Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tapenade palmiers

A while ago, I shared the recipe of tapenade, one of my favorite 'apéro' dishes. It is delicious when simply spread on fresh and crusty bread, but as the evenings get cooler, I use it to make 'palmiers' and serve them while still warm.. a perfect complement for a glass of wine before dinner.

You need puff/filo pastry (I used shop bought and would have preferred a rectangular shape, but a round one works too), an egg yolk, and a bowl of tapenade (if you havn't got the time to make it yourself, you could buy ready made, or use another ingredient instead)

Spread the tapenade in an even, and not too thick layer onto the pastry,

and firmly roll up one end until it has reached the middle. Then do the same with the other side

Brush all sides with egg yolk for a golden end result, and put into the freezer for 15 min, which will make cutting it so much easier

Cut into as thin stripes as possible (if you can, approx 0.5 cm wide = 0.2 inches)

and place on a lined baking tray. Put into a pre-heated oven (210 celsius - 410 Fahrenheit) and bake for approx. 15 min (until golden)

bon appétit and happy apéro!

Instead of using tapenade, you could also try with sundried tomato paste, green tapenade, pesto or cheese. Have fun experimenting x

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  1. Oh what a fantastic nibble idea, I a going to make these on Saturday, thank you!

  2. Have fun, dear Bourbon & Pearls! x

  3. I think I will buy a pretty orange book to write all your wonderful recipes:-) This one is irresistable and I will try it as soon as possible.
    The small palmiers look absolutely delicious!
    I have a question regarding the olives to the tapenade. Shouldn´t they have any salt at all? I have tried some and they all seem to have a bit of salt, both the ones from the supermarket and the ones from my "delikatessen" shop. What do you think I should do, dear MaiTai?
    Thank you so much. Lots of warm, Autumn hugs, Mxx

  4. Oh, that looks delicious!!! Definitely, I have to try it, but the tapenade I have to prepared it myself! Thanks for sharing!!!

  5. Why,oh,why, do I seem to always tune in to your delicious recipe posts when I am STARVING! LOL!
    I will also give these wonderful nibbles a try this weekend! Salivating as we speak:) T xx

  6. How luscious, and how beautiful! I will be making the vegetarian version (lifelong vegetarian), I'm sure it will be heavenly. Looking forward to enjoying this with friends; thanks so much for this delightful recipe!

  7. Delicious and elegant idea, thanks Mai Tai.
    You could also spread cinnamon and sugar, or chocolate hazlenut spread on the pastry for a sweet version to go with coffee but it might be nicer for the sweet version to cut the pastry in half then roll them as instructed to make smaller coffee treats.

  8. How dangerous! Those look delicious, MaiTai. But really, I think I would still eat all of the tapenade straight from the bowl. (So classy). LOL
    Hugs, CS

  9. I have really tried my best not to put my nose into all pores of your life and not to ask one question - anyhow, I am too curious to keep my mouth shut. Can you reveal your exercise routine - with all delicious things you prepare, how do you manage to keep your body shape? Do you practice every day? What type of exercise? Grateful to hear the answer...sorry if inappropriate, I just had to ask, LOL. Lilian

  10. Dear Mai Tai, I sent you a thank you note for: your generosity giving such elegant and very usable dishes, for leading us the way through Hermès-wonderland. Before you, my H-scarves were hanging loose from my neck and fell to the ground regularly. You take them off too often and yes,in Brussels some women highly appreciate 'found' Hermès things.

  11. I have just made your delicious palmiers and they tasted very well.Thank you again, my dear MaiTai for this gorgeous recipe. Have a lovely weekend! Warm hugs, M.

  12. How delicious! I made these this afternoon as an aperitif for tonights New Zealand vs France rugby world cup game....unfortunately France was not the winner tonight (lets call it home town advantage for the kiwi team) but the olive palmiers most certainly were a winner! Thank you xx

  13. Manuela, love the idea of the orange recipe book! Maybe a Globetrotter in orange Togo, tehe.. I checked on the olives again, and you are right, they all have a bit of salt. The reason I said ‘unsalted’, is that I once ruined a batch of tapenade because it turned out the olives were unbelievably salty. So if you go to the delicatessen, ask if you could try one first, just to make sure. If it’s a pleasant taste, your tapenade is in no danger x

    Thank you, nádya, have fun preparing!

    Trudye, don’t forget to pop a bottle into the fridge to go with it! There is no way I’d want to see you starving, next time pls zoom by for apéro!

    Reese, you could try a vegetarian tapenade by leaving the anchovies out. Just add some sea salt to compensate. Would love to know how the other vegetarian versions turned out!

    Merci, Belle de Ville!

    Melissa, great idea to try out a sweet version, many thanks for sharing your idea! I think DS might prefer the chocolate hazelnut spread over the Also love the idea of cutting the pastry in half, will try next time!

    LOL, CS! As you know, I’ll always make sure there is an extra bowl for you. Btw, I sometimes dip my baguette into the bowl, how classy is that!

    Lilian, you always make me smile, love your straightness and openness <3 To be honest, I do not exercise a lot, but my life is very busy, and I move around quite a bit running the house etc. I love to swim in summer, and enjoy rollerblading and other activities with DS. But in terms of health, I should do more. As far as kilos are concerned, I do not snack in-between meals, and eat a lot of vegetables and fruit. The palmiers are an exception, but I often use tapenade instead of cheese when having a sandwich, it’s healthy and delicious, and won’t pile on the pounds :-) Muscle tone gets greatly improved by working out of course, and slowly my lack of gym activity starts to show. Certain things can’t be helped at all, have you noticed the state of my hands lately? ;-)

    mariemarie, I am very touched by your lovely thank-you note, it is wonderful to hear that you enjoy the posts. Love the expression ‘Hermès-wonderland’ and so great to know that your scarves won’t be ‘slipping away from you’ anymore..

    Manuela and ChrissyM, great to hear the recipe worked well, thank you for reporting back :-)

    Manuela, have a wonderful weekend and fun with your GFs!

    ChrissyM, all cheers for the NZ team! I have a weak spot for countries with small populations, well done :-)

  14. Dear MT, thank you so much for your reply - in the meantime, I have bought an exercise bicycle, as I really hoped that training would compensate for my snacking activities in-between meals --- oh, yes, too many snacks on my side, but I still keep my waist size in line with the Hermes halter top requirement. And - no, I haven't noticed any recent changes in your appearance, including your hands. You always look equally gorgeous. I guess, even if there was any change, it would not be visible for your inner glow and warmth which are simply stronger than any change of your body shape.

  15. I made a vegetarian version (no anchovies) and it was a hit! I had some friends over for cocktails last evening and served the palmiers—all were devoured and several people asked for the recipe. I gave you full credit, Mai Tai! The perfect accompaniment to the first autumn evening of the year!

  16. Such a delicious post MaiTai and yet another recipe of yours that I have to try! I love the variations too.

    The new colours for your necklace are just lovely!

    Hope you're having a great weekend,

    Melusine x

  17. Dear Reese, so nice to hear! Thank you for reporting back. I never tried leaving the anchovis out, great to know it works. Happy autumn :-)

    Dear Melusine, have fun trying the recipe! Hope you had a lovely weekend, wishing you a great week ahead!