Monday, January 2, 2012

Capsule wardorbe # 54 - Happy New Year!

Hope everyone had a great start into the New Year, and wishing you all a happy, healthy and fabulous New Year 2012!

Thank you so much for the support and friendship of the previous year, everyone's contributions, thoughts and comments are always so much appreciated, and never fail to make my day. It is also wonderfully rewarding to see the blog grow, a big thank-you to all readers, and a special grand merci to those who have joined or subscribed.

As in the previous year, I wore my Hart Déco stole on New Year's Eve, this time in combination with a little black dress

Capsule pieces: black dress
Shoes: black croc pumps
Accessories: Hermès 'Hart Déco' cashmere/silk stole, MT chain link necklace (no longer available), clic bracelet in black, Kelly Dog bracelet in black croc
Scarf tying method: Stole placed around shoulders and secured in a criss-cross knot with a MT collection shawl ring in black. Please click here for a how-to

In the morning of New Year's Eve, I've cut some twigs and branches from the garden to decorate my dining table, and added some gold berries and branches, pine cones and silver twigs I used at last week's Christmas lunch. It was a gloriously warm and sunny day, and when our friends arrived, we had the apéritif and some oysters from nearby Bouzigues outside, followed by a fun and happy lunch for eleven, which lasted until it got dark

Later I changed from jeans into a dress, and settled with DH for a cosy evening by the fire, where we toasted our favorite moments of the past year with a glass of champagne. New Year's Eve was definitely one of them!

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  1. And a very happy New Year to you too MaiTai! Your table is lovely - we also love using seasonal greenery on the table and my mother and I had great fun decorating and laying the table for Christmas and when we had friends visiting. Sadly it wasn't warm enough for us to venture outside except for a bracing walk when warmly wrapped up!

    I love your New Year's Eve outfit, so simple and yet stunning! And while your lunch sounds great fun, your evening enjoying champagne by the fire with DH sounds even nicer :).

    Have a wonderful 2012!

    Melusine x

  2. Oh your Christmas sounds blessed and wonderful, my dear Melusine! Sharing holiday preparations between mother and daughter is something so very special, traditions are passed on and new ideas evolve, weaving most precious and happy memories. Thank you for the lovely good wishes, and have a wonderful and fabulous 2012 too! <3

  3. Looking tremendously chic as always, dear MT! Also want to thank you once again for all your wonderful and truly inspirational posts and wishing you a very Happy New Year! hugs, Macs

  4. Mai Tai i wish you a wonderful 2012!You know i live in Italy and my mother in Crete.Every day we visit your blog and then we talk about your recipes,your lovely home,your scarves..It's our thing we love it and we thank you for that!

    p.s.Saturday i'm going back to Italy.There is a Hermes store at the airport of Athens always beautifully decorated.I will make some pictures and then e-mail them to you...

  5. Happy New Year MaiTai!! Thank you for the beauty and inspiration you shared in 2011. Your posts always make me smile and I look forward to all that you will share in 2012.

    My best to you and your family. xxxS

  6. Dearest MT, I wish you a wonderful 2012!
    Thanking you so much for your blog, your collection and your so special presence.

  7. Dearest MaiTai, Thank you for sharing your lovely Christmas and New Year's Eves tables and festivities.

    Your Hart Deco is indeed lovely for New Year's Eve. We have had 70 degree F days here in California. I wore my Marwari GM on New Years Eve to some dear friends.

    I wish you and your loved ones all wonderful outcomes in 2012.
    Much love,
    Terese xx

  8. A very happy and healthy New Year, to you, too.

    Thank you so much for sharing so many fabulous scarves and styling ideas, they sure brighten the gloomiest of English days.

