Monday, May 2, 2011

Capsule wardrobe #36

Thyme and Rosemary are some of my favourite herbs, and in April and May their pretty little blossoms make me often reach for purple too

When leaving the house in the mornings, the air is still fresh, so adding a blazer and wrapping the scarf twice around the neck, while securing the ends in the basic slide.

Scarf ring size: moyenne

During the day the temperatures quickly rise to warm and summery, and soon the silk feels too much around the neck. To stay cool, changing the wrap to a a breezy low criss-cross knot, which has the effect and feel of a necklace. As with all low knots, the bulk of silk is greatly reduced towards the ends of the scarf, and so it is best to select a scarf ring one size down (in this case to a petite), or make a double knot.

Capsule pieces: jeans, purple sweater
Shoes: ballet flats
Accessories: Coaching 70 Carré and MT natural horn bracelet in ivory/ecru (back in stock by the end of May)
Scarf tying method: Low criss-cross knot. Click here for a how to
Scarf ring: MT Collection petite size in honey

Tomorrow we'll be going for a little trip en familie. My b-day hardly ever coincides with school holidays, but this year we are lucky, as Easter was so late. Looking forward to catching up with you soon, and wishing everyone a great rest of the week.

Before I go, a quick recap on last season's capsule wardrobe pieces. Although I have been wearing all items at some point over the last winter, the number of times they featured in this blog is still a good reflection on which pieces had the most wear. It is not a surprise to me that the simple staples have won hands down.

Soon I am going to edit the capsule wardrobe into a summery direction. Some pieces will be carried over, as they are year-round staples. I'll leave a few blank spaces for possible additions, and hope that by the end of summer all pieces will have a good record of appearances!

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  1. Happy Birthday Mai Tai; may all your wishes come true! Have a wonderful trip!

    Love the purple and white; so refreshing!

  2. Happy birthday and enjoy your maybe in some of the next posts we could get a sneak peak of it;)

  3. Best wishes for a very happy birthday, MaiTai!

  4. Wishing you a very happy springtime birthday Mai Tai, enjoy your holiday.

    Coaching looks fab on you everytime.

  5. Dearest MaiTai, Best wishes for a very happy birthday! Enjoy a wonderful time with your beautiful family.

    Love the Coaching scarf, and all of your capsule pieces. The basics really do work the best, don't they?

    Warm hugs, CS

  6. Many thanks for the sweet good wishes, dear Jana, Linda, msT and CS. Will think of you ladies on Thursday, and raise my glass to you then x

  7. Happy Birthday dear MaiTai, wishing all your H wishes come true, have a lovely day and a wonderfull trip, look forward to hearing all about it and seeing your lovely pics you always take so well, enjoy everything to the fullest

  8. My dearest MaiTai,
    My heartfelt wishes to you for a most wonderful and happy birthday! How marvelous that you'll be celebrating your special day with your loved ones during your time away together.
    This is such a lovely spring post - the incredible fragrance of the herbs and their blossoms come right through the screen. Your two versions are truly lovely, though I'm extra smitten with the low criss-cross. I've never done the CCknot that low on a 70 carrè, but it's absolutely fantastic - so delicate, charming and very pretty. Also love the capsule pieces count down - a brilliant way to see the pieces from this perspective. Thank you for the many, many treats. Have a most joyful trip, dear friend. Raising a glass to you and sending you the happiest birthday kisses and hugs with all my love xx

  9. Don't think I know anyone other than you, who seems to so easily be able to wear any color and always look stunning (and glowing!) Thanking you once again for all your (perfectly organized) inspiration :D and also sending best wishes for your birthday and the family trip! xox, Macs

  10. Happy birthday dear MaiTai and wishing you an enjoyable trip. xxoo

  11. Have a lovely birthday dear MaiTai and a wonderful time with your family. xxxS

  12. Wishing you the most wonderful birthday, how brilliant it falls as DS is in holiday too! Wishing you a wonderful, wonderful break full of joy and laughter!
    (You never seem to age a day...almost hard to believe you have birthdays somehow!)



  13. Have a lovely Happy Birthday MaiTai and enjoy your family trip.

    Love the scarf looks in this post!

    Best wishes, SA :-))

  14. Happy birthday dear MaiTai!

    Love the coaching scarf. It looks different given how one ties it. And it matches your top "à la perfection"

  15. Happy Birthday Dear Mai Tai! Have a wonderful birthday celebration! Can't wait to see the new capsule wardrobe, and perhaps a pic of what you wore to your birthday bash. Sending much appreciation to you on your special day with thanks for all you do for us, your devoted readers. XOXO

  16. Happy birthday MaiTai, I won't ask how old you are but will comment on how fantastic and fresh and young you always look! Which is a good opportunity for me to ask if you'd share with us what skin care products you use?
    Stay beautiful and kind as you always are!


  17. Have a lovely day! Is it 24 or 25 this year ;-)? And I totally agree with other comments that you do always look fabulous so... perhaps as well as sharing your skin care secrets do you follow any exercise routines? Yoga? Pilates? xx

  18. My dear MaiTai

    May your day be a very special one, full of joy and love, together with your dear Family.
    I like the low criss cross knot very much. It´s a great knot to use on hot Summer days. Looking very much forward to the Summer capsule pieces! Happy b-day hugs to you, M.

  19. Hello, this is another Taurus speaking (celebration here already over), wishing you a very happy birthday. I am sure you will spend it with style, as always. The know is very nice - I have never had an idea it might look so good and have not tried it. Thanks! Anita has asked an interesting question which bugs me as well, would be very nice to hear the info (being a great skincare fan myself, using almost no make up, which makes a skincare question even more important). Birthday hugs, Lilian

  20. Dear Maitai- Happy Birthday-Wishing you a lovely day. I'm sure i'll be trying out a new low knot with the weather improving!

  21. Bonne Anniversaire, dear MaiTai, My wish for you is that your day is wonderful, and that all your dreams come true in your year ahead. Your "coaching" post is gorgeous, as always. Best wishes, ma gentille amie. Terese xx

  22. Beautiful spring inspiration, Mai Tai. It's still May 5 where I live, so I'm not too late to wish you a Happy Birthday. Hope you had a special day filled with love and joy.

  23. Mai Tai, I love your blog. I have a request, though. Could you create a reference page that shows the same scarf tied in all the different knots? That way I could see what look is appealing and then learn that knot. The way it is now, the list of knots is less helpful -- I have to click on each one to decide if I like it or not. Merci!

  24. My dearest Jane, Scarf Enthusiast, hair-mess, andiamo!, SMR, DB, Scarf Addict, booksnchocolate, Dr. V.O., Anita, Sidibirani, Manuela, Lilian, tara, Terese, and xandrah - many many thanks for the happy birthday wishes, it was such a joy to read your sweet words on my special day. With hugs <3

    To answer the questions, I don't do as much exercise as I should, but enjoy swimming, yoga, riding, rollerblading (with DS) and skiing. Re skin care, I love french pharmacy lines, such as Caudalie, Nuxe, Avène, La Roche-Posay etc. Sidibirani, you can double the figures, it was my 48th this year ;)

    To A, I very much like the idea of a reference sheet for all knots. Will have to think of a format that works though, as most scarf designs have some knots they look particularely good with, but are maybe less 'spot on' with others.