Monday, January 9, 2012

Capsule wardorbe # 55 - taupe and gris vert

I don't know why french pigeons appear so photogenic, perhaps because they feed on croissants...

no more crossaints for for me though, the 'regime' has started in earnest! In the meantime, a scarf halter top (with an added cardie or jacket for warmth) is particularely forgiving in winter

Capsule pieces: jeans and taupe cardigan
Shoes: ballet flats
Accessories: Hermès 'Aux Pays des Epices' 90 Carré, marron glacé clic bracelet, MT Collection scarf fur collar in taupe secured with a Farandole necklace (click here for a how-to) and Picotin in etoupe
Scarf tying method: 90 Carré as a halter top. Please click here for a how-to

Following the esprit of above colours, introducing the new gris vert/noir waterfall necklace,

which will become available towards the end of January, and can be pre-ordered now.

I'll be away for a few days, wishing everyone a great week ahead and looking forward to catching up soon x

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  1. Mwaaah - this is wonderful! Loved the curry colour touches of your last post and am equally smitten by the neutral tones of this one! Of course I don't agree with you having to "reduce" yourself; unlike me, who just made another new years resolution: Not just to "loose some weight", but also be able to wear the "scarf as top" look. sending hugs, Macs

  2. I can't believe that you need any 'forgivingness' in your attire , but your halter top Pays des Epices looks very chic. It's not forgiving on me : I always seem to end up with too much fabric across the front ! I devised a better version for myself using your Grande Horn scarf ring vertically .

  3. A scarf halter top! In the middle of winter in Europe! Le sigh.....

    Love the soft colours in your scarf,very elegant with your fur colour and cardi. Am still looking for the right colourway of this design.

    Enjoy your break.

  4. How pretty this looks, and I love your new necklace. Hope you don't have to stay on the regime too long! xxx

  5. Ha ha I hope the regime is not too limiting! We can't leave all the good stuff to the pigeons!! Although I think we all feel the same after christmas with the desire to shed the effects of all that wonderful festive indulgence. But I would not say it if it wasn't true... you always look fantastic.
    PS Des Epices and your taupe pico are a veritable match made in H heaven.

  6. Looks great; wearing my scarves as halters w/cashmere cardigans is one of my favorite ways of enjoying my collection. I hadn't paired a necklace with them before, but your look is so good I'm inspired to try it.

    We're having a warm winter in California too (well, we always have warmish winters here); nice to not be burdened with a coat, isn't it? Enjoy it while it lasts!

  7. "Aux pays des Épices" is one of my favourite Hermès scarves. The pastel colours are truly stunning. And so is your bracelet. Thank you so much for your lovely words in the last post.You are the sweetest! <3
    Unfortunately it is already too cold up here to wear a scarf as a halter top but your pretty fur collars have been greatly used. So warm and chic! Wishing you some wonderful days wherever you may be.
    Warm and big Winter hugs, Manuela

  8. you look gorgeous- I LOATHE pigeons- rats, but with WINGS x

  9. Oh, of my favorite colors. I'm still hoping to find your scarf for myself. Hopefully, soon. Are the colors in Pays des Epices the same as your Brazil II Gavroche (veronese/marron glace/gris)?

    The taupe fur collar - one of my favorites. Very lovely on you.

  10. As usual, you have great talent for mixing neutrals. Just lovely. I have an old Aux Pays des Spices in an ivory colorway with beautiful accents of red, gold, green and purple. I call it my "Christmas scarf" because the colors and the theme of abundance just goes well with the holdays. It's a beautiful scarf in any colorway. Wish I could wear it so nicely as a halter like you do.

    LOL about the "rats with wings" comment. I used to think that. My BF is an avid pigeon enthusiast (pure-bred Moroncelos from Spain). The coop is right outside our bedroom window and I'm often lulled to sleep by their gentle cooing at night. They're not so bad after all.

    I must say that the French pigeons are pretty :)

  11. MaiTai- I love the way you wear neutral color scarves! My first pick was a purple Cavalcadour, but I'm now seriously looking at the taupe CW of Tresors Retrouves because of the many ways you've showed us to wear your Au Pays des Epices!

  12. Mait Tai, I have a question (fashion challenge?). Like you, I love wearing scarves every day. In the winter my silk scarves show through the collar of my coat. In blustery weather, I need to add a woolen scarf. Do you wear two scarves, a winter one on top of your coat as well as a silk one underneath? Thank you for your lovely blog!


  13. Dear MaiTai,lovely pictures as usual!I'm back in Italy.Unfortunately i didn't have time to take picks of the Hermès store at the airport of Athens..Maybe next time!
    My mother sends you a warm hug and wishes you a very happy 2012!

  14. My thanks for the lovely comments, my dear ladies, hope everyone had a good week!

    hair-mess, mille merci and wishing you the best of luck with your New Year’s resolutions!

    Estrella, so great that you have found the perfect solution to tame the fabric, I will give the vertical positioning a try next time!

    Bienchen, good luck on your hunt, hope it will come to a sucessful end soon :)

    Mrs. Exeter, oh I hope so too!

    msT, ahh..little indulgances are always allowed, in moderation ;)

    Reese, have fun trying the necklace look!

    Manuela, so happy you enjoy the fur collars, keep warm and cosy <3

    Faux Fuchsia, I think I prefer wings to tails ;)

    CS, the Epices is ‘marron glace/blanc/vert de gris’ and the Brazil II ‘veronaise/marron glace/gris’, The marron glace comes out darker in the Brazil though. Good luck with the Epices!

    Maria, I googled Moroncelo pigeons, they are beautiful! Wish I had a scarf matching their exquisite colors, the subtle black, greys, white and purple are so pretty. Must be wonderful to hear their gentle cooing at night..

    SophieG, neutral colored scarves go such a long way, adapting like chameleons to seasons and clothes . Good luck with your decision!

    emilyatheart, adding a woolen scarf for warmth is a great look, and so much nicer for the skin to have a silk scarf underneath. I don’t have any woolen scarves though, on cold days I usually wear my scarves in combination with the scarf fur collars.

    marinaki, welcome back! Many thanks to your mother for the good wishes, wishing you both a very happy 2012 too!

  15. Ah...thank you, dearest MaiTai. I thought Epices might be marron glace. Since I am familiar with the marron glace in Brazil II, your confirmation is very valuable to me knowing that the coloring of Epices would be right for me. Thanks, dear.
    Orange hugs and happy shopping(!),