Saturday, January 21, 2012

Reader's style challenge - 'One outfit, different looks' #2

In contrast to this series' first episode, where bright and colorful accents stood out against the black canvas, I opted for tone in tone/neutral accessories today, resulting in an overall softer look

Capsule pieces: black jeans and turtleneck sweater
Shoes: black ankle boots
Accessories: Hermès 'La Femme aux Semelles de Vent' 90 Carré, MT Collection horn bracelet in noir, black Birkin
Scarf tying method: fold your scarf into a loose and generous basic bias fold, and secure the ends in the basic slide with a MT collection shawl ring. Please click here for a how-to (for the above look, do not wrap the scarf around your neck prior to securing the ends)

Alternativly using the same scarf tying method, but wrapping the scarf once around the neck before securing the ends in the basic slide (changing from a shawl ring to a grande scarf ring), and wearing a CDC bracelet instead of the black horn.

For those interested in the difference of lipstick, today I used just a lipliner (for the outline and to fill in), followed by lip balm (instead of lipstick). I like this method because it has great staying power, while keeping the lips hydrated and soft.

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  1. Mai tai, you really need to give private tuition in scarf tying! I am utterly hopeless.

  2. Fantastic look! I loved seeing a look with LFASDE. I was looking through my scarf drawer last week and realized it was one of the scarves I wore the less..... Just because I love it so much: I always fear something bad might happen to her... I take her out for special occasions or when I want to channel A D-N....and whenever I do I use my black MT scarf ring. ;-)
    Have a lovely weekend, dear MT.

  3. What can I say?
    You look fabulous regardless of what you are wearing! <3
    This one is definitely a very chic look! The black bracelet is beautiful!!! Enjoy a lovely weekend, dearest MaiTai. Manuela xx

  4. Hop over, dear Tabitha, and bring some Bourbon too ;)

    Happiest twin hugs to you, my dear booksnchocolate x

    Manuela, you are so sweet, have a wonderful weekend too <3

  5. I loove the design of your scarf!
    Ps.: at the beginning of the month I've been to Paris. Such great Hermès shops, without being snob and without having so many wannabe triying yo buy something, as it is in Italy (too many birkins in Rome: they're generally on nice persons, but sometimes I see frog-women carring them).
    I loved rue de sevres new shop, and discovered I also manage to speak a nice french!

  6. Ah,dearest MT, You totally rock this look and every other one you post<3
    I am in awe of your uncanny ability to look tres chic in any color,style ,boots, knots! You name rock it! Thank you for showing us how it should be done! Love your new CDC! I have a feeling we will be seeing her often:) Have a wonderful Sunday, T xx

  7. Marvelous Mai Tai,
    Love the look and the presentation but the carre is teh Femmes au Semelles de vent -No?

  8. Bravo! Can't wait to see the next creation after the first two delightful variants! You make it all look so easy, effortless and most of all, fun! You are such an inspiration! DB xx

  9. Thankyou for demonstrating again how a scarf can bring such pazazz to a very simple outfit . On the minus side dear MaiTai, you've reawakened a need for LFASDV in this colourway !

    I have to think of you on those days when I feel a scarf looks de trop: my eye sometimes can't adjust to all that silk on myself ...but on you the look is never overdone . That's because you have impeccable taste !

  10. Das 2. Bild finde ich klasse aber das kann daran liegen das es meine Lieblingstrageversion ist :) .
    Ganz toll Idee die verschiedenen Trageversionen mit demselben Outfit. Ganz simpel aber auf so eine Idee muss Frau mal kommen.
    Und jetzt habe ich eine Idee wie ich meine schwarze Kelly kombiniere die ich vor ein paar Tagen abholen durfte. Es ist ganz einfach dank Dir.
    Liebe Grüße

  11. Ah ha one of your chameleon scarves. I just noticed how different it looks here with all black compared to the related post where you wear with your light blue dress. We're scarf cousins on this one ;) Enjoy what's left of weekend, its late Sunday night here in Aus.

  12. PS Thanks for lipliner tip, I'm thinking it should last longer too.... I will give it a go

  13. I echo Laura... parfait. Gorgeous as always MT. I especially like the second look with the scarf wrapped once.

  14. Fab as usual in any version, MT, thank you for sharing!

  15. Where to buy the second bracelet?
    You always look so polished, she says enviously.

  16. J'ai cherché partout, mais je n'ai pu trouver ce carré. Il est vraiment singulier.)

  17. Always thought that Hermès is all about "colour". You're one of the very few people I know, who can "glow" in black and white. :-)

  18. hermes, so great to hear you had a wonderful time in Paris, and how fun to practice your french chez Hermès!

    Dearest Trudye, you are so very kind to say. It’s really the accessories which make our ‘paper doll game’ (mwahs to you) so much fun!

    Hello Gai, many thanks for being so vigilant, mistake immediately corrected... merci!

    Dearest DB, you are the sweetest, many thanks and big hugs to you <3

    Many thanks, my dear Estrella. On those days when a scarf feels un peu trop, you can always opt for a desing/color that blends in with your outfit, or go for a knot that reduces the silk’s volume. As for the LFASDV, one can only hope for a reprint à la Coupons Indiens & others of last year!

    Merci, chère Lara!

    Herzlichen Glückwunsch zu Deiner schwarzen Kelly, Maja! Ein toller Klassiker, und wunderbar zu kombinieren. Es freut mich, dass Dir die Idee der Trageversionen gefällt, herzlichen Dank für den netten Kommentar :)

    Very true, my dear msT, it’s a magic one! You’d never think of it of a taupe scarf, but with a brown sweater, it all pops out. Just love it when it happens, and so nice to be cousins with you! PS. How did the lipliner/balm work out?

    Many thanks, dear SMR! Isn’t if fun how much the look changes with just one little tweak? The magic of scarves :)

    Muchas gracias, dear Birkinmary <3

    Many thanks, cigalechanta. The second bracelet is called ‘Collier de Chien’ (CDC) and it’s by Hermès.

  19. Thank you, my dear Macs! And you are right, H colors are so very beautiful and amazing. Still, black (and brown) will always have a special place in my closet! ;)

  20. Fabulous look, dear. I love black and white together, but sometimes it looks a little harsh on me. But you pull it off beautifully. La Femme aux Semelles de Vent is on my "list" too. So many that I missed or failed to see the possibilities, until I saw them through you.

    Warm hugs, dear.

  21. Dearest MT, you're so sweet to ask.. I have a MAC Spice liner from an age ago that i never use, but it worked a treat with some Carmex balm over the top. Some new life into old... always good. x

  22. Thank you so much for the inspiration. I tried a version of the second look using your moyenne scarf ring and a lighter weight scarf and was complimented by one of my colleagues, so it must have looked good. It also kept my neck nice and warm, very important as it is rather cold here.
    Greetings from a snowy Bavaria.