Monday, December 12, 2011

Today wearing - winter pastels, part two

Provençal façades come in hundreds of soft pastel shades, some exuding tranquility, others warmth and hospitality, but always calming in summer, and illuminating in winter.

Today I've been playing with nuances, chosing slightly deeper and warmer shades than the icy pastels in the last post, while adding a casual touch with jeans. The caramel scarf fur collar is part of the outing too, as requested by a dear reader :)
Rue Fernand Dol, Aix-en-Provence

Capsule pieces: cream tank, camel cardie and blue jeans
Accessories: 'Maillons' Twilly, MT Collection scarf fur collar in caramel (the above photo is true to color, more so than the one below) and MT collection horn bracelet in maroon/cream

And this one is for dear CS specially...

Puzzle 90 Carré, sanguine Picotin and bleu indigo scarf fur collar

Coming next: first cashmere interview (of a series) with Chantal Roy

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  1. Ah, this is charming , MaiTai. Totally wearable for a brunette/redhead like myself, too.

    And we are twilly twins (and cousins on the fur collar of course) but here the similarity (and alliterations) end.

    Thank you for the picture of Aix and I shall look forward to the cashmere interview.

  2. Dear Bienchen, can I please hire you as a model next time? Even though I very much love the warm camel/cream/caramel tones, they don't love me back as much as the cool colours do. Twin and cousin hugs to you, and a happy 3rd Advent week x

  3. Dear MT, I guess anybody of us is trying to figure out how the featured looks BOTH work on you. A challenge I will study in the coming days. Shouldn't one of them be odd? Hm. Dear Coco Chanel would have a task to do.

    As for e-mails, please note that I sent tons of e-mails to you and then asked for confirmation of delivery - they all bounced back to me. I guess your host hates me.

    Hoping the last one will go through, I used a totally unsuspicious subject line :-)

    Hugs, Lilian

  4. Lilian, you are too kind, many thanks my dear. While I think the look in itself works, I can imagine how much better it would be on someone with warmer coloring. But these are the limits of a personal blog.. Re the emails, I have no idea what to do next. I know that someone else's messages to you did not go through to you either, and heard that my server is acting up strangely too. Don't have the first idea how to fix these things, but hope all will return to normal soon.

  5. Such a lovely look along with the charming pic of Aix. ITA with you and Bienchen...this is more of a cw for me and all of the other warm blondes,brunettes,redheads:) Camel,caramel I think look beautiful on you,too! I am also perplexed as to how all of these colors work so well on you,from the icy to the warm tones,they all seem to fit you to perfection!
    But,ha,that is why you are our fearless leader here!!
    Perhaps you have a secret stash of contact lenses that you change to match your outfit? LOL! works like a charm<3
    Noel,Noel and mwahs,T xx

  6. This look is stunning, MaiTai! I caramel fur collar with the cardie, cream tank, and Maillions. It suits you so very well, dear. And thank you for showing me the Puzzle with your new bleu indigo collar. Do you really think it best for someone with warmer coloring? the first thing I noticed was how it brought out the blue in your eyes. And Ms. sanguine Picotin could not be a more perfect match for Puzzle. (I'm not sure if my count of your scarves was up to 17 for Ms. Picotin, but I do recall that quite a few would be beautiful with her).
    Warm hugs,

  7. Caramel/creams with blue jeans is one of my all time favourite combinations, such a classic. And a great canvas for accessories! APdE (thank goodness for abbreviations) again looks fantastic bringing it all together.

    PS I see L'Arbre de Vie has been released as a gavroche - they are very cute.

  8. My dearest Trudye, I thought the camel/cream would be right up your alley! I do love the combination too, but the above is definitely a lucky break, it mostly does not work out on me, wahh. I can always accessorise with a glass of champagne though, LOL! Bisous xx

    I obviously crammed too many looks into one post, my dear CS, all leading to confusion! I meant the camel/caramel being tricky on me (usually), while I am very happy in the orange/blue (which incidentally would probably suit warmer skin tones too). Glad you enjoyed the Puzzle ensemble, and with time, I might get to post all 17 scarf/Ms Sanguine pairings! By then, the number might have hopefully even increased a bit...;)

    My dear msT, awh yes, always such a chic look, and a true classic (reminds me of the chic women in Milan)! Throw a tan coloured bag into the mix, and you’ll never have to wear anything else. The L’AdV Gavroches are so very cute indeed, I just checked Thanks for sharing the good news!

