Monday, March 28, 2011

Market Day

Strolling around the Saturday market is always an enjoyable way to spend the morning, and especially so when the weather is as beautiful as it was a couple of days ago. After getting our provisions for the weekend, we'd settled down on the terrace of one of the busy and bustling cafés. Like everyone else, we'd take some of our purchases out onto the table, to be enjoyed with our coffee and drinks. Far from being put out, the restaurant and café owners encourage the custom, and often have a notice board up, inviting their customers to bring their market produce onto the tables. It makes such a lovely and charming atmosphere.

Wearing jeans and a navy blazer, and testdriving a new 'cheap and chic' scarf for an upcoming blog post

Every table of course enjoying a different picnic. The fresh oysters from nearby Bouzigues looked very tempting..

.. but in the end, we settled for bread, cheese and olives

Monsieur was playing traditional french songs, and we had a lovely time

Yesterday however, it has been raining all day, and we spend the afternoon by the fire. Hope this week will show us some more of Spring. Wishing everyone a wonderful week ahead!

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  1. I am trying to avoid the word "envy" as it is not a positive feeling, and I am basically not envious in a bad way, however I am so tempted to use it (again) when seeing the atmosphere you enjoy at your market - it is the market how I imagine it, but living in a big city, our market in no way resembles yours. The nicest part of the puzzle is that you are allowed to put your freshly bought produces onto the table and enjoy it - it really does make a difference and makes the atmosphere deeply warm and inviting. Looking forward to your new cheap and chic one - very curious about it and I can imagine that you would make a rag looking least, I can mention I enjoyed today when was cross-questioned by my colleagues about the criss-cross bow knot, I obviously managed to half-master it, lol. Lilian

  2. Lovely post! Wishing spring would come to stay.

    I was wondering if you have scarf knotting ideas for long scarves - like stoles. They tend to be long slender rectangles, about 40-50cm wide and more than a metre long.
    I have many pretty ones from India, but I've tried several of your knots withe these scarves but they don't look good. Most knots seem to need a square scarf.

    Wonder if that would count as a reader challenge for you!

    Looking forward to the next Cheap & Chic post

  3. Ooooh la la MaiTai what a lovely way to spend your Saturday. Look forward to your blog with the scarf as well! SA :-)

  4. I am officially in I discovered your blog yesterday and stayed up half the night reading it. I have been a scarf lover since I was a teen back in the 70's - purchased my first 2 Hermes scarves while honeymooning in Europe in '88.

    I have spent the past year becoming the original me...dropping over 90 lbs so far and looking forward to resuming my original style. My style is pure YOU and I have searched the internet over the past few months trying to find someone to help me put together my style in a cohesive way. I am so delighted to have found you!!! Plus, I tend to tie my scarves the same 3-4 ways and I get bored.

    Forget Rachel Zoe...MaiTai is my fashion hero!

    Please let us know as soon as your horn bangles are available. I plan to purchase that item as well scarf rings and a fur collar. :-)

  5. Thank you so very much for indulging us once again at the market. I have been longing for the market posts and have to admit they are probably amongst my favorites. So love seeing the people ,the places,where you went and what you did when you got there! And of course,what you wore for the day and looking smashing as always!!
    Ah, living vicariously through this WONDERFUL window into your world;)
    Forever grateful, T xx

  6. MaiTai I loved the market scene ooh how I wish I were there :-) The weather here in Georgia has been rainy for several days. Wishing you a great week also. Blessings-P

  7. My dearest MaiTai,
    What an amazing joie de vivre - so very idyllic! Wholeheartedly agree with Lilian - what could be better than enjoying delicious fresh market cheese, olives and bread with yummy drinks while sitting outdoors under the gentle sunshine with your loved ones on a relaxing weekend morning, serenaded by the delightful Monsieur with his stylish beret (and a scarf?) I love that establishments actually encourage and welcome all to bring their market goodies to enjoy right there - how I wish it was like that everywhere... You look so lovely in your new 'cheap and chic' scarf - very much looking forward to her formal debut <3 Raising a glass to you, my dear MaiTai, for all the joy and goodness you bring us. Wishing you a most wonderful week too, sending you much love and warmest spring hugs xx

  8. What a wonderful way to spend a Saturday morning! The possibility to put your purchases from the market on the table is a big plus.
    Can't wait to discover your new scarf and I love Sang's request on ideas for knotting rectangle scarves.
    Have a lovely (hopefully sunny) day dear MT.

