Sunday, December 2, 2012

Capsule wardrobe #76 - Christmas is coming nearer

These glorious berries reminded me of the Christmas decoration I recently saw in the Village Royal,

where last year's silver and white, and the  previous year's green/gold colour schemes
have been replaced by snow-white trees, decorated with bright red baubles

Walking past, I could not resist taking a quick snap of the festive trees
with an early Christmas present 'from me to me'

Capsule pieces: blue jeans and black sweater
Shoes: black ankle boots
Accessories: Hermès 'La Réale' 90 Carré, 'Optique chaine d'ancre' enamel bracelet and Birkin in black
Scarf tying method: Ascot knot

DS's Advent calendar is still full of tiny parcels... counting the days to Christmas with him!

Wishing everyone a wonderful start into December, and a joyous Christmas, festive and holiday season ahead.


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  1. So very festive and all in perfect harmony with the season! As always your look is perfectly tailored to the lovely,so very MT! Don't you just love those 'from me,to me' gifts? I am dying to know what's in the bag?? I know you are counting the days until you see your little man. I hope that will be soon!
    Thinking of you and hope your week goes smoothly. Holly,jolly,holiday hugs my dear friend, T xx

  2. Debut decembre et L esprit de noel est la.
    Votre cadeau se marié tres bien avec les sapins du passage .
    Ici l hiver s installe est se weekend nous ferons la decoration
    Les pontes de votre foulard s accordent si bien avec votre pantalon trestres joli
    Passez une tres bonne semaine

  3. I could not believe when I woke up today - yesterday, after having waited and multiply checked for the possible blog update in the late hours (it is called "dedication", I think) 47 seconds after you launched the above post, I wrote the comment so similar to the Trudye's above post and then did not manage to send it. Well, then I just fell into the bed, with the thought "my waiting was worth it". I would just add I hope to see one more Christmas colour when you return - green of Ms Gemstone. Only an artist can round it up and present it like you are doing. Hugs, Lea

  4. What a wonderfull christmas scene, so pleased we can see these lovely sights through your eyes thank you for thinking of us.

    look forward to seeing whats in the fab RV bag.

    Have a great week ahead Jane

  5. Ooh, what an amazing snow white tree!!!
    You look beautiful as always and this is the perfect outfit for the holiday season! We are scarf twins on "La Réale" though mine has different coulours. Can´t wait to see what´s in the bag, my dear MaiTai.
    Wishing you too, the most joyous and merry Christmas! Holiday hugs, M xx

  6. The Christmas trees are just beautiful. Thank you for sharing them.

  7. red and black, what the heck - in any case always looking most lovely on you! Thanks for sharing those wonderful seasonal pics and wishing you a great start into the season, too - xox, Macs :-)

  8. Lovely Christmassy outfit, MT! And congratulations on the wonderful addition to your unique and special collection! xx

  9. A very joyous holiday season to you, too, dearest MT. What a beautiful Christmas scene with the flocked trees and red ornaments. And your "from me to me" present in the red bag, makes me wonder in pins and needles which color you have added to your collection. I would have never thought of pairing La Reale with red slacks, but it looks fantastic! Scarf twins with you on this one, dear.

    Warm orange hugs,

  10. Dearest MaiTai,

    Luv your very berry ensemble and powdered sugar-like scenes of the Village Royal. Just luv seeing the world through your discerning lens.

    Wishing you the 'berriest merriest' holiday season!


  11. Dearest MaiTai,
    Thank you for such a heartwarming and festive post for this holiday season! So very happy for your special and lovely red present - like a precious jewel perched on snow. Your splendid outfit could not be more perfect for this special season, and how very joyful is your DS's Advent calendar. Thinking of you <3 Sending you all my love with warmest friendship hugs xx

  12. Dear Maitai

    I luff a bit'o'self gifting!

    You look divine.

    Hope all is well, thank you for your lovely blog- it's always cheering xxxx

  13. Thanks so much dearest Trudye, Myriam, Lea, ladyjane, Manuela, Laura, Macs, sushi queen, CS, s-a-m (so lovely to see you here!), Scarf Enthusiast and Faux Fuchsia for the lovely sweet comments and festive good cheer <3 Please accept my apologies for coming back so late.. I had to go abroad for a few days. Sending you hugs and much love, and wishing you a wonderful weekend ahead xx

    1. Merci de penser a nous chere MAITAI
      bises, tres bon weekend

    2. Merci, chère Myriam. Un très bon weekend à vous aussi :-)