Sunday, October 9, 2011

Today wearing - bourgogne

Finally, we have a (long awaited for) drop in temperatures, and while it won't last for long (next week it will be back to 30˚celsius), it was wonderful to dress in a cosy sweater, ankle boots, et bien sûr, a 90 Carré!

Coupons Indiens in a (wind-blown) waterfall knot

Accessories: Coupons Indiens 90 Carré, bourgogne clic-clac enamel bracelet and 32 Kelly in ebene

Scarf tying method: Waterfall knot, secured with a grande scarf ring in ebony. For a how-to, please click here

Wishing everyone a wonderful rest of the weekend!

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  1. So happy to hear you are having lovely cool weather. We have had rain, finally; what a relief.

    My scarf rings arrived Friday, just in time to play this weekend!

    MaiTai, may I ask what brand jeans you wear? The burgundy pants you are wearing today appear to be jeans--are they? You always look so 'schlank und schlimm'--of course you really are, so that helps a lot. :)

    Happy Sunday.


  2. Hooray for the rain! Enjoy the cool weather, dear Pam, and happy scarf wearing times. The jeans are by 'The Kooples', I bought them with Ms Coupons Indiens in mind ;-)

  3. LOL, MaiTai. Awhile back (last year, perhaps?) you mentioned that you bought clothes to match your scarves. I do that too, now. (Thanks for the tip!) Recently, I picked up a cashmere twinset (non-neutral color), brought it home and began to pull out all of the scarves that would go with it. DH remarked that I "lucked out" with the number of scarves I could wear. I smiled, and said "Yes, dear, I certainly did". But deep down I was smiling because I knew I had copied your idea and it turned out beautifully (as always). DH doesn't need to know our (your) secret. He wouldn't understand. LOL

    Love your Ms Coupons Indiens. It's gorgeous on you!

    So happy that you experienced a drop in the temps. I'll keep sending cool breezes your way!

    Orange hugs, dear.


  4. WOW! How in the world did you manage to match everything to the beautiful wall of fall foliage?
    It is such a perfect match that you could almost camouflage yourself against the wall and we could play find MT! LOL!
    You look so beautiful and relaxed and the jeans are perfect for so much in your wardrobe. Ah, autumn...I so enjoy visiting it here<3 I hope the week brings you time to play in the leaves. T xx

  5. Hello, twin (in terms of CI scarf and some others as well, LOL.) I might be unfair saying this - but I am so glad that the temperature drop finally reached the southern French coast, as it will enable us to see your scarves in action. I also like the jeans, have never seen jeans in this nice colour. Enjoy the relaxed Sunday afternoon, hugs, Lilian

  6. My family thought I was crazy when I cheered as they announced a drop in temperatures. To me it just meant I would be able to wear my scarves again! ;-P
    Gorgeous and elegant look. I love your pants btw.
    Have a great week ahead.

  7. Beautiful c/w of Coupons, raspberry red is my favourite colour. But what is really making me jealous is the sight of the artichokes.

    Wishing you some more lovely scarf-friendly weather!

  8. Up here Autumn has arrived, with wind and rain,...
    I love your look, my dear Maitai! The trousers are perfect! You look stunning!!! So happy to be cousins wih you regarding Ms. Coupons Indiens! It is indeed a beaufiful scarf.
    Wishing you a lovely week. Lots of Autumn hugs, Manuela

  9. Here here from another Ms Coupons Indiens twin. Although I must confess to not having worn it yet. Your autumn tones are so warming, can almost feel the cooler change in the air. Beautiful photos of your colour inspirations.

    Ps thank you so much for your lovely message x

  10. Looking lovely as always these colours really suit you and the backdrop is wonderfull, glad you had some cooler weather so we can all see your new scarfs, alas have found no luck finding a CI scarf maybe one day,

    have a lovely week ahead Jane

  11. Lookinng beautifull in your purple & pink tones! Enjoy the cool weather. I really like your pants!

  12. The temperature has dropped here in the UK. You've just reminded me to dust off my silk scarves. I haven't worn one in a long time.

  13. My dearest MaiTai,
    What magnificent autumn colors -burgundy heaven! You are simply stunning - and what perfect knot to have gently caressed by the wind - blowing happy CI twin bisous to you <3
    You are just too kind, my dear MaiTai. It is your beauty, vision and overflowing joie de vivre that transport us each visit, losing ourselves in deep smile.
    Hope you are having a most wonderful week. Sending you much love and warmest burgundy hugs xxx

  14. Took me a couple of days to gather my thoughts. Still not sure, if this makes any sense, but what I wanted to say is that I hardly know anybody, who can look this elegant and understated by wearing colour. It's "easy(ier)" to look "cool" and elegant in neutrals, but with your variegated chicness/elegance you certainly play in a league of your own! xox, Macs

  15. And ITA with Scarf Enthusiast regarding the deep smile you bring to us with (each of) your looks. hugs!

  16. Love the Coupons worn this way it is just beautiful! Sa :-)

  17. CS, LOL! Congrats on your new ‘super capsule wardrobe piece’, isnt’ it amzing how matching scarves enhance the joy of new clothes. Merci and hugs for the cool breezes..x

    Trudye, lol to you too, my dear! You MUST come over for a play in the rustling leaves, there are so many different shades out there, and it is great fun to find matching scarves in the drawer. The cork just popped open chez nous, hurry, dearest! <3

    Lilian, silky twin hugs to you! Never seen jeans in this color before either, I immediately thought of Ms CI and ‘had’ to have them. Here’s to autumn, and alll the lovely things it brings! PS. I think you’ll might enjoy the next post even more, with ‘our’ CenC, shshht...

    booksnchocolate, so glad that we girls speak the same language, yay to cooler weather, and to our little scarf family. Enjoy a wonderful rest of the week x

    Bienchen, hope you are enjoying some scarf-friendly weather too. I could not go past the artichokes, it turned out they were not only beautiful, but absolutely delicious too :)

    Manuela, ah what a pity that wind and rain have to be the companion of this lovely season! Here, we begin to need some rain, please send some of yours to us! CI cousin hugs to you, and a lovely rest of the week x

    msT, looks like we are having a CI party all over again! Hope Hope there will be an outing for yours one day soon. All my very best to you, and warmest twin hugs.

    ladyjane, very much hoping the CI will come your way one day, wishing you the best of luck. There are more leave pics to come, hope you’ll enjoy those too. Have a lovely rest of the week :)

    Leona, many thanks! Nature’s colors are so pretty right now, so happy to have a pair of jeans to go with them! ;)

    Chocolate, Cookies and Candies, have fun getting your babies out, wishing you a happy scarf wearing autumn ahead!

    Scarf Enthusiast, burgundy hugs right back to you, my dearest. Now we need a deep glass of bourgogne to toast all the beauty around, including the gorgeous Ms CI. So happy you enjoy the post, sending you hugs with a mild autumn breeze <3

    Macs, my dear, you are so right, the bolder colors definitely need more ‘mirror time’, and the balance between ‘too much’ and ‘unmotivated’ is more delicate than with neutrals. In my head, I thought Ms Rubis would be wonderful with the outfit, but it turned out to be an overkill. Big smile to you x

    Scarf Addict, happy you like the look, many thanks!