Monday, December 16, 2013

Paris postcard and Christmas preparations

Vertige is a beautiful small florist shop in the rue de Sévigné in Paris' Marais quarter. The shop front looked so lovely and inviting for Christmas, and had a little group of Sapins de Noël (Christmas trees) waiting on the trottoir, to be brought into the apartments of the neighborhood.

One of them is off to its new home...

This year's decorations in the Village Royale (click here to see last year's)

Decorations in the rue Saint-Honoré

a few paces further down the road..festive lights chez Hermès

and Tigre du Bengale carrés on the rooftop

Meanwhile back home, the Christmas preparations are well under way. Some decorations I haven't used in years needed a makeover,

and I found the perfect spray for the job, 'Gold Hardcore 2' by Montana Colors.  The color is beautifully rich and warm, and the nozzle precise. A surprise find (I bought it in a Quicksilver store while waiting for DS to finish in the changing room) at a great price (3.70 EUR)'s the best gold spray I've ever used.

 the formerly red rein deers, now in their new coat of gold

With the festive mood catching on, I reached for my black and gold Brazil Maxi Twilly today.

I was glad to have my first pair of reading glasses when spraying the decorations and wrapping presents, what a difference they make!

Capsule wardrobe pieces: black sweater and grey/brown trousers
Shoes: black ballet flats
Accessories: Hermès 'Brazil' Maxi Twilly and Kelly Double Tour bracelet in ebene

Our tree, patiently waiting outside for another week.

Until then, the occasional fall leave will remain its only decoration..

Vertige Florist 11, rue de Sévigné 75004 Paris (Marais)
Montana Colors  Hardcore 2 gold spray

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  1. Those glasses suit you well Maitai! You look very smart indeed :) x

  2. L’esprit de Noël nous enveloppe doucement et vos photos ont un charme indéniable dear MT. Bienvenue dans le « glamour club » des très chics porteuses de lunettes !
    Merry Christmas and best wishes for 2014, and let's spend another year all together, ladies!

    1. Lovely words, Catherine!
      Let´s do it!

      Joyeux Nöel et bonne nouvelle année!

  3. Beautiful decorations. Thank you for sharing the photos.

    A question about your outfit: Did you wear socks with your ballet flats? (I know, that's a weird question, but I find that my feet get so cold in the winter if I wear flats without some sort of tights or socks.)

    1. Winter days can be warm and mild here, so I sometimes skip the socks. When it's cold, I wear them with thin and opaque tights, or switch to boots.

  4. Perfect,just perfect,as I said with the last post! Paris never fails to delight,especially dressed in her holiday frocks! It looks as if you are enjoying the run up to Xmas and I know you will be thrilled to have DS home soon! Love your new librarian look and all;-) Sending holly,jolly,joyful hugs to you dearest MT, Txx

  5. Dear MaiTai, such lovely decorations in these pictures. I really like your new reading glasses. Very stylish! I've been making good use of my maxi twilly this season. I think I will pick up all three styles of it when the Spring 2014 collection comes out. I missed out on the Astrologie and Kachinas in the 90's so it will be nice to get these patterns on the maxi twilly. I predict the Brides de Gala maxi twilly will sell out in it's first few days of being released. So popular.

  6. Dearest MaiTai,

    You look so lovely with your reading glasses! I couldn´t agree more with dear Trudye. Love the "sexy librarian look" expression and would be so happy to join the "club" with you and dear Catherine.
    The Christmas decorations of "La Village Royale" are truly beautiful and make me wish to be in Paris, one year at Christmas time.

    Have a wonderful day! Big Christmas hugs, Manuela

    1. Chère Manuela, c'est avec grand plaisir que nous vous accueillerons dans notre club mais ne soyez pas trop pressée, profitez encore un peu.... Beaucoup de belles lumières qui brillent pour Noël et en route pour 2014!
      xx Catherine

    2. Chère Catherine, merci beaucoup pour votres mots tellement gentilles.
      Je vous souhaite aussi "beaucoup de belles lumíères" et étoiles scintillantes pour Nöel ...
      Manuela xx

  7. P.S. Look very much forward to seeing your Christmas decorations. The rein deers became very beautiful in gold.
    Thanks to you I´ve ordered Tassotti´s Christmas wrapping paper and am delighted with it. Thank you <3

  8. Everything looks so beautiful...that shop is a dream! It is so great how easily things can be transformed with spray paint...I have had fun doing that too with various things. I am making note of the brand you like..its all about the nozzle! I love your outfit too...and you look quite chic with the glasses, they suit you beautifully!

  9. MaiTai - you have made my day with these pictures and thanks for putting them on pinterest!

    I love your new glasses - they are tres chic and make you look even lovelier, if that's possible! Joyeux Noel!

  10. Merry Christmas to your and yours MT - and I LOVE your new reading glasses - so chic! (I have recently gone that route myself ...). Thank you for all of your interesting posts and beautiful pictures throughout the year xxx

  11. Dear Mai Tai,

    Wellcome to the club of "reading glasses".. I agree they are very becoming on you..

    Just another "accesorie"

    B the way mines are black too... a "girl" can never be wrong with black , Can't she?

    I love your decorations.. as always you are an inspiration

    And thanks alot for the Parisian souvenirs....

