Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Reader's style challenge - Cent Plis de Miao plus color

It's been longer than I thought, but finally got back to normal. Having been quite pale most of last week, Frances' style challenge for a colorful post could not have been a more uplifting inspiration:
If I may be so bold as to submit a request of my own: I would love to see the Cent Plis des Miao deployed with colour. You've already done an amazing shoulder wrap-with-white top combination. I'm wondering how it would look with a bright top.
As I do not have many bright tops, I was all the happier to find that my turquoise sweater worked perfectly, and it was also perfect for today's warm and sunny day and cloudless sky. Many thanks for the lovely challenge, dear Frances!

A warm and heartfelt thank you also to those who sent get well wishes during the last week. I have been very touched by your sweet support, and today wearing my scarf in a friendship knot to say merci x

Capsule pieces: checked trousers and turquoise sweater
Accessories: Hermès 'Cent Plis de Miao' 90 Carré, silk ribbon (included in the 'Paris mon ami' special edition envelope) bleu indiens clic clac enamel bracelet, MT Collection horn bracelet, etoupe Picotin
Scarf tying method: Friendship knot (please click here for a how-to video)

silk ribbon

Close up of knot

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  1. Beautiful colors, and they work together so nicely!

  2. Merci, déjà pseu, glad you like the post!

  3. Beauuuuuuutiful !!! So happy to see you back and in splendour ! :-)

  4. Thank you, Jessie! The last week was not great, so glad to be back too :)

  5. Glad to hear you're feeling better. You look as lovely as ever dear MT. CPdM with your turquoise seater is a great combo. I love these colors.

  6. Glad you're back and feeling so much better!!!! I just love that shade of blue, but it doesn't love me back. LOL

  7. So happy to see you are feeling better and are back with us again, my dear MaiTai. Do look forward to the coming posts. Enjoy the rest of the week. Thank you for the friendship knot :-) So sweet of you. Warm, sunny hug, Manuela

  8. What a wonderful look - that sweater colour is beautiful on you - a sign of spring! xxx

  9. Yea!!! I'm so happy to see that you're feeling much better. The turquoise looks fabulous on you! You have such an eye for detail, dear, from bringing the turquoise onto your wrist (like the clic clac and watch together) to tying your scarf in the friendship knot. How thoughtful and kind of you. And etoupe - my favorite color for leather. What a treat for the eyes.

    Warm hugs, dear.

  10. You whole look is wonderfull, and I am fond of the ribbons , so tiny and yet so shiny ! thank you for this lesson of style!

  11. Glad to see you're feeling better! You look great in colors and I love how you matched your accessories with the scarf - something I'm still learning.

  12. So glad to see that you are better.

    This is a lovely and colourful look taking us right into Spring.

    PS - have you changed some settings as I could not see where to opt in for follow up comments?

  13. Best. Post. Ever!

    So glad to hear you're feeling better, dearest Mai Tai.

    This is without a doubt one of my favourite looks. You look wonderful in colour! This blue top, your mustard coat, they bring out the beautiful shades of gold in your hair. Of course the neutrals are lovely, but it's always great to see something different. This is going into my Favourite Outfits Bookmark ;-)

    As always, thank you for being so gracious and entertaining my requests!

    Best love,


  14. Oh so happy to see you up and about and with even a little color in your cheeks! Glad last week is behind you!
    Lovely color combo,all pulled together with your usual style and grace. Very happy you were up to the challenge,dear MT! Big healing hugs, T xx

  15. Maitai,

    You look elegant as always!


  16. So glad to see back and fit dear MT!
    I have a question: how do you complete your outifts with coats etc. in this weather?
    I really love and take inpiration from your wonderfully chic outfits but then, when I have completed the look, I NEVER know how to complete it and be ready to leave home...;->
    Thank you so much...

  17. You look amazing. Take care as a cold can linger for a while. I've had mine for over 6 weeks now and if it is anything to go by this nasty flu takes a long time to get rid of.

