Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Paris - an outdoor lunch place

On one of our recent trips to Paris, we enjoyed a lovely lunch at Ralph's, which is part of the elegant RL flagship store in Saint Germain. The building, a former 'Hôtel Particulier', dates back to 1683 and has been renovated and restaured to absolute glory.. finished in spring last year, it is since home to RL men, women and children collections, all beautifully presented on six floors. During the summer months, it's lush and green courtyard provides a most perfect lunch place. The calm and tranquil atmosphere (reminding me of the courtyard at the Hotel Costes) makes this a wonderful place to relax after exploring the lively and bustling streets of the left bank.

the benches and chairs are comfortably cushioned and decorated with Ralph Lauren's home collection fabrics

while the menu is classic american (the wonderful sourdough bread is one of my my favorites, by Poilâne)

the cosy bar

173 Boulevard Saint-Germain,
Paris, 6th Arrondissement
+33 1 44 77 76 00

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  1. What a relaxing place! Beautiful!

    Fashion Cat

  2. They should hire you as their personal advertising company. Your lovely pictures made me want to rush there. It looks like the perfect place to relax with friends and family....or rest after a day of shopping.

  3. A very nice place I never came across when visiting Paris - I guess it is because of spending too much time in Hermes stores: first day to see the options and try them for a short while, second day to "really" try, decide and buy, third day to see new options, etc...in circles, lol.

  4. Thank you, Kate L.

    My dear booksnchocolate, so happy you enjoyed the post. Would be a perfect place for a get togehter, right after a visit to the left bank H store!

    Lol re the H cycle, my dear Lilian! Enjoy your holidays and new scarf treasures <3

  5. Be still my heart! You ar totally living my bucket list 
    This looks like a scene straight out of Midnight In Paris.
    Just perfect...thank you very much!
    Besides H, I am a huge RL girl for RTW. Sigh!!!
    Big summer hugs,
    T xx

  6. My dear Trudye, how much I look forward to seeing Midnight in Paris! I get weak thinking of the fun we'd have shopping and lunching, and all within 10 min of H's rue de Sevres! <3

  7. wonderful MT, do you visit Monte Carlo at all? will you go to see the wedding of Prince Albert? Many amazing places in France..

  8. What a wonderful, cozy, relaxing place to sit back and enjoy the day. Thank you for sharing, MaiTai.

    LOL, Lilian. I'm happy to hear that I am not the only one who makes a visit back to the H store on day two. As for day three, I've never had the luxury! LOL.

    Warm hugs,

  9. Dear sophia, so true, France has such an abundance of wonderful regions and places to visit! Yes, I do know Monaco, but will not go to see the wedding :)

    Hugs, Trudye <3

    Thank you, my dear CS, the place is truly a little oasis. Re the H stores, they must have some special orange magnets inside, LOL.

  10. Oh boy... I need a trip to Paris.

  11. Hi allison, so nice to see you stopping by! Glad you enjoyed the pics :)

    Hugs, msT! I thought the same when looking at the pics while putting the post together. Lol!

  12. LOL, MaiTai re: the orange magnets! (DH thinks so, too!)


  13. Thank you, my dear MaiTai, for your sweet and kind words. They truly warm my heart <3!
    Thank you for sharing those great pictures of this wonderful restaurant. Definitely a place I will visit on my next trip to Paris!!!Thank you for your good wishes re my holidays. Lots of warm hugs to you, M.

  14. Woo, the lobster club, I'll try one of those! What a lovely, inviting scene; the perfect summer site to relax and enjoy sunny moments. How I wish I could join you there for a cuppa & a bite! Thanks for this bird's eye view into a wonderful Paris spot.

  15. CS, your DH has a lot of wisdom!

    Awh, my dear Manuela, you are so sweet! Continue to have a most wonderful and happy time, big holiday hugs to you x

    I'd have the lobster club too, and we could share a bottle of crisp white to go with it, my dear Dr.V.O... would be such fun :)

  16. What a marvelous story teller you are, my dearest MaiTai! Thank you so much for sharing this lovely serene place with us - would very much love to visit one day. And with many thanks to you, there are so many wonderful places on my list of 'must visit' in the magnificent city of lights.
    Much love to you with big sunshine hugs xx

  17. You are so kind to say, dearest Scarf Enthusiast, I only wish I had half your talent and way with words. So happy Ralph’s is on your list, and hope you will be having a most wonderful time there some day soon <3