Friday, March 25, 2011

Scarf it Up - Criss cross bow with a 70 Carré - capsule wardrobe #32

This time of year, the 'laurier tin' laurel bushes are a wonderful sight... covered in tiny white blossoms, they resemble enormous easter eggs.

Inspired by their fresh white flowers, I chose the Chaînes et Gourmettes to tie the new criss-cross bow knot with a 70 Carré.

Capsule pieces: grey wool trousers, cream tank and charcoal cardigan
Shoes: ballet flats
Accessories: Chaînes et Gourmettes 70 Carré, bourgogne clic-clac bracelet and black Birkin
Scarf tying method: Criss-cross bow knot with MT moyenne scarf ring in MoP

It is such a joy to see nature unfold, spring truly is a most wonderous season (as Scarf Enthusiast has put it so well). Wonderful sights are waiting behind every corner, to be admired... the fig tree's first leaves and little figs, stretching towards the sun, a dove enjoying a sunbath in a plane tree..

As the mornings and evenings can be quite chilly still, I wore a cosy cape when leaving the house today.

Wishing everyone a warm and sunshiny spring weekend!

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  1. Looking fabulous MaiTai and thank you for the lovely photos of spring in the South! SA :-)

  2. What a beautiful time of year. This look is so fresh - I love it.

  3. The days here in my area have been sunny, too, which is why I pulled out my Mors & Gourmettes (soft white cw) today. What a coincidence! It also gave me the chance to try the new criss-cross knot, and pull out the small orange accents, which is one of the beautiful things about this knot. Thank you, dear MaiTai!
    Love how you pulled your outfit together - again. The greys suit you well. Also, love the gorgeous cape and the Repettos. Warm orange hugs, CS

    How long do the white blossoms last on the laurel?

  4. I enjoyed this your post so much - for the spring which is so close to you (oh, figs, can't believe). Then, the post is a story of my style - I mean, some details remind me how I was reasoning earlier. Your photo, top left, is a kind of outfit I used a lot some years ago - no accessories, I even did not try to upgrade it to a look, which you posted on the right side. The difference is huuuuuge although you added very few accessories long time was needed for me to even pay attention to it. The photo at the bottom is the look I adore - cosy or casual parts combined with chic and refined elements. This post reminded me again how much your book would be needed to many ladies being in the same troubles like me before your era... Have a nice weekend, Lilian

  5. My scarf ring arrived yesterday, and I've used it today. Thank you for lovely packaging - I'm looking forward to experimenting with it =) Have a lovely weekend, MT! Thea xx

  6. Such wonderful photos filled with sunshine and the promise of spring! Ch et G is one of my favourite 70cms, which I recently acquired in the purple cw so I must try this knot! I LOVE your cape. I was looking for one this season and did not see one as lovely as yous. Thank you again for all of your wonderfully inspiring (in so many ways) posts. I check daily even though I don't always respond as life continues to be challenging.


  7. I agree with Maisie, I love your cape! I was casting about, thinking of a white or pale scarf to wear, and went with a Reales gavroche, your petit bone scarf ring and added a little flash of H glamour to jeans and simple top. I love your shots and how to's. After your post, how I wish I had snapped up the C et G when I had chance, you wear it so beautifully!

    DB xx

  8. Another inspiring post MT. This look is so fresh and elegant! And I love your cape.
    Today is another cool and grey day so thank you for sharing photos that are a promise of warmer and sunnier days.

  9. Lovin ' the fresh Spring vibe you have posted! The 70 C et G really freshens these wardrobe workhorses and has always been one of my favorite carres. The grey of the lone dove and the tree trunk blending so well with this great ensemble. The cape has always looked so stunning on you and I am glad you do not have to put her away yet!
    This ensemble looks so perfect for a day of shopping and lunch! Perhaps some time at H???
    I am looking forward to the market posts soon with the fresh,ripe figs and other juicy goodies and color abundance! Wishing you a beautiful weekend,inside and out, T xx
    T xx

