Sunday, November 14, 2010

Updated capsule wardrobe Autumn/Winter

Much like bringing out winter clothes and shoes at the beginning of autumn, and storing away dresses, summery tops and trousers, the capsule wardrobe needed a seasonal update too. I replaced the beige blazer with a navy one, the white jeans with a pair of black denim, sleeveless tops with sweaters etc. Many pieces work all year round, such as the white and black shirts, blue jeans, black blazer and a few more. Looking forward to include the winter staples into our 'kaleidoscope' game, and bring them to life with accessories!

New additions to the list are marked in orange, all year round staples in black

First row:
Charcoal cardie and navy blazer
Second row
black and white shirts
Third row
chocolate leather jacket and black blazer
Fourth row:
black jeans, blue jeans, camel corduroy jeans
Fifth row:
khaki cotton, grey pencil and checked wool trousers
Sixth row:
black viscose/acetat and grey wool trousers
Seventh row:
sleeveless black top with collar, sleeveless camel knitted top, black roll neck sweater
Eigth row:
black, purple and chocolate sweater
Ninth row:
black knitted waistcoat, taupe sweater and black pinstripe waistcoat

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  1. Hello MaiTAi, this is Louise from Townsville. You always look so wonderful, and now FF is looking wonderful too in her wintery glamour. You both have beautiful slim legs and no hips that I can see. Do you have a pear shaped friend who could model your suggestions for those of us who do have hips and thighs?
    PS I must work out how to send you the photos of the Dodgy Brothers (the rescued chihuahuas) wearing twillys.

  2. Hello Louise, and nice to see you again! Many thanks for your kind compliments. Regarding your question, let me explain a bit more about the general idea behind the capsule wardrobe series.

    My aim is to maximize a wardrobe of less than two dozen pieces, all of them simple and neutral enough to be combined into endless variations, which are then further multiplied by accessorising each outfit into different looks.

    I chose the capsule clothes (neutral blazer, jeans, shirts, cardies, sweaters etc) with a view that they should be generic enough to be available in a wide variety of cuts, fabrics, shapes and colours, to suit woman with different body shapes, heights and colourings. A cardie can be long or short, made of cotton, wool or cashmere, have a v- or round neck etc.. the only thing that matters, is that it is the right one for you.

    Once you have found the pieces that suit you (the 'golden ones' are those that feel 100% comfortable and right), you can play with the suggestions in the series, and create your own looks. Have fun replacing the clothes shown with those that flatter you, and hoping you'll be joining our cyber ‘paper doll’ game soon.

    PS. Can’t wait to see pics of the Dodgy brothers in their Twilly splendour!!

  3. Some great additions to your capsule pieces here, MaiTai - with a neutral base wardrobe like this, and a little bit of H, the possibilities are truly endless! x

  4. Aaaah, right at my comfort level: loads of fab neutral classics (love the black blazer). My little expat heart is fluttering in anticipation of the endless H~it-upping possibilities! Can't wait for the prochains chapitre...

  5. Cool autumn winter set! I am pleased to see black vests since I love mixing them in. I am looking forward to seeing how you H-them up with scarves. The taupe sweater is a fine addition, too. Do you ever mix black and brown? You have a great eye for style and I enjoy your blog immensely.

  6. When you have an opportunity, will you post a video for the friendship knot? I am ready to try that one this fall! Thanks for your many inspirations.

  7. I can spot some fantastic additions to your capsule pieces! I can't wait to see how you'll put them together to create fabulous looks.

  8. Dear Maitai
    Yu look wonderful as usual. I am in London and I have been wearing my Hermes scarves non stop with my fur gilet and cashmere knits. It's such an easy look and one I'll miss as I return to the heat of Australia shortly. FF xxx

  9. Hi Again MaiTai,
    Thank you so much for your expert and timely advice, I really appreciate it.
    I am going to follow your directions when organising my packing to come over to Europe next month for 6 weeks.
    Very excited that I have worked out how to order your scarf rings, and mastered that paypal thing.
    And also, finally worked out how to send pics of the Dodgy Brothers, they both wrote you a letter as well.

  10. Just wish I could be this organized - but ever since I got my wonderful blonde bs as a role model, I see a light at the end of the "wardrobe" tunnel ;-). Can't wait to see your first A/W contribution - many hugs, ylds, Macs <3

  11. Dear Mme MaiTai, Your capsule wardrobe is a reminder of how one can achieve such a variety of elegant but understated looks using a minimum of good pieces - thereby minimising cost and waste. I particularly like your white and black shirts. One always looks fresh in a crisp shirt teamed with a lovely scarf and a few good accessories. You have inspired me to go and get a new good quality white shirt for our upcoming Summer. Cheers and thanks - Linda

  12. Dear MaiTai

    With you as a modell, the "caleidoscope game" will keep on being wonderful! Thank you for all your fantasy and for sharing it with us. Warm hugs, M.

  13. Dear sushi queen, Jamais sans mon Hermès, bookschocolate, Faux Fuchsia, Louise, hair-mess, Linda in Chile and Manuela ~ many thanks for your kind and lovely words, and the warm welcome to the new capsule pieces.

    Here’s to neutrals and our beloved accessories, my dear sushi queen!

    Love the black blazer too, ma chère Jamais, if I could only have one jacket, it would have to be this one x

    Looking very much forward to playing with the additions too, dear booksnchocolate, hope we are all going to have fun!

    Great to hear that you are having a fabulous time in London, dear Faux Fuchsia. I can imagine how glamourous you look, with your H scarves et all, just perfect for this time of year. Wishing you a great remaining time, and a safe trip home x

    Dear Louise, loved the mail from the Dodgy Brothers, they are so sweet and cheeky. Many thanks for your kind comment and order, I hope your rings will be with you soon. A trip to Europe coming up? How exciting!

    My dear Macs, from someone who has impeccable hair and calls herself ‘hair-mess’ I don’t believe for a second there is a ‘wardrobe’ tunnel! Hugs to you, my sweet. xx

    Dear Linda, it’s always so exciting to get ‘post’ form Chile! I could not agree more with what you have said, so true in every way. Good luck for finding a perfect white shirt, and have a wonderful summer ahead :-)

    Hugs right back at you, my dear Manuela, and thank you for your lovely support, always <3

  14. A warm welcome to you, dear Kathleen. Happy you like the capsule additions, and the vests will certainly be involved into playtime. Love mixing black and brown, in fact I love mixing black with everything. The friendship knot how-to video has been for such a long time on the list that it is truly embarassing, I really need to do something about it!

  15. You are a wonderful teacher, dearest MaiTai! Your fantastic wardrobe ingredient sheets are such an invaluable part of a how-to guide. And I love what you said to Louise - the pieces in your versatile collection are truly universally accessible and interchangeable for each individual. You always crystalize the essence and the underlying principle and present it in a fabulously fun and easy way. You are the best! Looking forward to the first permutation of MaiTai's amazing style 'kaleidoscope'. Warm hugs, xx

  16. Love the capsule series, and I can absolutely relate to working black into each outfit. Cannot wait to see all your new H-it-ups ;) xx

  17. My dear Scarf Enthusiast, you have done it again..whenever I struggle for words, you come to my rescue and sum it all up in two beautiful and easy flowing sentences. I truly admire your talent. Warm hugs to you, my dear, in this cold and dark November month. xx

    Many thanks, my dear DD. Here’s to black, and wardrobe fun!