  9. It looks as if the New Year is off to a rousing good start here! You look lovely as always and the NYE day luncheon and evening sound sublime!
    You always make it seem so easy and yet we all know the effort it takes to pull all that you do together.
    Grace seems to be the operative word to best describe you dear MT. Thank you for sharing with us!
    I am curios to know how the Hart Deco worked with the ring,given it's much stiffer body. Also, I am sure you rocked your new croc it;) mwah,
    T xx

  10. Dear MaiTai, Wishing you a wonderful new year! And sending many thanks for your generous spirit. I so enjoy your posts, and reading about all your creative endeavors! So very fun. Sending best wishes!

  11. Here´s to you too, my dearest MaiTai! Thank you for your always kind and supportive words and for your friendship. Your Picture Book brings sunshine into my life!
    Your table looks amazing, your outfit is so chic and stylish and your New Year´s Eve must have been wonderful! Happy New Year, my dear! I do look forward 2012 and many lovely orange surprises!!!! <3Manuela

  12. MT... I love the black scarf. Awesome. Happy 2012 to you and your fam. Blessings-P

  13. Mai Tai.. Your NYE celebrations sound like the perfect balance, spending time with friends and special moments with family. Wishing you the happiest for 2012. Ax

  14. Dear Maitai
    Wishing you and your family a very happy new year. Your outfit with the shawl looks lovely - I havent had an occaision to wear my Hart Deco stole yet but will be trying it out with the shawl ring soon! thanks again for sending the shawl rings so quickly, I had a lot of fun over christmas 'draping' various scarves with them.
    Looking forward to what new idea 2012 brings :)

  15. Dear MaiTai,

    Happy new year to you and the family i hope 2012 is all you wish for.

    Look forward to all your new tips and advice for this year

    Best ladyjane963

  16. Happy New Year to you and your family! We had the same very warm weather here and I spent the day gardening! I am always in awe of your table decorations. I think I was holding a thimble for that whilst the powers that be were handing out future talents. Tres chic NYE by the fire with DH! Much better than watching the ball drop in Times's Square :)

    Looking forward to the blogs of 2012 and more additions to the MaiTai Collection!

    P.S. Darn! It better cool down again so I can wear my indigo fox collar!! I love wearing them as they really keep your neck warm.

  17. Dear MaiTai
    Blessings to you and your family for a wondrous 2012! Thank you so much for sharing your talents.
    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your NYE day table!! Interested in hearing what you served.

  18. I'm sending warmest wishes for a fabulous and peaceful 2012

    And a huge thankyou for your massively inspiring blog, and the lovely scarf rings I've received from you .

    Also , thanks to seeing you in some lovely H [ I'm thinking Farandole and handbags] I thought''why not '' and could think of no good reason .! So thankyou for that too

  19. Great outfit! Not only did you look very chic, it looks very comfortable as well (critical, at least to me). I love that stole; such a stunning piece.

    Happy new year to you and your lovely family, MT!

  20. A very happy New Year to you, dearest hair-mess, marinaki, SMR, cecilia, Terese, Bienchen, Trudye, NiniKnows, Manuela, Penney, msT, tara, ladyjane963, gracekelly, Starshinefields, Estrella and Reese! Many thanks for the lovely good wishes and sweet and kind words. Hope we’ll have as much fun in 2012 as we had in the previous year, big hugs and much love to you all x

    marinaki, please say hello to your dear Mother from me, I am so touched by your lovely description of how you both share the same passions, and am honored that my posts are part of it.

    Trudye, the shawl ring works surprisingly well with the HD stole, the stiffer body seems to be counterbalanced by the lesser volume of fabric. Love and happiness for 2012, and mwahs right back x

    Starshinefields, we had oysters, tapenade and foccacia, lamb with ratatouille and aglio olio pasta, cheeses and apple pie with cream. Time to tighten the belt now..

  21. Happy New Year Dearest Mai Tai!!

    Love the way you tied the stole - it's gorgeous just like you!

    xo, sam

  22. A very happy New Year to you too, dearest Sam! Hope it will be filled with sunshine, happiness and good health! x