  9. Dear Lilian:

    If you are having problems sending out email (ones to our dear MaiTai bounce back to you), as well as receiving email, there is a problem with your service provider. Please check with them. (My first thought was that everything was going into your spam or junk box, but now I'm convinced it's not the case). Hope you get things sorted out soon! (Super geek DH agrees)


  10. Dear MaiTai, caramel and camel can be very tricky on me too, but really, you nailed it. It's really beautiful on you.

    I'm anxious to see what new scarves you might add to your collection to go with the lovely new Ms. sanguine Picotin!

    Warm orange hugs,

  11. Lilian:

    It could also be your password. Some are case sensitive. Please check that as well.

    MaiTai, my apologies for taking up space on your blog. It seems this is the only way for dear Lilian to receive any message.


  12. Thankyou for showing us these different looks . I could never in a million years wear the first pale combination, and of course it does look good on you. But the second with Puzzle and Picotin is wow !
    I adore orange and blue together , and the dark chocolate of the collar sets it off to perfection.

  13. Dearest MaiTai
    In all the time I have silently followed your blog, the last two postings must be my all-time favourites. Such atmospheric architecture combined with stylish outfits - bliss:)

  14. Lovely post, my dear MaiTai! The pastel winter colours look great on you! I love the caramel fur collar and the new bracelet. That street in Aix must be so pretty! The colours of the houses are amazing and you always know how to combine it all so well! Sending you lots of cosy hugs, M.

  15. Fabulous!! and I LOVE your new picotin SX

  16. What a blissfully beautiful part of the world you live in, my dearest MaiTai.  Illuminating indeed - I can feel the winter's gentle sun and admire the wonderful architecture, each structure so delightfully different yet happy neighbors all together. 
    My dear MaiTai, I love this camel/carmel/cream outfit on you.  Especially the soft pink of your lipstick and the lovely cooler tones in the Maillons, together with the blue jeans give such wonderful balance to the warmer tones.  You are truly divinely gorgeous in everything you style.
    A big thank you to dear CS for requesting the Puzzle/Ms. Sanguine/Ms. Bleu Indigo ensemble - I was also eager to see just this combination - so very striking and powerful.  
    A heartfelt thank you, dearest MaiTai, for such sweet but much too kind and generous compliments. There is nothing more inspiring than the joy and the radiant beauty you emanate.  I appreciate and marvel all that you give with all my heart <3
    Thinking of you much with all my love and sending you big cuddly hugs xxx

  17. I love camel and cream tones which work even in winter. I have the Ors Nomades in the neutral beige/brown color and it's such a lovely scarf.

    BTW, what camera do you use? Your pictures always come out so nice.

  18. CS and Lilian, so glad you have worked it out <3

    CS, I am anxious too! The main parts of the SS collections are always held back until the New Year in France, hoping to find a coup de coeur then! x

    Dear Estrella, here’s to orange and blue, always such a fabulous and powerful combination (love the Puzzle scarf for that reason). The fur collar is indigo, but the look works beautifully with the mocca collar too :)

    A warm welcome to you, dear Mel, and many thanks for the lovely comment. So happy you enjoyed the street shots, will try and incorporate some more in future posts.

    Many thanks, my dear Manuela! Both will be with you soon, I hope :) The street is very pretty indeed, in all seasons. Aix is such a beautiful town (and the H boutique is fabulous too). Cosy hugs right back xx

    Mille merci, dear ssb! Ms Pico says thank you too ;)

    My dear Scarf Enthusiast, you are so right about the light, it one of the aspects of living in South of France I cherish most..Especially at this time of year, as I spent most winters of my life in much colder and less luminous climate zones. Your lovely words re the outfits mean so much, and thank you so much again for the warm and comforting thoughts. Much love to you x

    Jolie in the City, the Ors Nomandes in the beige/brown CW is so beautiful and lovely, and perfect for all seasons! The camera is a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX35. I am not completely happy with it, as the
    wide angle lens tends to distort close range pictures.. zooming in helps with the distortion, but makes focusing more difficult..

  19. This old clip of scarf variations might amuse you:

  20. Thanks so much MelD, loved the clip :)

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