Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Today wearing - adapting to spring

Spring has started blissfully this year, with mostly blue skies and beautiful sunshine. In the mornings, the air is still cool and crisp, but the afternoons are wonderfully sunny and warm (unless a cloud blocks the sun!)

Dressing in layers is ideal for coping with the big differences in temperatures at this time of year, they can easily be removed, or added back on throughout the day.

Capsule wardrobe: trousers by The Kooples, sweater by Mango, cardigan by sessùn, blazer by Mexx
Accessorized with: Hermès 'De Madras à Zakynthos' 90 Carré, MT horn bracelet, MT shawl ring in rosewood and sunshine honey, Lena necklace and Lift pendant

Starting the day with the scarf in a criss-cross cowboy knot to keep the neck warm

Taking the blazer off as temperatures rise, wearing the scarf knotted in the basic slide with a shawl ring in sunshine honey

Wearing the cardie open, and the scarf in the basic bias fold (with an additional Lena necklace )

Casual alternatives.. replacing the Lena necklace with a Lift pendant (left) and the grey trousers with a pair of jeans (right)

Eventually removing the cardie too, while wearing the scarf in the basic slide, secured with a shawl ring in rosewood

in a summery and casual variation (replacing the grey trousers with white jeans)

As above, only with the scarf in the basic bias fold

I am away for a couple of days and posting this remotely, hope it works. I probably won't be able to come back to comments individually this time, but will answer any questions at a later stage. Wishing everyone a great rest of the week x

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  1. (As always) looking chic in each of your looks, but I'm especially fond of the ones with the jacket worn open and the stylish white jeans combos! :-) xox, Macs

  2. Thank you so much!
    I am very temperature sensitive. I also live in a place where one day, even the day itself, can vary in temperature. I dress in layers, and this has been a great post...the colours and ideas are lovely, as usual.

  3. Yep, layers here, too, in a big way. Vest, long sleeved shirt, jumper & gilet when I start work. I "disrobe" as the morning passes. By lunchtime I'm in a vest!

    You c/w of De Madras is subtle and lovely. I saw it at the Paris sale in January last year but they only had the black and gold c/w; too harsh for me, so it went back on the sale table.

    Have a good time!

  4. Great way to show such a wonderful variety of looks with just a few core pieces--love it. Not to mention the importance of layering as the weather changes. Thank you! ~~Bliss

  5. Every time you bring out that beautiful "turtle" scarf for spring/summer, I regret not having bought it when I had it in my hands. It's perfect.

    It tones so lovely with the colors of your pieces and I love the color/sheerness of your sussun cardigan! Fresh and elegant as always.

    PS - LOVE your hair down, too. You don't often photograph it like that!

  6. J aime beaucoup la tenue avec le jean blanc c est magnfique comme toujours d ailleur
    J adore aussi votre collier
    J attends votre retour avec impatiente
    Amicalement a trés bientot

  7. You did it again, my dear MaiTai! You created different looks in such a fantastic way. They all look fabulous! I specially love to see you with a white skirt on and with the cardie open and the scarf (one of my favourites!) in the basic fold.
    So chic and elegant! Thank you for all the inspiration and great ideas you give us! Enjoy the rest of the week. Warm Spring hugs, Manuela

  8. The rosewood shawl ring couldn't be a better match for the wonderful cw you have of De Madras à Zakynthos! Each look is inspiring - plenty of food for thought.

    Enjoy your time away and hope this amazing spring weather we're basking in holds out for your return.

  9. Il me plait beaucoup! C'est avec plaisir que regarde toujours vos nouvelles. Merci, chère MaiTai. :)

  10. Lovely as always, dear MaiTai.
    I like especially the one with cowboy knot.
    The white jeans combintion is gorgeous as well.


  11. We are twins with this beautiful scarf, MT - love all of your layering looks - most useful for our spring climate too! This scarf works so well with so many color combinations - love it with the grey - unexpected but so chic!

  12. You are looking positively radiant these days MT! Beautiful post with some new additions to the MT wardrobe essentials it seems. I too am a fan of the combo's with the white/cream jeans. Lovely news that spring has arrived in France, thankfully here in Sydney the change into autumn has been slow and we are still having some blissful days.

  13. I am so glad that you "get" the point that when you start removing layers you lose a bit of style UNLESS you add something back like you did with the scarves and necklaces. Well illustrated! I hate that when I have a really cute outfit on, but then as I start peeling off layers, the careful pattern mixing and texture goes poof. It would be sensible to carry a scarf in your bag, or one of those cool necklaces you show.

  14. MaiTai!

    You are as much a genius as you are beautiful.

    I love every look you showed us.

    My favorite was w/ white jeans, Oatie, and your custom scarf ring. So chic, easy and fresh.

  15. My climate is on in which layering is a necessity throughout half of the year. Thank you, dear, for the fresh, new ideas. Do you find that your scarf slips out from beneath the cardigan throughout the day, or does it stay put? I love the cardigan layered over the scarf look. So elegant, and another one of those "why didn't I think of that?" moments. ;-)

    Warm hugs,

  16. My dearest MaiTai,

    Thank you for another awe inspiring study - it is just amazing how much variety and 'adaptation' one can derive from a selection of great pieces. Your imagination, artistry and creativity is out of this world. I love each and every one, especially the beauty and the simplicity of the last version. Hope your are enjoying the wonderful spring sunshine - wishing you safe and happy travels, dear MaiTai. Sending you much love and big spring blossom hugs xoxo

  17. More like this please! I agree with above comments regarding not "destroying your look" as the layers come off. Thank you for your lovely ideas. Inspired me to pull out similar capsule pieces to deal with my own temperature variations en Louisiane. Thanks again!

  18. Thanks for this terrific post! Inspired me to pull out some similar capsule pieces and pull together a work-to-play look for my own temperature variations en Louisiane! More like this please!