Friday, December 9, 2011

Today wearing - winter pastels

The last couple of days our sky has been 'a hazy shade of winter', while a low sun casted milky light over nature and fassades, dunking them into a palette of soft pastel colors.

Wearing 'Aux Pays des Epices' (it's the first time I've taken it out in winter.. such a joy to discover new usages for old favorites) with a MT Collection scarf fur collar in Poudre, knotted in an Ascot knot. Please click here for how-to

Later in the day, with hair pulled back and scarf in the basic bias fold (secured with the five loop method)

Have a great weekend everyone x

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  1. Absolutely beautiful, MaiTai. I think we have similar weather. It's quite cold here but sunny and the fog and mist is like a soft veil over everything given trees, hills, meadows a more 3-D quality. Very pretty. Your collar in pudre is gorgeous and I love your new bag. By the way, your large shawl ring is magnificent also with 90 cm carres.
    Have a great weekend.

  2. What a beautiful winter outfit--so elegant and yet cozy. So "MaiTai"!

  3. Very elegant and you look in fabulous in these pale colours. Wish I could rock pastels but they don't suit me much, so I shall contonue to admire them on you.

  4. It truly is a magical time of year, dear Maedi, the way you described your surroundings is so very beautiful and lovely. So happy to hear about the shawl ring, and I agree, it opens a whole new dimension for 90 Carrés. Have a most wonderful third Advent <3

    Many thanks, dear Pam! With every change of season, there is so much scope and inspiration. When putting the outfit together, I had definitely cosy in mind :)

    Dear Bienchen, happy you enjoyed the first winter post, many thanks! I felt like you about pastels for the longest time, but coming slowly round to them, it seems they become more flattering as one goes on ;)

  5. You are the Snow Queen today , and the fragile pastels look beautiful on you. I was comparing to the previous post ..charcoal, orange and vibrant colours with reddish lipcolour.
    I noticed how for the post today , you kept your complexion and lip colour pale . That seems to be the secret ! I think I would be tempted to add colour , and that would be too coarse with these pastels . So another lesson learnt ..
    Mai Tai ..I appreciate your advice re Picotin / cities . It is really my favourite shape hermes bag, next to Lindy .
    And so the hunt may commence !
    have a happy week.

  6. Might you reveal us name of the town where you took the photo of the street? I know it is not Florence, just remind me about one street there. Well, having seen some new H silks issues for the coming season, photo of your Aux Pays des Epices reminds me so much about the H spirit I enjoyed so much and which I cannot recognize anymore...hope, my dear, that you will teach us how to discover the beauty somewhere in that collecttion... Well, it seems that something went wrong with my letter to Hermes Santa...Hugs to you, enjoy the winter days. Lilian

  7. Merci Estrella, glad you enjoyed the wintery look :) Very well observed re the make-up/lip color, I do enjoy keeping them in harmony with the rest of the outfit. In the above post I only used lipliner, filled it in, and applied lip balm (instead of lipstick) on top. The effect is super natural, which felt just right for the soft colors of the look. Wishing you much luck for the Pico hunt, hope there will be a successful outcome one day soon :)

    Dear Lilian, the little street is in Avignon :) As for the H Santa, it looks as if he didn't receive my letter either.. For the moment, I have not seen a SS2012 scarf which makes me jump up and down in excitement, but perhaps it will be different when seeing them IRL. Also, a few of the designs are still to be revealed, so keeping my hopes up. PS. Have you checked your email recently? x

  8. I am in hopes with you.
    Have blacklisted an ex colleague of mine who likes sending voluminous e-mails which overload my mailbox (I have cleared it now) - as he never sends any H silk design, the damage I did is not major, LOL. Lilian

  9. I have just about the say the similar observation about pale complexion/lipstick effect. Gorgeous!

  10. What a beautiful, soft and feminine winter's post!
    This is again, another lovely look on you! Perfect to match the light of the season. I must admit to shying away from the pastels,too. I will also remain content to admire them on you;) Big furry hugs, T xx

  11. You made me rethink navy, and now I'm going to have to give some more thought to my Marron Glace Clic bracelet. I bought it years ago, but I have yet to wear it even once. With that color palette, it really does work beautifully. Thanks MT!

  12. I am loving the cw of your Aux Pays des Epices, MaiTai, and have put it on my resell search list. Apparently, H Santa didn't receive my letter either. Even DH is feeling sorry for me, or so he says. I think he's adhering to the "good DH rules". LOL Perhaps I should tell him that a new Birkin under the tree would make everything perfect in my H world? LOL
    (Hopefully) warm orange hugs (soon),

  13. Tres chic MaiTai - love this cream/ecru and poudre fur on you looks lovely. SA

  14. You look beautiful, my dear, radiating light from the inside. H should use this picture on the cover of the next Winter le Monde.

  15. Beautiful,my dear MaiTai! Your fur collar in poudre and the light sweater give light to the dark and short Winter days.
    Thank you for your good wishes in the last post. It´s great to be back! Wishing you a lovely week ahead! Warm hugs, M.

