I just love the perfectly balanced colour. Excellent choice, proves that patience pays off. Although I've been patiently waiting for an Etoupe Picotin for a LOOONG time in Australia. Will she ever make it 'down under' I wonder? A xo

    PS My shawl ring arrived this morning, the design is so clever. Everyone should own one, they are the perfect solution to making shawls less bulky as no need to tie a knot. Hooray to you!!

  5. What a pretty color!!!!

    I know what you mean about a color being too bright. When "An Affair To Remember" was being filmed, they were shooting the scene where Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr are getting off the ship, and Cary stopped everything because an extra in the background was carrying a bright red suitcase or handbag. He had them change it because the brightness of that color would draw the eye to that rather than the actors. He had a point. ;-)

  6. D D C A G A A !! (drop dead chic and gorgeous as always :-) And of course Congrats to the new h-family member! I also love the cool, understated look of the picotin and if I wasn't saving for ... ;-) I'd be getting another one a.s.a.p as well! hugs and have fun playing with this lovely colour, especially throughout the darker months, xox, Macs

  7. This Picotin is adorable, sanguine works so well for a small bag . Congratulations , you've set me thinking !
    I've passed on the Picotin because of its lack of secure closure , and living in London one is constantly vigilant ! Would you use it in Paris for example ?

  8. Congratulations on your new family member - what size is it please? I have been looking for a MM or possibly a GM for ages and this size looks lovely on you.

  9. I love sanguine in clemence MT - what a scrumptious choice for you ! I have been waiting for an MM size for several months-alas, the stocks here seem to be abysmal! Is yours a GM or MM size? xoxL.

  10. Congratulations on the beautiful addition to your H collection, my dear friend, Sanguine is such a rich, beautiful and subtle colour,

  11. Dear MaiTai - I too have loved sanguine since it first appeared. For me it is a warm, feminine neutral colour. Your sanguine Picotin is wonderful! May I ask, is the Picotin a safe bag to use as I know it is quite open. Congratulations and much pleasure w your new bag.

    Maisie xox

  12. Congrats on your new addition! Such a beautiful color and ties in so well with your wardrobe. Waiting for just the right thing is always so rewarding. Bet it looks great with the indigo fur scarf:) The only time I think about having a Picotin is when I see your modeling pix. I'm way too chicken for this style. Perhaps someday...

  13. Dear MaiTai, if it, by any chance, happens in any moment of your life and you wake up with a thought you don't like this your Pico anymore, please note that there is a person in this world, who is in absolute love with all possible salmon, peach, potiron, orange shades...the address is known to you...I mean, just in case...:-)
    However, I am sure it will not happen...the bag is a beauty, wear it in good health, dear.
    Some joking can never do any harm.
    PS. ElenK is also welcome with the bag.
    Hugs, Lilian

  14. Congratulations on your beautiful Picotin, my dear MaiTai. She is so pretty and looks perfect on you!
    Big, warm hugs from the South, M.

  15. I love your new bag - the colour is very subtle and warm. I'm sure you'll have lots of fun putting together outfits around it.

    Many thanks for the very quick delivery of my grande bone scarf ring which arrived this morning - I am off now to practice some new knots :)

  16. A beautiful addition to your wardrobe, MT! The Picotin is my favorite H bag - i love its ease and elegance! xx

  17. Was für eine schöne Tasche und in so einem schönen Ton. Ich finde die passt viel Besser zu Dir als die Rubis. Darf ich fragen was Du mit der Anderen roten Picotin gemacht hast oder war das eine andere Größe? Beneide Dich denn Du hast die Chance in Paris bei Hermès reinzuschauen. Wir in Deutschland müssen ja sehen was wir bekommen...
    Liebe Grüße

  18. My dearest MaiTai,
    A warmest welcome to the very gorgeous Ms. Sanguine Picotin - what a special beauty!  So very happy for you, dearest MaiTai.  You were so right to have waited - Clemence truly brings out the richness and the complexity of the amazing Sanguine, and the adorable Picotin shape highlights it best - her sisters must be thrilled! As always, your outfit is ultra fabulous - the lovely autumnal Ex-Libris in brilliant halter top so perfectly in concert with the one and only MT Collection <3
    Many thanks and bravos to the wonderful ladies who shared their beautiful action pics, and to our dear MaiTai for creating such a warm and beautiful collage - truly so very inspiring.
    Thinking of you lots and sending you warmest pumpkin hugs with all my love xxx

  19. Love the color of your new bag, MiaTai. She is the perfect compliment to your Ex-Libris en Kimono, and many of your other scarves, too. (I've been busy clicking through your list - LOL). Looking forward to seeing your new Picotin with Puzzle, the latest of your fur collars, Bleu indigo.
    Warm holiday wishes and orange hugs,

  20. Congratulations MT! The sanguine Pico is beautiful. I got the orange PM and it has already become one of my most used items, enjoy it!