    Paris it's always a good idea come rain or come shine!!!!!

    Happy Xmas to you and yourDS&DH and to all our "sisterhood"

    All the best

    regards from Barcelona

  12. Dear Mai Tai,

    I have almost forgotten

    I'm going to take advantage of your kindness agin!!!

    Last fall I've joined a choir, best thin in ages

    Next Friday we are goin to offer our first "concert" in a local Hospital

    All of us will be wearing black.. I have think ina LBD but unfortunately even my winter ones are sleevless, as I'll intent to accesoriza the black with a Carrè or GM could you suggested a knot that will be apropiate and confortable

    Thanks again !!!

    1. Dear ilsa, wearing your scarf as a shrug is a beautiful and elegant look, and will keep you warm at the same time. Have a wonderful concert!

      90 carré as shrug

  13. I would love to hear the brand and style of those glasses. They fit your face perfectly!
    Always enjoy your blog, but even more so in fall and winter.
    Happy holidays.

  14. I agree that those glasses are gorgeous! Paris looks so pretty in the winter.

  15. Dearest Mai Tai,
    These beautiful photos bring the beauty of a French Christmas to my eyes...and speaking of eyes, the glasses are smashing!! May I ask for information on their make? (you see, my eyesight has failed me for years now!)
    You make the holiday more enjoyable and festive!

  16. Welcome dear Mai Tai to the Club of the "dames a lunettes"!! It's near from mine but unfortunately I have to wear it for presbytes it means up and down! Progressive as they say. And after it's finished we cannot take them off for ever. But you look so pretty with them to read no problem for you....
    Beautiful pictures as usual of Christmas preparations.

  17. PS. We will be away for Christmas so I already wish you and your family a Very Hapoy Christmas if you do not write
    untll next Friday.
    A big kiss

  18. Dear Mai Tai, your seasonal festivities posts are one of my absolutely favourites and you sure didn't let us down this year;)
    Great way to tie the twilly...I just have to buy one of these maxi twillys, they are so much fun.Unfortunately when I asked for them some week ago in the Vienna H store, the answer was that there aro no maxi twillys available at the store:((( I didn't see them anymore even on
    Finally I have to look fabulous in your new glasses! Love this style of frames!!!
    Happy holidays to you and family!



  19. Dear Madame Maitai, Warmest Christmas wishes and Happy New Year to you. Already looking forward to your 2014 your tortoise shell-look frames !
    Cheers, Mandy.

  20. Dear MaiTai, this is such a lovely post, Paris looks so magical during the Christmas season! Your photos capture the true essence of Christmas, making one feel so warm and cozy! Love your new glasses, the style is perfect on you! I jumped on that bandwagon long ago :) thank you for all your wonderful posts. Warmest wishes, Simone xx

  21. Lovely! (Paris preparing for Christmas, your outfit and your new glasses!).

  22. Gorgeous boutiques and decorations. And such adorable Christmas trees, especially the tiny one! :-) And three cheers for seeing clearly with your new glasses, love them on you! NN

  23. Dearest, Charming MaiTai!

    You are far far more charming and lovely that Annie Hall w/ those specs!

    And, thank you so much for sharing your artful snaps of your day in Paris. And, who could ever forget your photo of the Village Royale from last year--it was like confectioner's sugar w/ cherries.

    Wishing you a very lovely, warm holiday!

    Sammie (sac-a-main)

  24. Love your glasses. They really suit you. X

  25. Dear MaiTai,

    Love your new glasses they suit you very much, I myself went down that route a few year back.

    And thank you again for showing us Christmas in paris so beautifull, how I wish I could be there myself to see it in person, but this is the next best thing.

    All the Best Jane x

  26. The last couple of weeks seemed to have been the busiest of my life... coming here and reading your beautiful and warm comments has been a wonderful respite. Thank you so much everyone <3. Sisterhood hugs to the fellow members of the ‘reading glasses club’. I could not wish for better company. Mille merci for the lovely warm welcome! Also joining Catherine in her cheerful sentiment, looking very much forward to spending another fun and happy year with all of you <3

    Re the glasses: Some Parisian pharmacies and opticians carry chic and stylish over the counter specs, and I spotted this pair in the window of a small pharmacy next door to Hermès Rue de Sevrès store. They were inexpensive and I was planning to pick up a couple more pairs when in Paris next, to put them in strategic places such as car, kitchen drawer, handbag etc, but thanks to all of you who asked where to get them, I found out about the brand (K Eyes), and discovered they can be ordered online. The model is 3267 Demi (also comes in black). I received shipping confirmation a couple of hours after ordering, and found them in my mailbox in the morning!

    K Eyes: online shop (english version): K EYES online shop
    K Eyes: online shop (french version): K EYES boutique en ligne

    Pharmacie du Lutetia: 19 rue de Sevrès 75006 Paris

    Hope you are all enjoying a very happy festive season xx

  27. Dearest MaiTai,
    Your Paris postcards are so beautiful and so very appreciated! All the happy and joyful cheer of Christmas glow in Paris is extra special. Your dear golden reindeers looks as merry as can be. Also a very warm welcome, dearest MaiTai, to the sisterhood of easier reading with a little stylish helping hand - you look so supremely fabulous in yours! Sending you much love with mega Christmas hugs and kisses xox