  9. Dear Mai Tai
    Thank you for returning me ever so briefly to my previous life in France. I have a feeling however that being in the South yours is even more fabulous than mine was, certainly a great deal more charming... (We were Paris et Cher on the weekends)As usual your blog is one of my favourite weekly activities. Sending best wishes from the Alps Sarahx

  10. Dear MaiTai, your market posts always make me smile. You always looks chic and the details you share are enchanting.

    Wishing you a wonderful week. xxxS

  11. My dear MaiTai,

    What a good idea to encourage customers to enjoy what they have just bought at the market, in the café. It attracts more customers and creates a "cosy" and familiar athmosphere, I think.
    You look lovely on the photo and I fully understand that you enjoy your Saturday mornings.

    Looking very much forward to your next blog post.
    Spring, warm hugs, M.

  12. What a lovely post and photos, MaiTai, one that transports your readers to your idyllic town. I agree with the comments of several others, what could be more wonderful than enjoying your scrumptious meal al fresco on a beautiful sunny day? Such bliss.

  13. Mmm, great food in a beautiful setting; what a perfect way to spend an hour or so! Your blog always makes me miss France in the best ways possible; I am feeling both pain and enjoyment as I look at your wonderful photos. Thanks for putting a smile on my face on what is a rather dark and ugly day where I live!

  14. You know, what the plans of the HFT and me are - and with those wonderful pics you only made us want to make them true faster. :D Looking absolutely stunning once again, with the sun shining on you like a natural spotlight. Thank you so much for sharing this lovely atmosphere with us! xox, Macs

  15. My dear Lilian, you are such a lovely soul. Before moving to France, I used to live in big cities too, and for me the atmosphere on the local markets never ceases to be special. Hope you will enjoy the upcoming chic and cheap post, and many congratulations on the success with the criss cross bow!! <3

    Dear Sang, what a timely request! The new cheap and chic scarf is 80 x 180 cm. I got it because I had a couple of request for ideas on how to wear a long cotton stole. I hope you will find inspiration in the new post, but will try to adapt some for slender silk rectangles too.

    Merci, dear Scarf Addict. With the added spring sunshine it was a truly wonderful Saturday morning :)

    A very warm welcome to my blog, dear Dmiko5, waving from one scarf lover to another! So glad you have found this place, and huge congratulations on your phenomenal weight loss. Wishing you much fun and joy tying your scarves in new ways, and rebuilding your style. The horn bangles will be another 2-3 weeks, and just in time for more summery weather!

    So happy you enjoyed coming to the market with me, my dear Scarf Enthusiast. I know how much you love mother nature’s offerings and with spring on the way, they come in the most beautiful array of colours. Hope you had a wonderful week, and hugs right back. PS. Monsieur was wearing a scarf indeed, so cool.

    Hope the weather has improved chez vous, my dear booksnchocolate, or else beam yourself down here.. after all it's only two more days until next Saturday!

    Really happy this post brought back some sweet memories, dear Sarah! The Cher department is so pretty, and aww... Paris for weekends!

    Here’s to markets and joie de vivre, my dear SSB! Your sweet dog avatar always makes me smile :)

    So true about the cosy and familial atmosphere, my dear Manuela, it’s always wonderfully light hearted and convivial, people exchanging thoughts about the food, pass each other some bread or olives..Spring hugs to you too.

    Thank you for the sweet comment, dear CS, so happy you enjoyed the outing! And yes, being allowed a picnic is the cherry on the cake!

    Hope the weather has turned to warm and sunny, dear Reese. Isn't simple food sometimes just the best! Very much hoping you'll be making it back to France one day soon :)

    Please tell the HFT to get down to do the bookings, my dear hair-mess!! You could also tell him we had 23 degrees today, and that all leaves are out.. just saying!;) x