    Best wishes and get well soon!


  18. Tres jolie couleur tres printaniere
    Tres contente que vous alliez mieux


  19. Ahh, so good to see you BIA! :-) Your colourful look makes me long for spring even more. xox, Macs

  20. Many thanks for the warm welcome back and lovely sweet compliments, my dear booksnchocolate, Laura in Georgia, Manuela, Mrs. Exeter, CS, Anonymous, SophieG, Bienchen, Frances, Trudye, Nancy Ong Hsieh, Anonymous, Chantal and Myriam.

    booksnchocolate, I love these colors too, but don’t wear them often enough. But with spring just around the corner, there might be more outings to come.

    Laura, there will always be others that are mutual love!

    Manuela, have a wonderful rest of the week too. Warm friendship knot hugs to you.

    Mrs. Exeter, it does feel like spring around here, thinking of wearing pink next!

    CS, so glad you enjoyed the post! Friendship bisous to you, my dear.

    Anonymous, I am with you on the ribbons, they are so cute and sweet.

    SophieG, picking up on the colors of a scarf when choosing accessories is one of the most fun parts when getting dressed, right after choosing the scarf itself, of course!

    Bienchen, thanks so much again for sending the fab pics, looking forward to the next collage. Blogger must have changed some settings, the comment section looks different now. Hope they’ll bring the follow up function back.

    Frances, so happy you like the answer to your challenge! Many thanks again, this was truly fun. And with spring knocking on the door, the timing could not have been better! Mille merci <3

    Trudye, have to admit the little color came via a brush, but feeling so much better already! Many thanks for the sweet good wishes, ma chère amie. It helped me getting better just in time.. for our upcoming skiing trip! Mwahs xx

    Many thanks, dear Nancy!

    Anonymous, I usually wear a jacket or coat which picks up on the color of the outfit and/or scarf. It was quite warm that day, so I wore my chocolate leather jacket on top. In the previous post (Brazil II gavroche), I picked a black coat. Alternatively, wear a coat as a pop of color with a two tone canvas underneath (see recent posts with yellow coat). Hope this helps.

    Chantal, six weeks is far too long! Get well soon, my best wishes to you :)

    Merci, chère Myriam. Heureusement, ça va beaucoup mieux! Bonne semaine à vous.

  21. So glad too to be BIA, my dear hair-mess! We've had 18 degrees for nearly ten days now, and it's only February. Hope there will be no cold snap to kill those blossoms already out!

  22. So very relieved and glad you're feeling better, my dearest MaiTai. Thank you for the sweet welcome back and also for the very dear friendship knot <3 Loved Frances' challenge. You look absolutely ravishing - no one can bring colors together like you, dearest MaiTai. All the beautiful pieces combine so delightfully and perfectly balanced - especially love the touch of ribbon, so bright and happy. Wishing you a wonderful rest of the week. Sending you much love with warmest sunshine friendship hugs xoxo

  23. Oui, c'est très élégant, merci.
    Je suis heureuse de Vous voir à nouveau. :)

  24. Dear MaiTai,

    So glad you are feeling much better and loving your CPDM combo your colours worked perfectly, hope you enjoy your upcoming trip

    Best ladyjane

  25. Wonderful to hear you are back and feeling better again. Great look, as others have said very springtime-esque. The little ribbon is so cute!! I want one. Hard to tell but is the print De Madras à Zakynthos ???

  26. My dearest Scarf Enthusiast, even if you can stop by only occasionally, it is so very wonderful to see you back. So glad you enjoyed the colorful post, and sending warm spring and friendship hugs right back <3

    Merci chère Lara, c’est toujours un plaisir de vous voir aussi!

    Many thanks, dear ladyjane. We are off tomorrow, looking so much forward to some family fun on the slopes :)

    My dear msT, so far, I have not managed to suss out the ribbon’s design, but it is not the De Madras.. it is busy and multicolored, but since only a few milimeters of the width show, it’s hard to make out the details..