  16. True and utter love plus complete admiration of your sense of style and this example in particular!! Wearing such a chic, yet comfortable outfit and looking like a million $€ at the same time truly makes my jaw drop. :-) xox, Macs

  17. You look truly fabulous in this outfit and these colors dear MT.

  18. Funny how your pale colour pallette still emits amazing warmth and coziness. I think its the fur. I saw the recent reissue of Aux Pays des Epices in the neutral CW, but it didn't seem to have the same depth of colour as yours. I let it go at the time, but she is still is on my mind. Oh gosh, Santa is going to be very busy.

  19. Mai Tai, I love this color palette on you. Are you wearing the pearls? I don't see them. After Christmas, I look for my crystalline pastels for winter too. Please keep giving us more examples. I love the color choice of pants with the sweater too. The sweater makes everything soft and the collar is divine.


  20. My dearest MaiTai
    So very dearly beautiful - how I love this gentle side of winter. And what exquisite, tender poetic scenery you've painted. You are so magnificently lovely in delicate pastels, bathed in soft winter glow. But then you look gorgeous in any and all colors, my dear MaiTai. The beautiful sumptuous fur, rich silk, and luminescent pearls are the ultimate luxury. Both versions are breathtaking - and so different with just a touch here, a touch there. I love soft colors myself and am so grateful to learn that summery scarves have a whole new life during the winter months - your sense of style and color is truly amazing. Thank you so much for another elegant inspiration. Thinking of you much, dear friend, and sending you all my love with biggest cosy hugs xxx

  21. Might you show us how 90 carres look with shwal rings, dear MT? In name of the ladies whose letters were not (obviously) received by Hermes Santa, I am going to write a letter to "real" Santa, up there in Finland, will remind him that our dear MT has connection with Finland and he might get in touch with Hermes Santa, hm???
    Dear CS, if you see the Birkin filled with old H silks, I agree you can keep the Birkin and pass the silks to me, deal done? LOL

  22. Sebnem, thanks so much!

    Trudye, I felt soft and feminine all day long.. amazing how colors and textures can subtly emphasise a mood, or equally well rub against! Wise decision to stay away from those which do not feel harmonious. Furry hugs right back x

    Laura in Georgia, marron glacé twin chin’chins are on order! I have of course spotted it in your fabulous still life pic, and hope this beauty will have it’s first outing soon!

    CS, the APdE is one of my favourites, and so happy to have discovered a winter use for it. Good luck for your search! You have such a sweet DH, if only Santa could be half as sympathetic!

    Merci, dear Scarfaddict. Poudre twin hugs to you :)

    Jamais, blushing so much that I am ruining the pale winter look! Grands bisous to you, ma chère, <3

    Manuela, welcome back! Hope you had a most wonderful time away, and could not agree more with you on these colors illuminating dark and short days. Wishing you a lovely week ahead too x

    Macs, thanks so much, as always. The pants are new, and as comfortable as PJs, and the sweater much the same.. and both were not expensive! Aww, the power of H.. and perhaps the power of a fur collar too ;)

    Mille merci, dear booksnchocolate, so very lovely of you to say. Bonne soirée <3

    msT, many thanks, so kind of you to say :) The recent issue of the Aux Pays was (much like the other ‘surprise’ issues) an original issue from AW 2001. It is very similar to mine (2008 reissue), but a little darker and less contrast (as you said) and with a few specs in red. I have still seen them recently, let me know if Santa needs any help.

    emilyatheart, so loveley to hear you enjoyed the look, many thanks. I wore pearl earrings instead of a necklace, but in the still-life, they did not make the same impact as in the outfit, so I replaced them by the necklace.. Have fun with the crytalline pastels (might have to borrow this divine expression!)

    Scarf Enthusiast, as so often, I am bowled over by your beautiful words, they add such a special dimension to my posts, and speak more volumes than a photo ever could. So very inspiring, and always taking me to a beautiful place of imagination. A big thank you also for the special thoughts, and cosy warm hugs right back to you <3

    Lilian, excellent idea to start pulling some strings! A letter to Mr Joulupukki is a good start ;) Once I get a moment, I’ll get a shawl ring playtime session on the way, it’s going to be fun (with xmas only two weeks away, it might be a little while though) Please check email settings again, as my note obviously did not reach you!

  23. Oh, Lilian! LOL It's very safe deal to make with you, as there is zero chance of a Birkin being under my tree. But if it were true, and filled with all of the re-issues that you are seeking, then I would pass them onto you, especially the ones that are orange!

  24. Dear CS, thanks for generosity - I knew you would do it for me :-). I would equally sacrifice for your if there is a Birkin on my way. It seems you need it more than me.
    Please, refer to our dear MT for the instructions how to reach my e-mail and sorry for my silence - I have not received any of your letters. I can hardly wait to "talk" to you, it would be a beautiful Christmas gift from you. Hugs, Lilian

  25. You are elegant in pastel colours and I love your new sanguine picotin, it's hard to get it at H stores at the moment. Is it PM picotin ?

  26. Dearest Lilian and CS, I am so thrilled everything has worked out, champagne toasts to you, my ladies <3

    The Picotin is a MM, dearest Henrika, and yes, stock seems to be depleted everywhere. Wishing you the best of luck x

  27. Dear MaiTai,

    I'm late to the party, but just had to tell you how much I LOVE the "new" Poudre color of ScarfFurCollar!

    Your styling and modeling pictures ensure this to be a hot selling item!

  28. It's never too late, my dear! So nice to hear you like the 'new' color, merci <3