  10. My dear MaiTai,
    Love your Criss Cross Bow made with the Chaînes et Gourmettes, which is such a beautiful scarf! I can understand you get inspired by the beautiful laurel bushes with their small white flowers. Isn´t it great that Spring is on its way?
    Your cape is so pretty and it does look really cosy.
    Have never thought of wearing a scarf with a cape before. It looks gorgeous! Thank you, once again, my dear, for sharing those beautiful pictures.
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend.
    Spring hugs, Manuela

  11. May I ask where you got your cape? It's a beautiful one!
    Thank you :-)

  12. Merci for your kind comments, dear Scarf Addict and cocolini!

    Dear CS, Lilian, Maisie, DB, booksnchocolate, Trudye, Manuela and Viki ~ many thanks for the compliments on the cape look. For those who wanted to know, it is by Lauren(Ralph Lauren) and from the AW2010 collection.

    So nice to have been ‘look twins’ with you, my dear CS! Really happy to hear you are having fun with the CCB, and yes, manipulating the folds is one of it’s highlights. The blossoms on the laurel last for about a month, depending on the weather.

    Those tiny cute figs brought a huge smile on my face, and having lived further north once, I am still in wonder when seeing signs of spring so early in the year! The before/after pics give me enormous pleasure, and so happy you enjoyed them too <3

    Dear Thea, many thanks for letting me know, and so happy to hear! Hope you had a fun weekend, filled with joyous scarf playtime :)

    Cousin hugs to you, dear Maisie. And extra hugs re the ongoing challenging times, I hope all resolves one day soon, in the very best possible way <3

    Looks like we’ve all been wearing pale scarves in the last few days, my dear DB! I love the La Reale Gavroche, it works really well in the 45 square (wish I had snapped one up, lol). Honoured that the petite bone ring was part of your très chic&simple look, thank you!

    Today we also had a rainy, windy and grey day, dear booksnchocolate, and out came the BdG again, lol! Spring seems so far away right now, but I hope it will show us another glimpse soon.

    Market goodies are coming bientot, my dear Trudye! Shopping and lunch it was indeed, and a visit to H is always the cherry on the cake. Saw a gorgeous 70, from last season’s men’s collection. Beautiful dark colours (prune/marine/havane), very much like a little sister to the BdG. Decided it was too small for a winter scarf, but would have loved to have it as a 90!

    It is truly glorious to have spring on it’s way, my dear Manuela. The weather is still very volatile, today it was raining non stop, and it felt like the middle of November. On Saturday it was too hot to sit in the sun, and today we lit the fire and had roast chicken for lunch!

  13. Oh you are so right, my dearest MaiTai, Ms. CC Bow is the prettiest darling sister - and how very dear and precious in the 70 Carré! Your splendid invention of the original criss-cross knot and all the gorgeous siblings that followed, combined together with your exquisite scarf rings are a most meaningful and lasting gift for all scarf lovers across the globe…how can we ever thank you enough, our dearest MaiTai.
    Your incredibly elegant outfit, pictured with the lovely LFaSdV, is an extraordinarily beautiful study in grey - such a rich and sumptuous gathering of so many shades and tones of one of my favorite colors. And of course, Ms. bourgogne is an outstanding beauty.
    Finally, thank you so much for your kind and generous words and for the glorious glimpses of spring near you - how beautiful are the tender signs of life with so much hope of beautiful things to come. Absolutely loved your description of the 'enormous easter eggs" - nothing like mother nature. Thank you for bringing us much needed sunshine….we too are experiencing a revival of winter for the moment. Wishing you a wonderful week and warmer days ahead. Sending you all my love and warmest cosy hugs xx

  14. What an adorable cape and elegant, classic look - all pulled together by this wonderful "neutral" scarf! hugs, Macs

  15. So thrilled you like Ms CC Bow, my dear Scarf Enthusiast, I was hoping very much you would take to her. Your wonderful and sweet comment about knots and rings made me blush like like mad, but also very very happy and content, thank you, my dear friend. This has developped into such a special place, and much so because of you and the other lovely ladies. Here is to friendship, enormous easter eggs and all the beautiful things in life! <3

  16. Thank you, my dear Macs! I loved your 'golden cape look' the other day, many congratulations again!! x