Sunday, June 5, 2011

Capsule wardrobe #38 - Waterfall necklace

A trip to Paris a couple of weeks ago brought much inspiration to experiment with pearls, necklaces and beads. The expo on Tahiti pearls at the Place Vendôme..

..inspired to team up pearls with scarves,

today drawing inspiration from the beaded domes at the Palais Royal/Louvre metro station,

and changing the above look by replacing the scarf and pearls with my beaded Waterfall necklace, now finally launched.

waterfall necklace in black/rosewood/sand

Capsule pieces: beige shirt and beige 3/4 length trousers
Shoes: beige sandals
Accessories: MT waterfall necklace, Kelly in ebene and MT horn bangle (apologies for not having them back on the site yet. Stock has arrived, but since most pieces are unique in color and pattern, it takes a bit more time to organize)

When back in Paris last week, we saw a beautiful small expo of Jean-Michel Othoniel's work (designer of the Palais Royal/Louvre metro station) the Centre Pompidou (Place Georges Pompidou, 75004 Paris), still open until Aug 22, for those who visit Paris in the summer! More on the Centre Pompidou coming soon.

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  1. Oh those are my favourite tones.
    I'm heading down your way later this evening, how lucky you are to actually live there!

  2. Here's to beiges and browns, dear B&P! You are coming down to the South? How exciting. Drop me an email if you can.

  3. Thanks for reminding me about Othoniel's exhibit! I saw the one he did at the Fondation Cartier a few years ago and loved it; I'll be sure to visit this one this summer!

  4. ItTA with fav tones also! I hope you two very clever ladies can get together. What a hoot;)
    Love the Waterfall,hence the order. Close up pics make it even more stunning. I love it's organic nature and if I run short of daily dose of antioxidants, I can have a nibble or two! LOL! Big congrats on the launch and for what I am sure is to be another mega success. Ladies...should we wager a guess to how quickly the Waterfall sells out?
    Cheers to another sellout, T xx

  5. The necklace is a perfect addition to many outfits and I can imagine what happiness will bracelets bring to us, with their beautiful colouring and so many opportunities to make nice outfits with them. You are in an accessories-heaven, today I have thought about you packaging the items for the people around the world, writing the cards by hand, taking them to the post office (I imagine it is not too big and there is a middle aged officer - a lady discussing content of your shipments with you...)! Hugs

  6. Have fun at the exhibit, dear ritournelleblog! They had a few funky Othoniel bracelets in the gift shop, worth checking :)

    I wish we'd all get together for a big fun party one day, my dearest Trudye! So happy you like Ms Waterfall, merci for your sweet words, my friend xx

    You are spot on re the post office scenario, my dear Lilian. The officer is a lovely middle aged lady indeed, and always refers to my visits as the 'tour du monde'. We sometimes even have impromptu scarf tying classes :)

  7. Congrats on the new addition to the MT collection, the waterfall looked fab in your recent Paris post with the python tunic and again here with the neutrals. I agree with Trudye they'll certainly be snapped up.

  8. I loved the waterfall necklace with the previous outfits, and am loving it as well with the more neutral look. Stunning, and LOL at Trudye's comment. Can't wait to get mine, and hope to get some bracelets one day...
    Thank you for the tip on the Othoniel exhibit, I had not checked Pariscope yet, I will make sure to go.
    Love how the MT collection is growing. I can envisage a "jeu de piste" in your area, the clue that we are near MT central would be to spot a postière, or a bouchère wearing a scarf in the waterfall knot with a medium honey MT scarf ring, or a boulangère with a large mushroom horn bracelet ...
    Wonderful post, as always,

  9. You look delicious as usual, MT, and as lovely as you look in color, your very chic neutral palette gets me every time.

    How wonderful you have a charming postal worker for your "tour du monde" and I can't wait for my little portion of the tour to arrive. Today, I hope!

    Here in the States, you barely get a pleasant word from the post office workers. They're usually in a terrible mood!

  10. Dear MaiTai, my colleague in the office showed me your beautiful blog and I am addicted now. I can't believe how nice it is and how classy lady you are, with so many ideas. Your newest necklace is so elegant, upmarket and so beautiful - I chose it as a birthday gift from my colleagues in the office. Your collection is classy and very carefully designed, all my congratulations to you. Lidia

  11. Many thanks, dear msT ! The waterfall is amazingly versatile indeed, wishing you much fun playing with yours :)

    Hope your necklace will be with you soon, ma chère Jamais, and wishing you a most fun and wonderful time in Paris. Lol re the ‘jeu de piste’, will keep this in mind if we’ll ever have a scarf party!

    Neutrals are my first love, dear Jerrine. Wonderful that Ms Waterfall has arrived, Mme at La Poste will be relieved to hear! (she loves nothing more than a chat)

    A very warm welcome to you, dear Lidia. Thank you for the lovely compliments, so nice to hear you enjoy my blog. Best wishes to you and your colleages, and a very happy birthday to you!

  12. My Waterfall necklace arrived today and I have to say it`s stunning!

    I hope that other postmen will be as quick as mine. And nice of course too :)

  13. A string of many congratulations, my dearest MaiTai! Nobody creates and styles like you - what a truly gifted designer. And your lovely soft ensemble is just perfect to bring out the exceptional beauty of your Waterfall Necklace - love the fabulous name too. The sandals are so, so stylish. Yet, the most breathtaking is your unbelievably radiant, beautiful smile. Thank you so much for your warm welcome back - just not the same without such a happy, beautiful, loving place. Biggest hugs and all my love to you too xx