Thursday, January 5, 2012

Capsule wardrobe # 55 - black and sunshine yellow

With all festive decorations cleared and stowed away, the house feels fresh and ready for the New Year. It still is wonderful of course to see nature displaying baubles and berries, especially when against a clear blue sky.
I bought this coat a while ago, and am so pleased how it allows me to wear some of my scarves which I considered 'summer carrés' in winter too.

Capsule pieces: black jeans and sweater
Shoes: black Jumping boots
Accessories: Hermès 'La Presentation de Chevaux' 90 Carré, MT Collection horn bracelet in noir, black Birkin
Scarf tying method: Scarf folded in the basic bias fold, wound once around the neck and ends secured in a basic slide with a MT collection scarf ring in honey. Please click here for a how-to

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  1. I had heard tails of this coat! So lovely to see it in person,so to speak. Beautiful new color for and on you!
    Just perfect in your saffron,dear MT, and it does make a great backdrop for your silks! Now wouldn't a deep orange,as in poitron, make a lovely coat, also? Big warm winter hugs,
    T xx

  2. My dear friend, happy you like it in person! Such an easy and versatile color too. A potiron coat? Oh what fun it would be! Big hugs and much love to you <3

  3. Oh, your mother's scarf! How lovely.

  4. Fabulous coat! That punch of colour is so very fun.

    I have been searching for the "perfect" v-neck sweater - not too tight, not too slouchy, not to thick. You ALWAYS seem to have the perfect sweater! May I ask what you look for in a sweater and what are your favourite brands.


  5. Looks gorgeous love those co ours x

  6. Lovely, just lovely. Black and yelow can be so stark but this is mellow and sunny. The secret must be the warm golden hues, perhaps?

  7. You look so pretty and vibrant in this outfit, your coat and scarf are both beautiful.
    This golden mustard colour was one of my surprise finds last Winter . The gorgeous cashmere sweater I wanted was only available in mustard , and I've been pleasantly surprised at its versatility: also I do get compliments but best of all it's a real spirit lifter isn't it ?

  8. Sorry forgot to put"tails" around the tails! You know me and word play! Ah, so special that this was your Mother's scarf.
    Heartfelt hugs, Txx

  9. Hello Mai Tai. One of my New Years Resolutions was to stop being such a lurker and actually comment and express appreciation towards people like you who provide me with such entertainment with your lovely blogs.

    So... Congrats on your gorgeous Ebene Birkin for Christmas! You always have the best taste in H bags. I never would of thought of combining yellow with black, but it looks so sophisticated in a muted yellow such as your mustard coat. Gorgeous and inspiring as always.

    One question - would you ever consider naming the designers of your non-H pieces? Sometimes I find myself very curious as to who designed them.

    Maria in Miami

  10. Dear MaiTai,
    Funny, I made the same resolution as Maria to let people know when they've brightened my day. Well you certainly have been doing so for a while, and I can credit you with finally taking the plunge and getting my first H scarf. You have showed me how to wear them with style, so thank you so very much. And you look lovely in your yellow La Presentation de Chevaux - what a wonderful way to honor your mother!

  11. Such a vibrant and elegant look! And this outfit is perfect with the mimosas. (They are mimosas, aren't they?)

  12. So happy to see you wearing your Mom´s scarf, my dear MaiTai. It is so pretty!<3
    Your new coat goes so well with it.
    Enjoy a lovely weekend. Big hugs, M.

  13. Another stunning look MaiTai, and like the other commentators have said it's lovely that you have found another stunning way to wear your mother's scarf. I have a lovely scarf from my beloved grandmother (alas, not H though! :) ) and you have inspired me to find a way to wear it.

    The saffron colour looks wonderful on you and I love the 'swingingness' of the coat! The way you find beautiful photos of nature through the seasons to illustrate your posts is very inspirational too.

    Melusine x

  14. I have followed this blog since I purchased my first scarf last summer and happily found you when googling my find, "Courbettes et Cabrioles." Over time, I have been rereading all your entries, and when I came across the entry about you and your mother's Présentation de Chevaux, and then saw the way you combined the two, I found myself with tears in my eyes. I wonder if, as is the case with me and that one special scarf my dad gave me, that wearing it is like a wonderful hug from the past. You look lovely.

  15. Beautiful post MT and such joy to see you wearing Présentation de Chevaux. You are so lucky to be able to wear this wonderful sunny yellow colour, I love it but just can't pull it off. Ax

  16. Thank you, Christina. My idea of a perfect sweater is very similar to yours :) My favorite materials are cotton or fine wool, either 100% or mixed. They tend to have some structure and hold their shape, while not too thick and not prone to pilling. I am not loyal to any particular brands, and think great ones can be found anywhere (I bought a few cotton sweaters at H&M a few years ago, and they still look like new, having been machine washed over and over) but had very good experiences with John Smedley, agnes b.and Comptoir des Cottoniers, just to mention a few.

    Many thanks, dear Faux Fuchsia. Happy New Year x

    Most yellows do not suit me, dear Bienchen, but as you’ve said, the mellow tones work. I think one could probably find something that works in almost every color, as long as it has the right temperature, shade and luminosity (with some colors, it might be a rather long search though, lol)

    Many thanks, and congratulations on your surprise find, dear Estrella! I was amazed too when finding out what a happy making color it is, wearing the coat always puts a spring into my steps. Dijon hugs!

    Ah Trudye, of course I knew what you meant! Love your fun and witty word games, my dear and clever friend <3

    A very warm welcome to you, dear Maria! Re the non-H pieces, some are years old, so I thought there was no point in mentioning who they are by. Some favorite shopping places are Maje, The Kooples, Sessùn (where the yellow coat comes from), Gerard Darel, Strenesse, Tara Jarmon, Caroll, Un, Deux, Trois, Ralph Lauren, Sandro, Paul & Joe, or those mentioned above re sweaters, but I also like getting pieces from H&M or Mango. Just to name a few!

    Dear Sophie, a very happy welcome to you too! Thank you you for the lovely comment, and excited congratulations on your first H scarf! (would love to know which one you decided on)

  17. Chère booksnchocolate, I wish I knew what kind of tree it is! It is not a mimosa, but I can see how misleading the pic is. They carry their little baubles all through winter, and have lush (not feathery) leaves in summer. I will try and snap a better pic next time!

    My dearest Manuela, so touched how you all remember the specialness of this scarf to me, you are such a wonderful group of ladies. And you my dear, are always so lovely, gentle and kind. Wishing you a great week ahead <3

    Dearest Melusine, your grandmother’s scarf must be the most special one in your collection, I can imagine how precious it must be to you. So nice to hear you enjoy the ‘mood’ pictures, nature is my biggest inspiration.

    Dear weave and spin, I sometimes wonder how new readers have come across my blog, many thanks for sharing your story. Big twin hugs on the CenC, which happens to my first scarf too. Considering the huge number of existing designs, this is an amazing coincidence. Your description of how it feels to wear those special scarves gave my eyes some moistness, you have put it beautifully.

    Thank you, my dearest msT! It is not my easiest scarf to wear, but definitely my most special one. Sunshine hugs to you <3

  18. Are you the same M.T. that was on TpF? You always had a kind word for me there and I thank you for sharing your pictures and stories on your blog.* :) So many pretty things.

    *I found your blog because I was Google searching to see if a Kelly Double Tour in bleu ciel were ever made.


  19. A warm welcome to you, dear C! How lovely our paths are crossing again, it's been some since tPF. Hope you had luck with the KdT :)