  21. Oops. Please excuse my poor tying skills, and this error without having any spiked egg nog (yet). I meant "MaiTai", not "MiaTai".

  22. Many thanks, my dear Trudye, and happy Pico collecting days to you too! Looking very much forward to see how she fares in the other seasons, already fantasizing about spring looks <3

    Dear msT, crossing my fingers that you patience will pay off one day soon! So lovely to hear re the scarf ring, many thanks. Have much fun and wishing you many happy knotting times x

    Laura in Georgia, thank you so much for sharing the great CG anecdote..still has the same relevance, all those years later x

    hair-mess A S V S A A (always so very sweet and adorable), so happy you like the surprise addition! Hugs from one Pico lover to another.

    Estrella, so true re the small bag, so much easier to introduce fun colors! I do use the Picotins in Paris or other big cities, but keep my wallet right at the bottom, and pile make-up pouches, tissues, a water bottle etc on top. I do see Picotins frequently on the streets of Paris (but would be extra careful in crowded places)

    cvw1004, the size is a MM, hope you will find yours one day not too distant in the future :)

    lanit, doesn’t the Clemence bring it out to perfection? Stock is at a truly low ebb, I tried FSH before, and they had just one Picotin in stock, a PM in black. Hope luck is smiling at you soon (mine is a MM)

    Mille merci, ma chère Jamais xx

    Maisie, sanguine hugs to you, how fun to have had the same thoughts re this colour! Re safety, please read reply to Estrella :)

    gracekelly, isn’t the wait (and obsessing over) half the fun of it! Lol re the lust for a Picotin, or rather the waning of it.. ;)

    Lilian, very comforting to have a loving home lined up in case, you have just become Ms Sanguine’s (and ELenK's) official godmother!!

    Manuela, hope you are enjoying a most wonderful relaxing and happy time in the warm south, and soaking up the wonderful mild light.. hugs right back

    Mrs. Exeter, great to hear about the safe arrival of Ms Bone, wishing you much fun knotting and experimenting!

    sushi queen, orange hugs from one Picotin lover to another x

    ssb, thanks so much!

    Jeanne-Marie, always great to hear about wonderful experiences with Jan, and many congratulations on your CS GM!

    Majara, herzlichen Dank für die netten Komplimente. Die Rubis Picotin ist die gleiche Grösse (MM), und ich habe sie behalten, denn sie ist immer noch heiss geliebt.. In Paris gab es jedoch schon seit einiger Zeit nicht viel zu sehen.. wie oben bereits erwähnt, nur eine Picotin in schwarz (PM) Die Ebbe herrscht im Moment überall..

    Scarf Enthusiast, many thanks for the lovely warm welcome for Ms Sanguine! There is a big Pico party chez nous, three happy siblings waving at and you asking you to join <3 The ExL en K has become such a favorite, it seems to have just the right splash of color to brighten dark autum days. Loved the pumpkin hugs my dearest, and can’t resist sending them right back x

    CS, you are so right re the perfect match to so many of my scarves, it was such joy to try them all, and so far I have found 17 perfect matches (does this tally our count?) Looking particularly forward to those that have been a bit neglected on the grounds there was nothing to go with them..x

    Birkinmary, thanks so much, and big cousin hugs to you!

    CS, please please send some egg nog over! <3

  23. Ah, I neglected to welcome Ms. Sanguine properly! She is lovely, and many congratulations to you on this addition to the family (and her more recent sister, who arrived at Christmas!).

    I think Ms. Sanguine will be fabulous in the summer with khaki pants and white shirts and some lovely MT horn bracelets! I, too, am very drawn to the Picotin style--still saving and dreaming of my first H bag. Someday...maybe in 2012!

  24. Great to have you joining the party, dear Pam, Ms Sanguine says merci for the lovely welcome. Your styling ideas for summer are lovely, and hope all your bag dreams will come true one day soon.